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Joel Madden

Takes on 'Hills' Pratt

7/8/2007 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good Charlotte rocker/Nicole Richie baby daddy Joel Madden and "The Hills" bad boy Spencer Pratt got into a physical altercation Saturday afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Attention-whore Pratt told In Touch Weekly of the fight, claiming that it was all just one big misunderstanding.


Madden allegedly stormed over to Pratt's table, where he was lunching with his future Mrs., Heidi Montag, and screamed, "you've been talking s**t about my girl!" before, claims Pratt, Madden -- who was there with pregnant girlfriend Nicole Richie -- had to be forcibly separated and removed.

Claims the prattling Pratt, "It all stems from an interview in Details ages ago where I was misquoted, calling Nicole a skinny bitch. It's all a misunderstanding. I've always thought she's a really nice girl and I wouldn't call her that." At least not while her tattooed, tough boyfriend's around!


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Oh Please    

Spencer is a real ugly dude and a total phony. His fake teeth give me a howl. Mr Plastic is a nobody, LOL

2603 days ago

Oh Please    

Pratt doesn't have money and that is why he tries to promote Brody and Heidi. Those two are his meal ticket, at least that is what he thinks. Their 5 minutes of fames is way over and so is Adrianne Curry's. All the reality whores are doing nothing right now.

2603 days ago

I am poster 58    

Pratt is just using Heidi to gain some fame. She is really a nobody without Lauren. As soon as someone more famous than Heidi comes along, he will dump her like a hot tamale. I won't feel sorry for her because she is an idiot. Water seeps it's own level.

Stop writing about people like these 2 because their publicists dream this kind of stuff up to get into the papers for attention. I bet this was set up for publicity.

I can picture these losers in their 30s.....doing NOTHING because they certainly don't have ANY talent. No one wants to see them on TV. They have to USE people to get on it .

2603 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

My question about The Hills is…They show all these people going to school, working internships or entry level jobs, yet they have nice lifestyles that are clearly not supported by what they are doing for a living. There is no way they could afford to drive BMWs, wear designer clothes, rent beach houses, etc...with the jobs they have. Obviously they are getting money from their parents. Does anyone know who their parents are?

2603 days ago

I am poster 58    

Would you want your husband or future husband to look like this Joel? I would die of embarrassment bringing him anywhere.

As for Spencer Pratt, he is a wheeler dealer smooth talker. She is not too bright if she sticks around. If he marries her, I will be REALLY surprised. The only person he cares about is himself. The mirror isn't big enough for Heidi and Spencer.

Nicole Richie is out of control and needs to be put in jail. Having a baby doesn't make a judge feel sorry for her. Put her behind bars.

2603 days ago


love joel and nicole hope everything goes great for them two and wish them nothing but the best -and pratt deserves everything he gets

2603 days ago

XD Lol    

I bet Nicole would have also kicked Spencer's a** if she wasn't pregnant. Way to go Joel.

2603 days ago

hes a crack head    

i live 30 minutes away from Where Heidi grew up...She grew up in teeny lil colorado town with the pop of 1800-2000. NO LIE!
Her parents used to own a resturant/bar and she is NO prize.....Google her...youll see Im right...She wouldnt know a good man if he hit her in the head..shes a ditz...

2603 days ago


i love nichole so i'm happy that joel stood up for her!! why should spencer say anything about her, heidi is pretty skinny herself, not to mention blind.
spencer is nothing but a wanna be player. its actually really sad!

anyways its cute to see joel sticking up for his girl and i'm so excited to see nichole as a parent. she'll be great!

2603 days ago


Christina how is Perez stealing when he has been the first to report it over the past few weeks? He has the news first and then the other blogs follow. Yeah that is some great journalism with TMZ, read it on Perez and then 2-3 days later read it here. Tard!

2603 days ago

too sad    

pratt livesup to his name.
too bad joel
didnt give him a well deserved slap.

2603 days ago

too sad    

heidi s an idiot ,

what does she see in that pratt ?

they both seem to be attention seeking media whores
with no talent what so ever.

to joel and nicole
good luck with the new baby .

2603 days ago


So, me, 7:16PM, then why is P.H. facing so many lawsuits if he is so "on the up and up" when it comes to journalistic standards? And, why is it that Harvey Levin of TMZ is asked to sit in for Larry King when he is out? Yet, the same invitation would NEVER be offered to that fool, Perez, whose own site was shut down for several days just this last month due to all of his legal troubles. Stop defending a known thief. It only makes you look as foolish as he is.

2603 days ago

hes a crack head    

why dont you guys take your pissing match somewhere else? we arent here to talk about perez and tmz...jeesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2603 days ago


can you say douche- spenser can put massingill out of business. heidi is a LOSER Since when did they become famous for being a a reality show vapid, vacuos, affected nobodies

2603 days ago
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