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No Brady Bunch for Tom

10/5/2007 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL quarterback Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan's child's birth certificate makes it official -- Bridget is using her name for their kid. Take that unnamed Brazilian supermodel!
Moynahan birth certificate
TMZ obtained a copy of little John Edward Thomas Moynahan's birth certificate that makes it official, there's no Brady in his name. Instead, his initials read JET. How patriotic!

The QB did, however, manage to sneak in his middle and first name for his son. Unnecessary roughness!

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2575 days ago


This is ridiculous. That magazine cover is horrible - Life w/o Daddy - Big Deal, they broke up, he moved on, she found out she was pregnant. It happens everyday. Has Tom Brady ever said he was not gonna be part of his sons life? And she's wrong for not giving the baby his last name. As he grows up, the last name of Brady could bring him a lot of privilege. I think there is a lot of jealousy that he has moved on and is happy. The guy was there for the birth of little JET. She needs to stop making him out to be a deadbeat dad.

By the way, I'm a Cowboys fan so there is no prejudice here.

2575 days ago

love little people :)    

she didnt win him , thats what happens when u gamble on keeping someone because your pregnant!................hope tom and gisele have a happy life, it sure isnt fair being trapped unfairly............hope moynihan learned a lesson here

2575 days ago

hang it up    

That's all the little b***** wanted, after the relationship started to fail, she just wanted a sperm donor, someone to give her the kid she was desperate to have, now she has a cute baby, she don't want the daddy. She gives single mom's a bad name Gold digger! She knew Tom didn't want a kid with her or anyone, and she did it anyway, what a witch, broad you aren't about anything.

2575 days ago


the problem with this scenario is when she get remarried - the
child will stil have her maiden name and she will have her husbands
name or hyphenating her name before his.So either way - it will sort
of isolate the kid
If she has more kids, they will have different surnames

Surely this has an effect on children

2575 days ago


I also don't understand why the baby could not get his dad's last name. Has nothing to due with the mom. A child should have their fathers last name.

2575 days ago


Brady has turned into such a jerk. I've lost all respect for him

2575 days ago


Tom flew out to see his baby so I don't know why they are saying "Life Without Daddy". And little Miss Bridget better be careful because I believe that Tom is going to make sure he is a BIG part of that baby's life so she won't be making all the decisions!!!!

2575 days ago

Florence nite-n-gail    

He could fight that if he really wanted to, he needs to stand up to her and fight for the right of his son to carry his name

2575 days ago

ME TOO    

It was his decision not hers. In order for the father's name to appear on the birth certificate of a child of an unmarried couple the father must sign paternity papers. Otherwise it is left blank. When signing the paternity papers the father decides whether to allow his last name to be used or not. The mother has absolutely no say in the matter.

2575 days ago


What is with some of you blaming the mother for getting pregnant? WHERE is the culpability of the man who had unprotected sex with her, for crying out loud? He isn't a child, he is a grown man who should know that IF you don't want to become a Daddy, don't have unprotected sex, ever! Period. How damned difficult is it for us to teach our sons this very basic fact, anyway. I am tired of hearing about immature and selfish men complaining that they were duped into becoming a father. Grow up.

2575 days ago


Maybe Bridget WANTS the baby to have her last name, not to spite Tom, but just because they didn't marry. There is nothing wrong with that! As far as Tom's involvement with his son, talk is cheap and only time will tell whether or not he will be a strong presence in his son's life... I don't know her personally but Gisele does not seem very maternal...

and btw #3... I'M A COWBOYS FAN TOO!! GO COWBOYS!!!! =)

2575 days ago


Maybe she'll pull a Britbrit and Tom will get the kid back later?

2575 days ago


I don't know CA laws but in MA you can put whatever last name you want on the birth certificate (Brady, Pitt) but where it asks for the father's name, that is what has to be signed.

2575 days ago


I completely agree with everyone saying that people need to stop accusing Bridget of "trapping" Tom... I'm sure B didn't FORCE him to not use a condom did she? If he didn't want to become a father, he should have taken charge of the birth control himself instead of relying on her to do so... as the old saying goes "No one can take advantage of you unless you LET them!"

2575 days ago
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