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L.C. to Heidi -- Stop Deluding Yourself 'Cause I Won't

8/17/2007 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Read Lauren Conrad's freshly-glossed lips: No singing from me.

Demonstrating Socratic volumes of self-awareness and spewing more than a little betch-venom Heidi Montag's way, L.C. tells In Touch magazine, "I promise you: I'll never release an album!" This, apparently, comes in response to frenemy Heidi's more or less disastrous debut of her single "Body Language" yesterday on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. (Heidi's guy,Spencer Pratt, who lays down some rhymes on the track, says that it's not actually her "single.")

As for L.C., there's a good reason for her refusal to screech: "I don't have either [singing or acting] talent, so I'm not going to pretend like I do!" Reee-owww! "I don't really have very many talents! I'm OK with it, though."


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2621 days ago


Wake me when a real celebrity makes his or her way to TMZ. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2621 days ago

E Komo Mai!    

you know what. LC and heidi are both such batches! LC thinks that every guy she wants is off limits to all her friends whether he likes her back or not and Heidi is just weak and has a big mouth that she cant keep to herself. i used to like LC until she started acting like 'oh my god i cant believe you kissed him when you KNEW i liked him' EW much!!

2621 days ago


TMZ you guys are the only one's who reports about this two no bodies. Will you report about my neighbors now and take the focus off these to clowns.

2621 days ago

sarah silverman is toxic    

Lauren is such a jealous bitch

2621 days ago


I thought their single was very good. Spencer Pratt raps exactly like Eminem and Heidi has a voice that easily would get her in American Idol's top three. It is a shame they have such a negative public persona or they could be the next Nelly Fertado and Timbaland. Even with their image though their talent is so undeniable they just may be super stars in five years.

2621 days ago

Curious in Connecticut    

STOP with these two idiots. Is the show paying TMZ to talk about them.
1. They aren't relevant.
2. I agree with #4 Dawn. I rather hear about her neighbors.
3. They are known for nothing.
4. They aren't cute, they aren't interesting

2621 days ago


I actually really liked Heidis song. (Even thought I didn't want to) Very catchy and if you listened to the radio most people liked it. I still like the Hills but I don't know about LC anymore.

2621 days ago


Who are these people? Never heard of them.

2621 days ago


First of all, Lauren doesn't even comment on Heidi's single. She comments about her own talent or lack thereof. So, TMZ don't try to put a spin on quotes. Second, Dellor Kcir, clearly, you are either Spencer or Heidi or one of their lackies. If you want to post comments about yourselves, don't be so damn obvious or delusional.

2621 days ago

jay jay    

Team Lauren all the way. Heidi is too stupid to realize her song sucks and that she is completely brainwashed. As for #3's comment when has LC said or done anything to anyone about any guy she's liked. Heidi has always had her own boyfriends like Jordan then Spencer. Please remind me of when LC wanted either or these, especially Spencer

2621 days ago


I couldn't agree more with UNGH. Who are you Dellor Kcir??? Heidi & Spensor's publicist??? UGH! It's pathetic...

2621 days ago


Angie honey, it's time to change the battery in your hearing aid.

2621 days ago


At least LC is honest and not trying to pass herself off as a talent when she know she isn't. Heidi is so consumed by Spencer that she doesn't even care that he is sleeping around on her. Sorry Heidi as I have been trying to tell you he IS cheating. Wake up and RUN, or he will take over your whole being!

2621 days ago

Nancy Lyons    

I actually liked Heidi's song too......Lauren is such a baby, she never likes any of her friends boyfriends, jealous because she doesn't have her own. Remember Jason? No one disowned her because she was dating him...!!

2621 days ago
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