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Richie to Prosecutor

Your Drug Test on Me Stinks!

7/10/2007 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document that holds the key to Nicole Richie's DUI defense -- she will claim the drug tests cops performed on her were bogus. Life isn't simple!

The declaration, filed today by Shawn Chapman Holley, Nicole's lawyer, states, "Dr. Terence McGee as a defense expert ... will challenge the prosecutor's scientific evidence and the conclusions reached by the drug recognition expert."

The pregnant Richie's trial was set to begin tomorrow morning. Chapman Holley appeared before the Commissioner today and asked for a continuance until August 5, because Dr. McGee is not available until then. The commissioner ordered them back to court tomorrow to decide whether he will grant the request for a continuance.


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JANICE - you're a moron! She is the one that SAID she took vicadin and smoked weed! What pisses everyone off is that these celebuturds continuously screw up and take no responsibility for it! Celebrity Justice = NO justice. Bogus drug test? LIAR!

2661 days ago


I just hope the judge dosn"t read TMZ on the way to court today

2661 days ago


To a recent korean immigrant- Stop making fun of fat people it is rude disgusting and shows your low class of character, remember not everyone is as skinny as you. Also Korean immigrant are you the one who makes fun of fat people and then ridicule others for saying other rude remarks.

Janice- Nicole is an idiot and to prove it, this is not her first offense. If she were wise she would have learned it the first time. I hope she goes to jail- to GEN POP!

Nicole was most likely stoned and has taken a drug that affected her driving, because of her reckless driving she is very lucky that she did not harm herself or anyone else for that matter. Just because she is rich does not mean she should not be punished. If it was a poor person we would have been locked. Nicole you play now you pay, keep your mouth shut and go to jail for 5 days it won't kill ya.

2661 days ago


Why did she even admitt to taking anything, is she that dumb or was she that high??? the only reaseon she got knocked up is to avoid jail time but that it not going to do it. If you are locked up and a family member dies they dont let you out to go to funeral what makes her think getting preggers is gonna make a diffrence.She will either get small jail time or rehab.

2661 days ago


Facts are facts you people. She was driving the wrong way on the freeway with Marijuana and Vicodin in her system. The LA Police did their job, there was no partiality shown to her and the expert Dr. McGee can testify all he wants--but how can he dispute the results of the blood tests that were done. Her expensive attorney, Holley, can delay this all he wants, and dispute the results of the tests all he wants---but how can they explain why she was driving the wrong way on the freeway? The trial could be delayed today, but I hope she eventually has to spend some time behind bars because she could have easily killed herself or someone else. She and her father (Lionel) continue to deny that she has any substance abuse problems at all.

2661 days ago


the funny thing is that it is being 'confirmed' that she is pregnant, but it actually hasn't been. so you have everyone in a frenzie about this baby that we are even sure exists yet... and people ask for continuances all the time - it's not like she's 'complaining' about anything - she doesn't even really speak publicly about anything, except on letterman that i have heard, and she said she will do what she has to do. anyone would take any defense they could if they were facing jail time, i know i would... oh well, i'm sure there will be a new, more messed up post later when we know what is going on lol

2661 days ago

paris rox my sox    

to #109...

nicole is not a loser! yes she may have done some bad things in the past! but now is the present and she can still make her life right! u guys get on here and talk bad about these famous people and ur not even as good as them or u wuld be famous!!!! so once u become famous then yes u may talk bad about this stuff but until then u need to keep ur mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!

2661 days ago


Being famous should never be a reason for acrrying a "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD" So many walk it's not funny..reminiscent of the OJ verdict.....left many of is going "HUH?"

2661 days ago


not a damn thing wrong with popping a vicodin and chasing it with a cold budweiser!!! it's called saturday night!!! lighten up people!!

2661 days ago


The Judge will decided what Richie needs and I'm sure she'll do time if she doesn't take a plea

2661 days ago


All one has to do is look at the pictures to know she is stoned. It comes down to, I could care less what she does to herself; if she wants to kill herself then that is her choice. Now, however that she is pregnant, there is another life involved. The baby is the one everyone should be worrying about at this time, and to do that, we now have to worry about the mother. It makes no difference how much money she has, that is irrelevant. She is a drug better than a junkie on the street...all her money can do for her is get her into a most 'prestigious' I hope all those that say people are jealous of her stop and think about what you are saying...jealous of what? A drug habit? The pain she will go through to get off all drugs. Knowing that perhaps her baby will be mentally challenged or have long lasting mental defects because of her drug use...what is there to be jealous of? No amount of money in the world would make me want to change lives with her....I live comfortably, both monetarily and in my soul.

2661 days ago

chillout music girl    

PS. Anyone could push that bag of bones down... That is why she needs protection.
No one can stop the judge from making a ruling and putting her heroin addicted disgusting persona in jail.

PSS. Her blonde hair extension are as fake as she is & probaly just as dried up as her 2.

2660 days ago
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