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10/14/2007 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

jimmy kimmelWhen talk show talking head Regis Philbin goes on vacation October 22, comedian/Sarah Silverman boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel will fill in for Philbin in New York and film his own late night TV show in Los Angeles. For five days, Kimmel will film "Live With Regis and Kelly" in the morning, and then hop on a plane for L.A. and film his own show at night. Just call him Jet Lag Jimmy.

"It will be difficult, but that's how committed I am to entertaining America. And parts of Canada," said Kimmel. Doesn't anybody else work in New York?

After his transcontinental travel, Kimmel's hosting the American Music Awards. "I also drive a cab on weekends," he said. Somebody give this guy a break!


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I'm sorry but people who are hating on jimmy must never see his show. It's the BEST late night show ever. sometimes, I'll catch the other ones and they are starting to copy him. Sarah Silverman is the most refreshing comedian out there. Notice I didn't put female b/c she's the best, man or woman. You are probably the people who like according to jim and whatever lame corny shows are out there, I don't even know b/c I wouldn't be caught dead watching one. Bash away, but these are my opinions. Oh anyone hating on either one of them should just go up to the elizabeth hasselback feature and write how much you love her and her since of humor...

2532 days ago


Wouldn't it make sense for Kelly to visit Los Angeles for a week? Or for Jimmy to do his show from NYC for the week and snag guests and scenes he can't get in L.A.? Daily cross-country commuting has to be rough on anyone, even if only for the week.

I was going to rib him about this, but then I thought about the amount of work and personal pressure this has to put on anyone (not counting the many things that could go wrong and now I just feel for him. He's not really making more money, being in a tax bracket where anything more just goes for taxes, even with a good accountant. He's putting out more than my ex-wife at a biker party.

2532 days ago


Is Regis ready to retire and Jimmy is up for the position? They have never had the same guest cohost for the entire week when Regis has been off. Michael G. must love Jimmy. Jimmy spent months running down Rosie O'Donnell after she and Kelly had their on air dispute regarding Clay Aiken.

2532 days ago

who dat    

This is the epitome of narcissism. Kimmel is a schlub.

2532 days ago

Go Jimmy Go

2532 days ago


Let's see. Kimmel is the host of his own late night talk show and now he's going to fill in as host of someone else's morning talk show. Do you think Carson, Letterman, Leno or O'Brien would have done something like this? NOT!

2532 days ago


I love Jimmy Kimmel and his show..his Uncle and Gihermo (sp) are an absolute hoot..And not to forget his Aunt Chippy whose vocabulary is exceptional! ha. If you like the F word, you will love his Aunt Chippy..

I think Kimmels has a good heart and soul and enjoys working..He is not the type to sit at home on his ass waiting for his unemployment or welfare check to come in like those of you who don't like him..

And I hope Jimmy paints his Aunt Chippy's house again..that was his best show....

My idea of getting up early is at noon!!! But will set my alarm the week he is filling in for Regis...

2532 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Sarah Silverman was on Jimmy Kimmel's show recently. She is so ugly, boring, and bitchy, I had to turn it off. What does he see in her? He is somewhat amusing, but she is AWFUL. Yuck!!! Glad I don't get insomnia often, I won't watch that show again.

2531 days ago


I love Jimmy Kimmel..I think he is of good heart and soul..I am a sack rat and getting up at noon is my ideal of getting up in the middle of the night!!! Trust me, I will set my alarm the week he is on the Regis and Kelly show..

His Uncle and Ghiermo as an absolute hoot!! and if you really want to laugh, tune in when his Aunt Chippy is on...This woman is sooooo funny and and even people that don't ever use the infamout F..k word will laugh at the way she tosses it around.. If you didn't see Aunt Chippy when Jimmy had her house painted while she was out shopping you have missed the laugh of all times...

As for those of you who are complaining because the guy likes to work....Jimmy's idea of a productive life isn't that of yours whereby you sit on your ass and wait for welfare and unemployment so send you a check...

2531 days ago


I love Jimmy Kimmel and despise Sarah Silverman. He is adorable and refreshing. She is self-absorbed and tacky. Wait, maybe they are the Desi and Lucy of our generation!

2531 days ago

Karin B.    

This is wierd...
First, why would you have to point out this is Sarah Silverman's boyfriend???
Who cares?? Is this what define's Jimmy Kimmel? I don't get it.
Everyone knows who Jimmy Kimmel is, and no one cares about her.
Second, Jimmy was giving Ryan Seacrest such a hard time about his multiple jobs on his late night show back in September...Telling the American Idol host to quit some jobs and get some rest!
Now Kimmel is pulling double duty himself, hosting two shows!
Maybe, Kimmel should follow his own advice and stick to one show.
I like him late night but he's awkward in the early morning.
He's only hosting the A-M because Kelly Ripa likes him....and Kimmel plays up to her BIG TIME!
Why don't they bring Clay Aiken back to co-host . That was more entertaining than Kimmel w/ Kelly Ripa.

2531 days ago

Karin B.    

#25 babydoll
Kimmel gave Ryan Seacrest such a hard time about hosting more than one show...
then he turns around and does the same.
Believe me, Jimmy does not like to work that much.
Looks like there's a broadcasting competition going on here.
He's just trying to keep up with Ryan Seacrest. He doesn't want to be out done.
Jimmy Kimmel always plays up to Regis and Kelly. It's sooo obvious he wants Regis' job. It's more secure than Late Night. But unfortunately, Jimmy and early a-m is not a good fit.

2531 days ago

Karin B.    

#25 babydoll
"Trust me, I'm going to set my alarm"????
You need an alarm for Regis & Kelly?
Maybe you are the one who is on welfare or unemployment.
Who are you to critcize...if you need an alarm?
Here's my statement..."Trust me, I won't go out of my way to watch Kimmel host the Regis and Kelly show."

2531 days ago


#17 is right. Why isn't Jimmy Kimmel just doing his show live from NYC for a week? Heck he could probably use the Live with Regis set! If Ellen can do it, I'm sure Jimmy can.

And don't forget he has to shoot the Dancing with the Stars skit too!

2530 days ago
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