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Cops on the Hunt for

Kid Rock

After VMA Fight

9/10/2007 1:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0909_lee_rock_fm_breaking-1TMZ has learned that the Las Vegas Police Department is on the hunt for Kid Rock after he allegedly "clocked" Tommy Lee at the MTV VMAs in Las Vegas Sunday night.

According to security at the Palms Hotel, where the awards took place, the LVMPD has asked for Rock's room number at the hotel and any leads they might have regarding his current whereabouts.

Details as to what started the fight are still sketchy, but an eyewitness at the awards tells TMZ that "Tommy got it pretty bad."

Both Kid and Lee were escorted out of the awards by Palms security moments after the altercation, caught on camera by Reuters photographer Steven Marcus, took place.

TMZ has learned that Palms owner George Maloof was questioned by police, who was overheard telling cops, "I have no idea."

According to the AP, rap producer Rich Nice was an eyewitness. He says that although Kid Rock threw the only punch that landed, it was Tommy Lee who started the fight. "It looked like Tommy Lee initiated it because Kid Rock was ignoring him," said Nice, who was two tables away. "And Tommy Lee kind of antagonized him. And then when Tommy Lee stood up, it looked a little weird, like 'Yo, what?"'

"When Tommy stands up is when Kid hit him the first time with a backhand," Nice continued. "And then Tommy Lee looked like he was trying to get at him to aggressively retaliate and then Kid Rock hits Tommy Lee again -- bong. And then security grabs Tommy Lee in a headlock and pulls him off."


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Jody B    

These people are such a great influence on kids arent they? They are has been dopers...Tommy Lee is a waste ...always will be...

2564 days ago

wa wa waa    


2564 days ago


You can view the end of the scrap here. Mtv put an article on it on there website with some video. I am guessing with how sucky the show was they are glad this happened to give the show some attention.

2564 days ago


Heather Locklear was married to Tommy Lee first, before she married Richie Sambora and Tommy Lee married Big Bought Bouncy Boobies Pam. Now that Heather and Tommy are both free again, and Heather's best friend forever, Denise Richards, stole her husband Richie Sambora, maybe Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear can get together again. Seems blondes love this Ugly Dude Tommy Lee. But since Richie Sambora dumped Denise Richards, then Denise Richards can hook up with Kid Rock. But now we have to find someone for Charlie Sheen, who got dumped by Denise Richards, and we have to find someone for Richie Sambora. Well maybe Britney, she is free.......... and if she goes with Richie Sambora, then maybe we could get Sara Evans, who dumped her husband to be with Charlie Sheen. And Pamela Anderson could just go with is a wonder those Big Bought Bouncy Boobies havent been flattened by now with all their activity.

2564 days ago


i love tommy lee

2564 days ago

Head To The Sky    

Talk about your DEGENERATES

2563 days ago

Abe Froman    

WOW...a fight at a awards show and its not hip-hop related. Well, well, well...

Maybe now you people will stop trying to make it seem like rappers are the only out of control music artist and that hip-hop is the only genre that has violence involved.


2563 days ago


Tommy Lee = PWND!

2563 days ago


Hood Rats!

2563 days ago


Kid Rock is a total wimp. He gets a few good shots in on Tommy Lee and Tommy looks like he was barely scratched. Kid Rock must have hands like pillows.

2563 days ago

mike in nyc    

Pam Anderson was just on Tom Green .com with some Magician boyfriend. Then I read she has another boyfriend .
Gee wiz why in the hell would anyone fight over her.
Unfortunately, the company she keeps and her career are the same....both losers.

2563 days ago


Wish I had seen it! My man does ROCK! But a guy like him (Kid Rock- Robert Ritchie) can get any woman he sets eyes on. He just needs to open them wide and look for the real, honest, hard working, one. The one that will give him full attention that will only see him and be there for HIM. Not a woman like Pamela Lee Anderson that's still is hooked on some poor looser like Tommy Lee. She's got issues. Addictions of all sort, needs to see a therapist... It's not safe for her and her kids to be so hooked on a guy that is alcoholic,addicted to "heavy stuff" and a woman beater... (Well according to what we have hear over the years)...even if he is the father of her children.

2563 days ago


Well, I do not like Tommy he is ugly... and waste..
Kids Rock he can be a very good looking guy if he change a little his style...
Tommy was interrupting like a horse who wants sex...
and that behavior was bad..
Pamela she is a woman who use her body,,,,, to get the money... as show girl.. first she is fake and not original,,, Kid Rock a message for you stop looking ....... to those plastic women,, find a decent girl ,and have a decent family it is not late.... original and with a good heart.... and change your life.. Tommy i do not know ,you are horny all the time... you have a problem....
Anyway they should not do what they did. I will punished them by the law in the equal way, both are guilty.... period....Anyway the Mtv was a mess everything, the arrangement, everything , not good at all, the division of the singers in different places, terrible... so the fight was the best part,,,, Kanye comment the best....locos todos..

2563 days ago

Sean Michaels    

HAHAHA!! Kid ROCK owns Tommy WEE! i love how kid bitch slapped tommy like the bitch he is..and then he gives him a DETROIT hammer to me like tommy deserved it, i bet kid rocks mom told him, if he ain't got nothing to say then don't say n e thing at all, which is all he was trying to do, so in my opinion tommy deserved it...

2562 days ago


Tommy Lee would be that rap wannbe punks @ss anytime. Kid Pebble needs to face the facts, he will never have the skills Tommy has to please a real women like Pam. Kid Pebble is a wannbe.

2562 days ago
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