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Jordin Sparks' Idol Is ...

Chris Richardson!

7/13/2007 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jordin Sparks and Chris RichardsonThings are starting to really heat up on the "American Idol" concert tour -- backstage!

TMZ has learned that "Idol" winner Jordin Sparks has fallen head ovah heels for Justin Timberfake wannabeen Chris Richardson! This is her now! While she and runner-up Blake Lewis are just friends, we're told Jordin has a huge crush on 23-year-old Richardson -- despite his penchant for late nights and hanging out with the likes of Lauren Conrad. Boys will be dogs!

Sources on the tour tell us that because Jordin is only 17, her minders and family members are doing everything they can to keep from letting anything -- or anyone! -- get in the way of the underage star's bright future. Sexy and 17 -- and off limits!


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Their cute together, and at least not a freaky as Blordin, besides what girl doesn't have a crush on Chris? But their just friends.

2658 days ago


I realize Jordin is only 17. She's cute. Please let her live her life !!!!!!!

2658 days ago

kelly clarkson is an idiot for putting out that crappy album    

Why on earth would Jordin think she would even have a chance with Chris????

Most of you may think that Chris is ugly, but who on this planet would even touch a fat blob like Jordin????

She is SOOOOOOOOOOO overweight!!!!! It's so gross!!!!

Come on, you guys, would you date a fat person???? I don't think so. Don't give me the line, "Looks aren't everything."

They are.

She should set her sights of Chris Sligh. They are both fat, so it's a match made in heaven. Don't you agree????

2658 days ago


Leave Jordin alone. She comes from a good, wholesome, churchgoing family that is very protective of her.

She's not interested in Chris or Blake or anyone right now. She's concentrating on her AI status and the tour then cutting her CD.

And to all you yahoos out there who think she's fat - GET A LIFE! Good Lord the girl is just fine. At least she's not like Nicole Ritchie or those other anorexic poptarts.

People just can't handle the fact that Jordin is a healthy, moral young lady with no baggage to write about in TMZ.

2658 days ago


Wait......Who are these people? Ive never heard them

2658 days ago


Why not believe this story? This would not be the first time that a "wholesome" teenager was pining away for a young man who is too old for her. Being from a church going family means absolutey nothing. Take a look at the PK's that you know!!!

2657 days ago


ok first off jordin is not overweight or ugly all you people saying this about her are obviously jealous and need to get a life and chris is not a piece of white trash all of you who are saying this stuff about jordin dont realize what your getting into theres so many jordin fans out there and would appreciate it when they come to read this story who cares if she likes chris or blake and you all know youve liked someone else who was much older than you NOBODY CARES WHAT YOUR OPINION IS KEEP IT TO YOURSELF GET A LIFE AND STOP BASHING ON JORDIN CHRIS AND BLAKE BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU WHO ARE DOING THIS ARE UGLY FAT OR JEALOUS OF ALL OF THEM got it? good

2657 days ago


On the way out of seeing the concert in Birmingham, Al, we saw the Idols behind the stage, where they did not think they were being seen, and we saw Haley all over Blake. I would check into that story. Blake seemed to enjoy the attention.

2657 days ago


This story is garbage. Almost everyone has a crush on Chris Richardson, so why not Jordin Sparks. It's not like Jordin and Chris are sleeping together or even going out.

2650 days ago


Ok so what if she has a crush on Chris? I agree with the person that said "Just because she has a crush on him doesnt mean she is sleeping with him...." Jordin and Chris are both devoted Christians and I'm sure that they dont believe in sex before marriage....Jordin is a great singer but shes not my favorite...Chris is...but anyway, a true Christian sticks up for what they believe in and doesnt let anything get in the way of that meaning....THEY ARE NOT SLEEPING TOGETHER IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM!!!!

Thank you for your time :)

2596 days ago
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