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Pamela Bach: The Saga Continues

8/29/2007 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attorney Mark Geragos has saved Pamela Bach from getting formally booked on hit and run -- at least for now!

TMZ was in court this morning when Judge Stephen P. Pfahler delayed Pam's booking, pending an appeal Geragos filed late yesterday. The celeb lawyer argued the ex-Hoff shouldn't have to be photographed and fingerprinted.

The appellate court immediately rejected Geragos' petition, but apparently none of the players in the courtroom knew it. City Attorney Patrick Hiscocks (yep, that's his name) defended himself by saying, "I have a lot of cases going on in this courtroom. Pamela Bach is not a top priority."

Bach, who was present today, is accused by Nicole Valdez of hitting her car in January and fleeing the scene without leaving a note. A witness saw the accident and alerted Valdez, who filed a police report.

The criminal trial is set to begin Sept. 21. It's a safe bet that by then, Pam will have posed for her close-up.


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If I was the City Attorney I'd change my last name !

2578 days ago


Why does this B#$%h get special treatment.

2578 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Hit and run is hit and run. Pamela will need to stop dodging and weaving and face up.

2578 days ago

c'mon...get a clue    

Did she hurt anybody? Was she drunk? Did she have drugs in her pocket?

What she did was obviously wrong, but a far cry from what Paris, Lindsay or Nicole have done...seems like she is having to go to court alot more than Lindsay did for commandeering a vehicle, driving over 100mph and holding 3 guys hostage while doing all this, then later finding cocaine in her possesion...maybe Pamela Bach should go to rehab for not being able to face the music when she hit somebody elses car.

I don't know if Pamela Bach is famous for anything other than being the Hoff's ex, but I bet she gets a stiffer penalty than the above listed Hollywood snots

2578 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I can't stand weaselly, sneaky, & selfish people who try to duck out of damage they've caused to another's vehicle. Ethically sound people step up to the plate. It shows a lack of character, or poor upbringing, plus a lack of courage. Sigh.

2578 days ago

just me    

I think I read the damage was under $1500.00-why not just pay?! Didn't she have insurance? I don't understand why she is hiring a high powered attorney for such a minor thing. Is it because she as also been harassing the woman whose car she hit? What a sorry waste of time. Take responsibility for your actions-seems no one does these days in Hollywood.

2578 days ago

Foreclosed bankrupt working stiff    

This woman is a menace. If she would just do what they want she will wind up like Nicole in and out in what an hour? She obviously has something to hide..,

2578 days ago


(1) This is a criminal matter for leaving the scene of an accident. Damage to the car is a civil matter. Even if Mrs. Soon-to-be-ex-Hoff did pay for the damages, that does not absolve her from her responsibility for leaving the scene of an accident. She probably does not want to be booked and printed so she does not get into the "system" and this does not pop up if she is ever picked up again. (2) She is going to court so many times because she is trying to fight being booked and printed. If she just got booked and printed, the case would move along, her court appearances would have been fewer and her legal bills would have been fewer. (3) She is probably afraid of the impact on the custody/divorce case. (4) Given that the Hoff got temporary custody, despite having an alcohol problem, you have to wonder what she was trying to hide by leaving the scene of this accident. (5) I hope she does not hassle the Hoff to pay her legal bills for this escapade...

2578 days ago


LOL! Look at her wearing a big gold cross, large enough for the cameras to pick up. SO typical, and I suspect it's usually the guilty people who want to look the most innocent.

2578 days ago


She likes to drag this legal stuff out don't she?
Keeps her busy I guess and feeling important.
One would think a job would be more satisfying and profitable.

2577 days ago


lol # 13 Tiny

That's bad, but funny!

2577 days ago


Very interesting # 8 " FYI " and most likely accurate however now that you mention it in your post I am wondering why the fight and expense not to get finger printed.
Perhaps you are correct and it is just a custody issue.
Makes me wonder though .

2577 days ago


.HOFF got PERMANENT CUSTODY that tells you something. She is WACKED OUT. NOW she will get what she deserves. She will have to move for the house and get a REAL JOB. The HOFF is not paying any more attorney fees for her.

IN fact Mark would leave but he got $$$$ up front and he will lose and her money will be gone. Mark V. Kaplin will leave to JUST WAIT AND SEE.

She owes everyone in town and the HOFF is just sitting back and laughing at her, OH yea she deserves it

2577 days ago


Can't wait for the BOOKING PHOTOS #15 was right I want to see if Kaplan quits and if she has to move out of the house. WOW riches to rags.

2577 days ago

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