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DMX Animal Cruelty Report Results

10/6/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Authorities investigating animal cruelty allegations on rapper DMX's Arizona property have issued their gruesome findings.

The investigation stems from an Aug. 24 raid of DMX's Phoenix home, where police were probing reports of animal neglect. Police seized 12 live pit bulls, numerous weapons and about a quarter-ounce of marijuana.

Now forensic reports from a veterinarian examiner from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office states that the condition of animal remains found on the property were "significantly decomposed, the head and rear quarters and legs had a white trash bag around them; the body was wrapped in a dirt-stained beige fitted sheet and inside a clear plastic bag; all placed inside a white body bag." The forensic report also stated that "severe decomposition prevented further examination." There was determinable evidence of injury to just one set of remains.

A detective's summary of the cruelty allegations lists seven different visits to DMX's home, from August 3-22, with several attempts made by the County Sheriff to resolve the issue of alleged neglect of dogs at the residence. The detective actually gave the dogs water. Finally, after no improvement of conditions, a raid took place August 24, seizing 12 pit bulls.

No charges have been filed against the 36-year-old rapper. The matter is still under investigation. Click here to view the documents.


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................................Here it is 11/30/07.............Been
away for a while............Has anyone heard any thing on the
investigation of DMX?....................Did he or did he not do any
thing illegal as to the dogs?..........................Anyone on
here from Phoenix, AZ. with real information?...............

2516 days ago


These animal abusers make me sick. I hope they get their due punishments. Only thing is it wont be punishment enough for me. And for those of you that defend these monsters, if they show such cruel and sadistic tendencies to animals, hurting humans it not too far off. I hope they get whats coming to them.

2571 days ago


We were wondering who Michael Vick rolled over on to get his deal. Now we know. Vick might think he's a playa - but he'd best be ridin low, because now he's done fronted out the real thug boyz. I would not want to be in his shoes right about now, or his house, or his car.....

2571 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

He is just a cat person like Vick. Some people are not dog people period.

2571 days ago

Texas Girl    

I hope they send him to jail for a long LONG time and has a jail mate named "Bubba" to keep him company.


2571 days ago

diana from cabo san lucas    

put this jerk in jail and decompose the key, animals are more important than rappers!!!!

2571 days ago

diana from cabo san lucas    

throw away the key, rappers are not worth the bum they sit on, animals are at least loving and kind!!!!

2571 days ago

diana from cabo san lucas    

throw away the key, rappers are not worth the bum they sit on, animals are at least loving and kind!!!!

2571 days ago

W T F ?    

W T F ??? Send those ass wipes to Iraq. Let's see what big shots they would be then. I mean on their own. No US support what so ever.

2571 days ago


Hey, it's the black man's right to abuse animals just as he was abused in the USA for hundreds and thousands of years! Remember Jena!

2571 days ago


Stupid Monster!!! Anyone who abuses animals is sick and twisted, and yes, as others have posted, are likely to abuse people as well. The laws should be more harsh to punish this kind!

2571 days ago


I love dogs. I've had dogs growing up. But, I still think that all rotweillers, bull mastifs and American pit bulls should immediately be destroyed and be illegal to own or to care for in the U.S., from now on, period! They're nothing but potentially deadly to all other animals and people, alike.

2571 days ago


Jesse Jackson #10: Shut up! You're just playing the race card to inflame stupid, ignorant people like yourself.

2571 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Research shows that people who lack empathy and/or have a record of cruelty to animals are capable of perpetrating violence against human beings without remorse. A lot of serial killers have a history of animal abuse. There's a chip missing. For shame.

2571 days ago


#12... you love dogs?? These people that own rotweilers, bull mastifs and pit bulls train and breed these dogs to be mean. They are not naturally mean dogs-- it's there owners who control whether or not they are mean. You contradict yourself when you say that you love dogs but some should be put down. The "mean" ones. Really sad.

2571 days ago
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