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Nick Hogan's Track Record

8/28/2007 7:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained three traffic citations Nick Hogan received in the last year -- and he's only had a license for one year ... AND that doesn't even include this week's crash. Go speed racer, go!
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In the first incident, on Sept. 17, 2006, Nick was pulled over for doing 115 mph in a 70 mph zone. That's not even close! He completed traffic school for that one.

For his second offense, Hogan (real name Nicholas Allan Bollea) was clocked doing 57 in a 30. Ha, child's play! And for his third bust, the little Hulkster was clocked doing 106 in a 70.

Apparently, he never learned.


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It's really very simple; Hulk is obviously Nick's bitch, and bends over for Nick like a $3 trick........ Nick runs the household, Nick calls the shots- Nick is clearly the MAN of the family, and Hulk is just a little girl that relates better to Brooke...... C'mon Hulk- just get the sex change and confirm what we all really know.......

2582 days ago


OH MY! I see Hulk and Linda need to get the check book out. Nick is going to cost them alot of money. Iam sure Nick has already. Nick needs to grow up soon. He acts like a baby. You know what Nick is very very spoiled. On there show Hulk took him to a class to see this film and what happens to kids that speed and wreck thier cars,it was a graphic video. I hope hurting his friend will wake Nick and Hulk and Linda up. You see all of that BIG money Hulk made can go out the door real quick when the Hogan,s have to pay for hospital bills and damages or worse a funeral. Nick please look at yourself and have mercy on your fellow drivers and you and your family. Iam confused in why your even driving . In my state you would have gotten it for wreckless driving and your driving privliges would have been gone. Driving is a privilige. To Hulk and Linda from what i see on your show Nick doesnt get any attention at all. You have two children Nick and Brooke ,maybe Nick is wanting your LOVING DISAPLINE NOW ! Money cannot buy love.

2582 days ago


What a loser this kid is....and his parents should be strung up for letting this wild cannon out on the road. Pity this stupid jerk if his friend dies...or is permanently disabled because this shmuck has to prove his hot shot manhood. They should lock these punks up and throw away the keys....too many people are dying everyday at their hands. Mama and papa seem to think this kid is cool....but they are both ignorant fools .

2582 days ago


okay so that is the past and this accident has happened and i am sure now that he will keep the racing for the race track. so good that he's ok and his friend will recover soon

2582 days ago


Why do little rich kids get away with driving reckless(going 115 MPH is considered wreckless driving in many states, AND they are supposed to take away the freakin car) and every one else has to pay the price if we get caught going that speed??? The power of fame and money people, huh!!

2582 days ago


My 17 yr old kid just had two minor fender benders. Not really speeding just being a careless kid. Poof !!! License is gone, taken away by me! Life is hell around the house lots of whining and having to pickup and deliver most everyday. Inconvenient as heck for me but thats what a parent has to do. Hopefully the Hogans will do the same. God Speed John

2582 days ago


If Hulk doesn't take away his car after his priors and now this....he's a bad father.

2582 days ago

The King    

First, where does hulk hogan get all his money? Does wrestling pay well enough to let his lazy, spoiled kids to be paris hilton knock offs? If so, they have my deapest sympathy. I honestly wouldnt wish that life on anyone.

2582 days ago

First Mutha Feefer    

Nick should be emshamed about his ill behaviour. Lighting up burning man in a car accident is no joke. Especially since he gave him brain damage that wasn't requested.

2582 days ago


The sad thing is that nick is fine while the passenger is still in the hospital. I hope the Hogans are embarrassed enough to put the breaks on his driving and so called racing career.

2582 days ago


Despite no charges filed, he did get an excessive speed ticket. This requires a court appearance as the fines are set by the courts; at least I believe its this way in Florida, it is in most states. Second his last court case he was ordered to not only traffic school, I noticed 6 months DL (thats court speak for drivers license) restriction sundown to sunset. Means his license becomes suspended at sundown and Nick cant drive. Since this is court ordered if this accident occurred at sundown/sunset little Nicky is in comtempt of court! First offense without an accident causing injury is 5 days in juevie, as he was suspended if after sundown/sunset on court order, his license was suspended; unlike Paris, he caused injury in an accident, this under Florida law I believe becomes a felony. I'll bet Nick will be in Hilton style trouble or worse.....

2582 days ago

Jake Radke    

Wonder what the odds are in Vegas of Nick's soon to be mortality finale.......
He's a few bricks shy for sure...............

2582 days ago


Terry and Linda, if you're reading this, please do the right thing as parents and take your son's keys away. Since he is still underage, you're responsible for his actions. He needs an old fashioned grounding. For a very long time (or until he turns 18 LOL) .

2582 days ago

Mother in NC    

Not only would revoking his license hopefully save a life but it just might teach this child some self awareness. Children today are too often 'coddled' and instead of parents teaching them right from wrong, and punishing them for insubordinations they try to be their kids' best friends. That doesn't work! Our responsibility to our children is to make sure they grow up to be upstanding citizens and contributing members of society not to be the "cool parent" or "just one of the guys/girls". It seems to me that this is just one more kid that has started down a path of wrecklessness toting along that "I don't care" attitude. Not only did he put himself at risk but he also put his friend, and countless other innocent people, at risk. It's one thing to have self-destructive behavior but at least keep the emphasis on "self"!

2582 days ago


Jeez, no REAL news on this site tonite. Anyone know how Owen Wilson is? I guess the media is really giving him his space.

2582 days ago
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