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Whoa! "Blossom" Star Saves Dog

10/5/2007 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney ChaseA former child star came to a dog's rescue when she and her sister noticed a neighbor trying to allegedly drown his Shih Tzu in a tub! For the love of Michael Vick!

19-year-old Courtney Chase, who played little Kennedy on the final season of "Blossom," and older sister Ashley were in their Sherman Oaks apartment on Monday when the incident occurred.

After they say they saw neighbor Casey Purser,19, trying to drown his 8-month-old pup, Toby -- for defecating on the carpet -- the sisters entered his apartment, grabbed the pooch and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Courtney then hand-carried Toby to a nearby vet, where the pup is currently recuperating. Who needs PETA when you've got the Chase sisters on the case?!

The Los Angeles District Attorny filed a cruelty to an animal felony charge against Purser for "unlawfully, maliciously and intentionally" holding the dog under water. He faces up to three years in prison. While Purser has been released and returned to the building, TMZ has learned that Courtney and Ashley have wisely relocated.

Purser is due back in court on October 23.



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#66 there are pedophiles pushers & murderers.........and then there is you.!!!

2572 days ago


as for # 66 In my opinion, excrement would smell better & be more useful than #66

2572 days ago


2. They gave the dog mouth-to-mouth? Are you freaking kidding me?

Posted at 1:18PM on Oct 5th 2007 by Pink

In response to the above comment posted by "Pink"

What are you so surprised at .. that thought was given to an animal's life and an extreme attempt to revive the poor dog from near death was attempted?
Why is so weird and strange to you? Can't you understand that an animal can respond to mouth to mouth resuscitation just like a human being could, or is it that you find it a distasteful thing to do, saving an animals life by whatever means it takes?

I think what she did was a true credit to her .... she's obviously is a caring, concerned human being who didn't think twice about attempting to save the poor pup's life
After resuscitating the puppy, I, however, would have then attempted to push that guy's head so far down the toilet he would have been able to examine the whole water/sewerage system for Sherman Oaks and then for good measure I would have left him there with his head wedged down the toilet until HE drowned.
What kind of person would do this to an animal anyway?

2572 days ago


#66 my apologies, was for # 65 that my comments were directed, you know, the one concerned about jailspace for murderers pedophiles & pushers.........

2571 days ago


jema #66 I am terribly comments were meant for # 65..........the inhuman that was concerned about jail space for pushers murderers & pedophiles.I think that someone else made the same mistake...........I am certain that the comment or # 75 made the same inadvertant error I am certain that his comment also was for # 65.once again, I am very were defending that little dog

2571 days ago


to comment "say what" do you know what sickens me..You ! You "wonder why the jails are full", they are full because so many people commit crimes...against people. the judicial system is segmented.different dept. for different crimes.....some crimes are minor, some are major.............a crime is deemed as such, by the judicial system..not ignorant persons such as yourself...........thank god the police respond to all levels of crime, And you should be grateful too, so that when you lose your welfare check, & call the police, they will not say...."we cannot attend to your situation...we have more significant crimes to attend to...........In fact an Animal Cruelty Law exists, to protect animals from inhuman beings just like you.... have mentioned the D.A. you have expressed concern regarding available jail not worry, I am sure that a room will be available for you, should the need arise

2571 days ago


To PHilton:

Are you kidding me? Are you more concerned about invasion of property than the attemped killing of a pup? Your logic is so messed-up. You remind me of a famous quote: "Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you. Fear not your friends, for they can only betray you. Fear only the indifferent, who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on the earth."
If Chase had not done anything, she would have been at the same level as this criminal. But never mind, a person whose idol is Paris Hilton can't be expected to show any compassion nor intelligence!

2569 days ago

Let the dogs out!    

Human, the true parasite
Why don't you come out of the closet, just come out of the closet, and admit that you probably hurt animals, and probably have a few skeletons in the freezer. Come on Dalmer, just say it.
BTW, CPR, is the process by which we save other lives, and FYI, a dog is a life. It is also the process by which you will one day wish your loving spouse, family, (do you have anybody) would do to you to save you from dying. But sadly, they will not b/c you are nothing more than a pathetic parasite. What nice thought before I sleep....

2569 days ago


This is such a LIE i lived in that building while all of this happened and Courtney's sister shes crazy she was inlove with the guy she bailed him out from the drug charge and when he still said no she flipped!

1468 days ago
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