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Girls Gone Contrite -- Fla. Floozies Apologize to Joe

10/15/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two girls who sued "Girls Gone Wild" sexecutive Joe Francis for using their footage without their consent, but then had their stories refuted by video evidence, have dropped their suit against Francis and his company.
Joe Francis, Christina Brose, brooke patsolic
TMZ has learned that Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose have issued a statement saying that they've "agreed to dismiss our lawsuit" and say that "Girls Gone Wild and Joe Francis have suffered as a result of this law suit [sic] and our actions." The women also make it clear that Francis and Mantra Films haven't paid them a penny.

As TMZ reported last month, the women had their claims publicly slammed when video showing them consenting to being filmed was released on the Internet. "I am prepared to fight back, and I will defend myself against all baseless accusations," says Francis in a statement to TMZ.


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the girls that consent to these videos are misguided at best, stupid at worst. why not get paid and just do porn? i always thought joe was a sleaze, and he is, but at the same time i read his website and how the government is railroading him and i do feel for him. i know he must feel vindicated.

2565 days ago


Mothers probably need to keep a better eye on their children if under 18. However, sadly, these girls are college-age girls. They party beyond consciousness. The next day, they probably regret they did the night before. The majority of these girls probably do not even remember.

2565 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

That these women are idiots does not make Joey-boy any less of a pig.

Drinky drinky and sexy sexy with strangers rarely ends well. Joe Francis' job is to make SURE it ends badly for women, well for his bank balance.

Wonder if Joe is enjoying PMITA prison?

2565 days ago


in reference to biggunsar

Don't use a few cases of women who accused men of wrongdoing to trash ALL women. There have been plenty of men who ruined a woman's reputation by lying about having sex with her, and those women didn't sue. There will always be people in society who will lie to cover up their mistakes, and there will always be people who will lie to try and make money. It doesn't matter if they are male or female. And when the alleged Duke rape victim's story was falling apart around her, it was a man, the prosecutor, who kept the case alive long after it had lost its legs. He lost his job over it because he knew the facts and yet continued even when he knew he had no evidence to support her claims. He wanted those boys in jail for he felt they had done something wrong, even if he couldn't prove it; he said that himself Yes, she lied, but it would have been over long before if not for the over-zealous male prosecutor looking to make a name for himself.

These women lied and will certainly have to deal with that in court, for I am certain Joe Francis will make certain they know how it feels to be on the other side of of a lawsuit.

2565 days ago

sleazy gold diggers backed down

2565 days ago


Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

2565 days ago

defender of the femme    

To #4, #5, #15, and anyone else with similiar views...
Most people DON'T know this, but according to the law, one CANNOT GIVE CONSENT when one is drunk or under the influence. Of course, someone can appear to "consent", but the law states that a person is disabled when they are intoxicated enought to be drunk, and that any "consent" is null and void. So, spread the word and pay attention, bc this could affect YOUR life or the life of someone you know... If a woman is out with a man and she is drunk and he's NOT drunk, and they have sexual relations, even if she "consented", her consent is not considered real, and the man can get charged with sexual assault and thrown in jail. This is a fact--check with your local state bc the laws may vary slightly from state to state, but in Washington and Oregon, this is the law. It's all about incapacitation. Remember the big rape case where the U.S. Marine raped a vietnamese woman and then dumped her out of the truck with her pants around her ankles, after she'd passed out? His buddies said she "consented" but she was saying no, and then she passed out. Even if she had not passed out, if anyone confirmed she had been drunk, and they did this, they could be charged with rape. It is a crime to have sex or any kind of sexual relations with someone who is drunk, even if they give their "consent". The only time it's not a crime, is if the other party is equally drunk and it can be proven... A lot of people don't know about this law. It's fairly new. I believe, bc many law enforcement themselves have sexually abused or exploited women in their college years, they refuse to press charges or do lousy "investigations" to try to help the rapist, out of sympathy. It's a real problem. But kids need to know this stuff before high school even. Guys who may think it's harmless to have sex with a drunk woman, should know the law so they are informed and can protect themselves and women, in the future. Women need to know so they realize what happened to them wasn't their fault and are not shamed. And of course, it goes both ways, bc women have been known to date rape men by throwing drugs into a drink. It's not any man's fault either, if that happens. So, that said, if these women from Girls Gone Wild were DRUNK and it's obvious, their "consent" isn't valid and they still have a case against the film producer. Maybe their lawyer isn't telling them this or doesn't know. Maybe he knows, but figures most people would see their "consent" and not give them damages, even if these girls were so drunk they didn't even recall giving consent. Or, maybe, if this happened in FL, the laws in FL are not up-to-date with current sex abuse laws and standards. Federal laws, however they apply, also state that "consent" is invalid if drugs or higher levels of alchohol are involved. Be careful everybody, because it's a cold and cruel world out there. I didn't know about this law until a year ago. It shed light on some things. And I do remember, this particular scene that is fixed in my mind, when I was younger...I was at a club, and this professional woman was sitting there alone at the end. No one was talking to her. But the more drinks she had, and the drunker she became, the more she drew a crowd of men around her. She was dressed in jeans, a black top with high neckline, and a black blazer. She was doing nothing suggestive or inappropriate to warrant the attention. By the time the buzzards were in numbers of 5 or 6, and trying to buy her MORE drinks, she could barely talk or hold her head up. One man took her onto the floor to "dance". He was laughing and amused and the guys were watching. She couldn't dance. She began to slide down in his arms and he would prop her up. This was a crowded bar and I'm sure other people saw this besides me. The guy took off with her, dragging her out of the club and as she passed I could hear her mumbling--she was incoherent. She was leaving with a total stranger, who was NOT drunk in the least. Was this woman dumb? Well, yes, she wasn't thinking, to take so many drinks. Did she want this to happen? Maybe yes and maybe no, but when she crossed over into drunkenness, she had lost her ability to make good decisions for herself. At that time, I knew something was wrong. It bothered me. I thought about that woman a lot, and how the men had transformed, in front of my own eyes, from normal looking professional men to vultures. Vultures like dead meat. There's no fight. Date rape is at the highest incident rate ever, with 1 in 3 women being raped in her lifetime. Alchohol is the most common date rape drug. ONE in THREE. And yet out of 100 rape cases, only 10 of them or less will be reported, bc we all know how society and the police even, treat the victim. Out of 10 rapes reported, maybe 8 women will be punished by police refusing to do a reasonable investigation, and harassed

2565 days ago


Joe should counter sue the two bitches and make them pay the price of greed.

2565 days ago


so,he's in the clear? i think they should trade places.

2565 days ago


They need to throw those sluts in jail. They should pay all his lawyer fees and other monetary damages.

2565 days ago

kim suck    

DAMN WHORES !!!! and this PERV should have his balls chopped off!! you wait in 20 years all gilrs will be co** sucking whores because of men like this!

2565 days ago


We're talking Florida floozies? That would explain it. Sufferin here in W Tampa Bay. All the chicks here are ugly as sin and usually missing teeth. An of course, most want the princess treatment on every date. Gimme a break!

2565 days ago


What a bunch of lazy gold diggers! Let this be a lesson to all god diggers. If you want to use a man for money. You have to let him get you pregnant. No short cuts!! Didn't their gold digging mothers teach them that? Poor parenting!!

2565 days ago


Stupid attention whores

2565 days ago






2565 days ago
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