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Applegate and Hubby

Officially Dunzo

8/10/2007 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Exclusive"Married With Children" star Christina Applegate has finalized her divorce with that cute guy from the Tom Hanks movie, court papers show today.

According to documents, Applegate gets control of bank accounts totaling $4.3 million, the couple's two homes, a 2006 Mercedes and all interest in Moolah Productions, Inc. -- whatever that is.

That cute guy from the Tom Hanks movie (aka Johnathon Schaech) receives control of bank accounts totaling $1.5 million, a 2001 Mercedes, and a cement Buddha currently in Applegate's possession.

Better be one helluva Buddha.


No Avatar


He is one gorgeous hunk!

2593 days ago

Desease control    

She cheated on him.

She well wind up all alone,.... a dried up old hag.

2593 days ago


Too bad she got everything considering SHE was the one who cheated. Gotta love no fault divorce...

2593 days ago

Tom Veil    

Not sure how 'kind' she is. Wasn't she the one who was seen laughing at River Pheonix as he went into convulsions outside of The Viper Club?

2593 days ago


The eyelid on the left looks droopy, less rounded like the one on the right. Hope it's not another plastic surgery accident.

She appears to be a smart business woman, since she came out of that with the better settlement. It's still sad to see another celebrity couple break up. It's almost an sure thing these days.

2593 days ago


Why did she get the bigger portion. Is this 50/50 hollywood style?

2593 days ago


I banged Schaech in 1991 in the bathroom of a club in Weho.....I guess he finally stopped "livin the dream"......

2593 days ago


Seems like she really came out on top. Not surprising since she is the more famous of the two and probably makes money on Married with Children in syndication.

2593 days ago


Ummm... she got more than 50/50 because that money is HERS and she had already made a lot of that money BEFORE she married him. Who the hell is this guy anyway? I've never even heard of him before, so she was likely to be the wealthier of the two and you're only entitled to half the money your spouse makes WHILE THEY ARE MARRIED TO YOU. This is the same reason why Heather Mills is not entitled to half of Paul McCartney's entire fortune (she's only entitled to half the money he's made since he married her), and that's the proper way for it to be. I mean, really, why should anyone be entitled to half of YOUR fortune that you already made before you even met this person just because they happened to marry you later on? You're entitled to half the money your spouse earns while they're married to you because even if you're not visibly part of their career, you're supposedly nurturing them and supporting them and therefore deserving of half the credit for that person's success. A later spouse obviously would have had no part in that whatsoever and is therefore not deserving of half your entire fortune, at least not legally.

Ms. Applegate was obviously a little bit smarter with her money than other child stars and didn't blow all the money she made. Looks like she managed to save a fair bit of it. Good for her!

And why are people being so vicious about her appearance? She IS a LOT older now than she was when she starred on "Married With Children"--people DO age! Are you really that jealous of her previous good looks that you need to trash her so badly now? So what if her eyes look a little bit weird? I'm so glad I'm not a celebrity, because so many members of the general public think that they have the right to be BRUTALLY judgmental and criticize EVERY single little thing about a person just because that person happens to be famous! Would you want someone judging YOU the way you're judging this woman, this woman who most of you don't even know? Think about it.

2593 days ago


Awww leather coat guy. But they were so cute together!

2593 days ago


Seems like she is always one OR two roles from really being a star ..

2593 days ago


I'm sorry for her divorce...she's nice

2593 days ago


1.5 million, a Mercedes and a Buddha ain't bad...for a guy from a Tom Hanks movie.
I wonder why Applegate can't stay married? She seems like a very nice person.

2593 days ago


I agree with #15.

Christina Applegate, seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. She doesn't act like she is above the better then any normal person. She dont go flashing/spending her money foolishly... Like some Hollywood Acots do now days...And she stay's out of the limelight as much as possible. She NEVER has acted like any of these dumb BIMBO'S like Britney, and Paris,Lohan...

I give her credit for that....And she had more of a succesful career then her - ex husband.. Made more money then he did threw out her career.. And she keeps her life private and not in the center of the public. I give her dido's for that.

To bad she a cute couple could not make it in Hollywood. But why should that surprise any of us anymore...

2593 days ago


Giving 1.5 million to "the guy in the Tom Hanks movie" must have been a BIG bummer. At least she can acutally KEEP the money she makes from now on!

2593 days ago
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