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Lohan Flick Crashes Over Cash

7/20/2007 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the Lindsay Lohan/Shirley MacClaine crime caper pic "Poor Things" was brought down by problems with cash flow, and not by Lohan's recent mini vacation in Vegas, as today's Page Six reported.

"The spending was out of control," we're told, and that ultimately caused the film's demise.

As for the Post's report that it was Lohan's hard-partying ways that sent the film packing -- not true. Lohan's arrest on suspicion of DUI happened just a few days before she was set to start shooting. The production company, it seemed, was fine with waiting for Lindsay's recovery, even telling TMZ that Lindsay would be shuttled back and forth from Promises in Malibu to the set in Santa Monica. That, obviously, never happened.

Lohan's rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, would not discuss the project, saying only that Lindsay was "not the reason" for the film's problems.

A call to the film's production company was not immediately returned.


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Lohan seems DIFFICULT to work with...

That's all I'm sayin'


2589 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Lies! It was actually Linds fault the deal went kaput!

2589 days ago


she is a mess,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lil' freaky friday girl!!!!!.........wasn't she drunk & passed out ,On here the other day????????..........***********TEAM ALCOHOLIC**************

2589 days ago


Ok Ok Ok
But why does it always seems like there is always an excuse for everything!!!

2589 days ago


I've worked with SHirl. She's always saying she has money for movies that she doesn't. They alway get to about the point this one did and then they go away.....

2589 days ago


Lindsay is a trainwreck, trainwrecks don't get insured. Her PR people are at work cleaning up her "image," but Lindsay is not going to be getting work with such a bad rep. She is difficult to work with and has not given up the hard-partying. She's history on the A-list, she's strictly low-budget wrecks like herself - a has-been at 21. Poor Dina, gotta find another meal ticket, she's probably already working on Lindsay's sister. Mommy trainwrecks always raise trainwrecks, I feel sorry for Lindsay, and for the rest of that family. Wth Dina running things, ya gotta feel sorry for the way Lindsay turned out. Hey Dina, still living your dream bankrolled by your daughter? Still sipping champagne in those limos? LOL, what a skank, living dreams made with the money her kids make.

2589 days ago


Of course they are not going to admit that she is the problem ...........

2589 days ago


I believe she played a part in the movie getting cancelled. Big stars bring in big bucks. With her known drug problem, she was a major risk. She will be dead within six months, if someone who really loves does not intervene.

2589 days ago


This girl has the opportunity of a lifetime and she is blowing it. People aren't gonna work with her if it's nothing but drama. She needs to stay out of the club, period and keep a low profile.

2589 days ago


Oh Puh-LEEZE! Of COURSE it was cancelled because of her, how stupid do her P.R. people think we are? The girl is wearing an anclet to monitor alcohol doubt to ease skitish insurance company heads that she is employable, and what does she do? She goes out clubbing all hours and is overheard asking for drugs. There is NO way that this movie was cancelled for ANY reason but her.

How stupid do you have to be to not be able to say these words to yourself. "Gee, I like working, maybe I should stay home tonight"

2589 days ago

God looks the other way, but only so far.    

Who's the spoiler here? Who's the thief in Lindsay's life now? Her childhood is over. She's an offical adult now, but she keeps jumping into the Horned One's arms and handing over the reins to her life to his henchmen, drugs and alcoholm a couple of thugs who always want their victims dead, but will settle for ruined, So who's the thief? The one who leaves door unlocked or the theif who then slips in and steals and murders?

Take responsibility for everything you do or say Lindsay, or you'll never grow-up and be woman, just always a broken, blaming others for everything little loser wasted girl.

2589 days ago


I think any movie with her name attached to it has high odds of failure.
She just is not stable enough and isn't a good risk for any investor.
There are many talented actors waiting to show us their stuff. We don't need problems when so much talent is eager to get the chance these spoiled ungrateful celebs got.

2589 days ago


So if the cancelation of the movie wasn't Lindsey's fault, then could someone tell me this: if she has to appear in court in August, and might get sentenced, or have to appear again, then how and when does she have time to make/focus on a movie? NOT! This girl is a risk, and until she clears up these issues with the law, no one is going to contract her....she's not available. I can't believe she just turned 21, and has done such destruction to her life.

2589 days ago

God looks the other way, but only so far.    

We need to reward the talented, responsible professionals in the industry, and shun the self-destructive ones. We need to do this for the integrity of our industry, for our own sense of equilibrium and for the stars, like Lindsay who cannot stop themselves, and especially for the millions of naïve youngsters who follow and copy the celebrities every move and lifestyle. They are like Gods to the kids today. Terrible gods, who too many kids follow blindly. Let us lead by saying a loud NO, which this finance pullout is saying. The grown-ups in the business have to reclaim the setting of the acceptable tone of life.

2589 days ago


Just Rewards...AMEN!!!

2589 days ago
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