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Babwa to Barry

We've Got Hassel's Back

9/18/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" den mother Barbara Walters says that as much as she wanted Barry Manilow to come and croon, no one -- not even the "Mandy" singer -- tells her how to run her show!

Manilow told TMZ yesterday that he decided to ditch his appearance on today's "View," because as a close friend of Rosie O'Donnell, he didn't want to sit on the same stage as right-winger Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose views he called "dangerous." Babwa, on her Sirius radio chatfest last night, said it was "too bad" about Barry's stand. Added co-executive producer Bill Geddie, "We don't do that ... we support everybody ... he's not going to call the shots."

Geddie also pointed out that lefty celeb political flamethrowers like Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda have also appeared with Elisabeth, and it sure looked like everyone was having a pretty good time last November when Manilow appeared on the show.


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Barb, smile! Oh no, maybe not. You may break your cheeks!

2556 days ago


Elizabeth needs to Go..She WAS a NOBODY and still is a NOBODY!

2556 days ago


I have to say I'm disappoiinted in Barry. I'm a moderate Republican, but I go to the movies, I was in a restaurant with Rosie O'Donnell, I watched her show, I went to Barry's concerts in NY. If I didn't want to sit next to people whose political views differ from mine, I'd never go to a movie, concert, watch a TV show, or for that matter, have any friends, as most of them are liberal democrats.
So I'm sad our society has come to this, but I applaud the show for not letting anyone else dictate their agenda.

2556 days ago

Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen    

Nobody cares about your opinion, Barry. You no longer write the songs the whole world sings, and you never did.

2556 days ago


How silly. He is a grown man. I'm sorry I ever lined his pockets with my money. Ridiculous.

2556 days ago


This is all stupid!

2556 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

This just needs to be settled with a good pillow fight.

2556 days ago


Why can't some of you people express your opinion without calling names. Why does Elisabeth have to be the "pregnant "b" word. Do you not have any class?

2556 days ago


Manilow gives order-wont let anyone on staff look at him when he walks by- when he comes to town in concert- that's because he is so fug! Elizabeth is a dumb- know-it- all who announced on air that her husband doesn't like porn or nudie magazines- please! Theres a differnce between not letting him that do hat shiz- and him not liking it!!!!!

2556 days ago

Some Peeps are losers    

Maybe Barry is mad because Elisabeth won't admit the the baby is really his!!!!

2556 days ago


It made me laugh, right before the View was aired Manilow's album was advertised. Got a chuckle out of that one!

2556 days ago


Good for Barbara, more women should step up to the plate and stand their ground. I hope she learned her lesson when she allowed pushy, loud mouthed, 'give me my way or I throw a tantrum', fat mouthed Rosie to run that show. I like Rosie before she got that gig but the second she opened her trap and started trying to FORCE her opinions down everyone else's throat I shut her off, I shut off and out anything she sponsors or supports, anything she lends her name to. She's one VERY angry woman in dire need of anger management classes. It IS Barbara's show, ultimately SHE'S held responsible for what goes on and she figured it out after the Rosie fiascos.

2556 days ago


I watched the View today, not something I normally do. I was very happy to see that (at least during most of the show that I watched) no mention was made of Manilow. Good for them! I am not right nor left, I vote on issues, not party lines. I do however support a show called 'The View' having different views represented. How else can there be discussions? I think I'll watch tomorrow as well. I really liked the discussion....I think they called it hot topics? Whoopi and Joy are the bomb!

Barry needs to stop being a diva and be grateful that a network show was willing to support his new cd. It's called being an adult. You aren't going to agree with everyone but you should respect other peoples opinions and not be a childish bully.

2556 days ago


WHAT? WHO CARES what Manilow wants? He's a Vegas singer for crying out loud, NOT some world leader/scholar/decision maker... WTF? He wont appear on the same stage as one of the hosts? He should be thanking the Lord he is even getting the opportunity to appear on the show..This is a Vegas singer people...who CARES?!!!

2556 days ago

show me the $$    

Manilow Music Used To Punish Offenders
Judge Gives One-Hour Music Emersion Sentences

POSTED: 11:25 am EDT September 16, 2007

A judge in Colorado is sentencing noise ordinance violators to listen to Barry Manilow music and songs by musicians they consider unpopular as punishment.

Fort Lupton Judge Paul Sacco said violators of the city's ordinance are being given a one-hour music emersion sentence.

"When you have a person that's been playing rap let's say at extreme volumes all over the city and they have to sit down and they have to listen for an hour to Barry Manilow -- it's horrible punishment," Sacco said.

People who are cited for playing their music too loudly in the city must sit and listen to music chosen by Sacco.

"Twenty minutes into it and I was trying not to fall asleep," violator Luis Cano said.

During the punishment, violators are not allowed to eat, drink or read.

The judge said the punishment seems to be working because the judge said there are very few repeat offenders.

2556 days ago
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