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7/17/2007 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When asked about the highly anticipated "Sex and the City" movie on Monday, Kristin Davis was tight-lipped and stuck to her script. C'mon Charlotte, it's been three years!!

While surrounded by paparazzi outside Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, everyone's favorite uptight Park Avenue princess revealed that as far as the SATC movie is concerned, "We're very excited about the possibility. That's what I'm supposed to say." For the love of Manolo Blahnik!

Kristin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon AND Kim Cattrall are reportedly all reprising their "Sex" roles for a big screen version of the hit HBO series. Because, seriously, is there anyone who doesn't want to pay $10 to see four 40-something women parade around Manhattan like 22-year-olds?!


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Brother Harold, S.J.    

To posting #30, Farrah-Fallon:

You have problems, dear. I'd suggest you get into therapy immediately. I can't imagine ANYONE finding that equine-faced slob pretty, with the possible exception of that irritating little weasel she's married to. As for the Sex-City quartet, Kim Cattrall is a real hoot, Cynthia Nixon is a superb actress (look at her Broadway record), Kristin Davis is mildly insipid, and SJP should be running at Churchill Downs instead of trying to be sexy.

2625 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

Isn't there enough trashy American entertainment available??

Damn, you all need to pick up the Bible like we do!
It's too late to pray for your Country, so if there's any good Americans left, come up here to be saved!

2625 days ago


I can see the horse-face comparison to SJP; but she always reminded me of a hag-style witch, complete with big ol chin wart. Or whatever the hell that thing is -- & with all her loot, why didn't she have that grotesque growth removed? Not as if she had a pretty face anyway, so could get away with sporting the damn thing. Far as a movie, I don't see the point; but if they have to do it, better just as an HBO TV flim. Either way, it will eventually be at the video store. If I get curious enough, I'll pick it up on dollar day, LOL

2625 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Oh Brother Harold. Your hating is so idiotic. No matter what you think, SJP is the star no matter how much you hate it. stop crying, it is unbecoming in a man. unless you are really lena or gina or whatever her name was....

2625 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

so sorry boneheads but you are here going nowhere and "horse face" was on the cover of Elle magazine this month. looks like the fashion industry agrees y'all are morons.

2625 days ago

Hallie Tatum    

I am 40 somethng and get more attention now than I ever have... I love Sex and the City bring on the movie... GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2625 days ago


They still look good . the movie will be a hit regardless

2625 days ago


I think Kristin Davis is gorgeous.

2625 days ago


Davis is hot for an over 40 chick. She is the hottest of them all in my opinion.

2625 days ago


*neighs* I would love to date Sarah Jessica Parker! We could share a few carrots and eat an apple together.

2625 days ago


Nah, I would give Sarah a feedbag to put on her face. Jenny McCarthy is the hottest horse face around! A fine little filly!

2625 days ago


What wrong with having a horse face Brother Harold? There are plenty of fine fillies to go around.

2625 days ago

Lenn K.    

This movie can't be very good. The reasons are endless, starting with age, time, storyline, and Kim and Sarah feud. The reason this is being made is for money and money only. I bet the storeline will just suck!!!!!

2625 days ago


I love Kristin Davis. Her personality is so cute. It's so nice to see that she is as sweet as Charlotte in real life. Sex and the City was one of the best shows on TV and has a HUGE following. The movie will be a smash hit. Everyone who was a fan of the show will be curious to see what they put in the movie (even if they think they should have let it die on TV). Honestly, all 4 girls look pretty much the same now as they did during the show…This is the age of Botox let's not forget!!

2625 days ago
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