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Plummer on Vick: "That's Some Bulls**t!"

9/5/2007 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Celebs for Michael Vick Club -- a short list -- has a new member: "Showgirls" star Glenn Plummer.

Plummer launched into a passionate defense of the disgraced footballer outside of Les Deux last night. "S**t, ni***s been fighting dogs since we were born!" Way to represent?

He then went on to explain that there's "a million people" fighting dogs, and that, "They catch Michael Vick and they want to put him on the spotlight, you know what I'm sayin'? Go find out who REALLY doing it!"

Actually, Vick REALLY was doing it.

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I am a white Man of 52 born in St. Louis and living in LA for the past 25 years and when I grew up Dog Fighting was not uncommon. Vick is being made a poster child because he is nothing more than a big name. Sorry, this has nothing!! to do with being Black or White. It has been a backdoor sport for a long time. I don't usually agree with Whoopi But this time I do.

2605 days ago

Britney loves paparazzi    

I thought it was a redneck thing, when did it become a black thing? But no matter whos thing it is, it is WRONG and for people to try and defend it is sickening.

2605 days ago


Who is this person? And why is one of your cameramen following him around?

2605 days ago


How far can vick scrape the thug barrel to find any sub humans to defend him?
People need to speak out against these beyond ignorant people. To torture animals under the guise of any excuse shows what cowards they are.
Nobody watched whoopi when she had her own show - now she tells her brainless thoughts on daytime tv.
Whoopi was boring on night tv. Shes dried up and not funny anymore. The best she can do now is get a job on the view and defend Vick. Pathetic.
At the very least any expert will tell you --( child abuse , spousal abuse go hand in hand
with dog abuse. Abuse is Abuse Whoopi so you better read a lot more to at least educate yourself. Quit reading low life scripts and read educated books .Whoopi- READ

2605 days ago

Sand In My Crack    

Wow.. did anyone else count how many times this guy said "You know what I'm sayin'?" And what was up with all the bobbin 'n weavin while he was talking?? Another class act (rolls eyes).

2605 days ago

Jack M. Hoff    

Dawg 'n Biatch azz sniffer!

2605 days ago


1. Who is this guy anyway and why do we care about his opinion?

2. I am so over this story. The man broke the law, regardless. I dont care what color he is, what he did was illegal, and just cruel. Get over it and move on.

3. I am getting seasick from watching this guy. It was all the cameraman could do, just to keep this guy in the frame. Stand still, for crying out loud!

2605 days ago


----Alas ! Another Drugged and Crazed Slug !

2605 days ago



2605 days ago


btw, I'm from Brazil. Make all the jokes you want.

It doesnt take away from my superiority over the stupid people.

Well and the poor ones.

And the ugly ones.

I dont care what race you are, actually, if you talk like you're in a rap song in a louder than appropriate voice at the mall, and your pants are sagging low, and you're throwing up gang signs, I'll likely walk on the other side of the road.

2605 days ago


Now there's an intelligent argument.

2605 days ago


I'm African American. I almost wanted to say I was ashamed for the likes of Plummer perpetuating the worst stereotypes for Blackk Folk. Then I remembered I'm nothing like him. As for N----s, you have to remember it means ignorant trash to which he and people of his mentality perfectly fit the bill

2605 days ago

Jus D truth    

First off #28-WOW you need to shutup & go pickup your welfare check & foodstamps, your pimp is waiting w/his hand out!!!!
#2-hypocrites, you hit the nail on the head
and K-9 Commando - I LOVE YOUR STYLE, you are toooo cool for school!!!!

2605 days ago


Exaclty my point #42 . Amen

2605 days ago


Wow..everyone is quick to mention race when one black person says something ignorant. Nobody mentions how SOME NOT ALL young white adults & teens are misguided and act out, especially when they are well off. If you guys wanna complain about ignorance, why dont you guys take a look at yourselves when you perpetuate a negative stereotype of African Americans as soon as they do something that you dont agree with...you're the ones being ignorant. If you took the time to educate yourselves, you would know that a great majority of blacks are well educated & culturally diverse. Very few are in gangs and "ghetto" for a lack of better words. Not all blacks listen to hardcore gangster rap [which in fact, barely exists], if you wanna talk about ignorance...you would know that the largest consumer of that type of music are middle aged corparate white males & suburban teens. And just so you know, Jesse Jackson really doesnt hold conferences or anything anymore. The NAACP gets involved in desperate cases, such as the Jena 6. Al Sharpton is just a non respected media whore that people just tend to ignore. And for Amber...BLACK hair is beautiful. There are tons of different textures first off, from straight to kinky to curly to wavy. You are the one that has the most ignorance. Have you ever had your purse snatched? I highly doubt it considering that the chances of someone getting their purse snatched is extremely low. Thank God I grew up in a diverse environment and I know that in the REAL WORLD...ignorance comes in all shades, and I also know not to look at someone and judge them. Being from the south, there were alot of white men that from first glance I would've considered racist trailer trash, but because of the fact that I've learned to get to know someone first...Those people have been some of the nicest and most helpful friends that I have.

2605 days ago
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