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Ex-Worker Says It's a

Hard Knocked-Up Life

at Jay's Club

10/26/2007 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman is suing hip-hop impresario Jay-Z and his swank 40/40 Club, alleging she was fired because her preggy condition didn't suit the club's "sexy" and "unattached" image for the staff. But a source tells TMZ that the real reason Folake Ogundiran isn't working at 40/40 anymore is pretty simple -- she just stopped showing up!

In the suit, obtained by TMZ and filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Folake, who worked as a sales associate for 40/40, claims that when she told her bosses she was pregnant, a female supervisor snapped that she couldn't run a business "like this," and told her not to show up the next day. When Folake tried to report for work two days later, she says she was "barred from entering the workplace" and denied unemployment benefits.

Folake suggests that she got the 86 because her "gestational status" would be "inconsistent' with the image 40/40 wanted its sales people to exude, namely, "young, fashionable, unattached, and 'sexy," as the suit reads. She's suing for discrimination, and seeking unspecified damages. A source tells TMZ that Ogundiran did in fact stop showing up for work, and despite the club's efforts, she never returned.

40/40 rep Ron Berkowitz tells TMZ the suit is without merit and that "like many other lawsuits" brought against Jay-Z, "will likely be dismissed."

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Grumpy old man    

God, you ppl are just retard. First off, nobody knows how many months pregnant she was so, she could've just gotten pregnant and wouldn't be showing for therefore, she felt she still wanted to work. Then, take sick leave. Secondly, firing a woman b/c of her pregnancy is called sex discrimination. Many companies have tried it, got sued for it by the woman, and they lost. Lastly, Jizzy, you're either a misogynistic dude, or just a real dumb chick to think that a woman can't get pregnant and still work for a company. Like someone else said,...

IT'S CALLED MATERNITY LEAVE, A$$HOLE. And, ppl on there either hate celebirties so much, or in ths case are sooooooooo obsessed w/ them that they the dumbest crap on here. What this woman's former bosses did to her was worng, and ppl on here are making excuses for that just b/c it's Jay-Z aka Joe Camel's club. lol

2524 days ago


Jizzy your comment is a disappointment and an embarrassment to the modern race. "keep her legs closed" what are you stupid?? even your mother must have had some time off when she was pregnant with you, or maybe she dropped you on time too many,,,

2524 days ago


“MONKEY” you must be another one dropped one time too many by your mother, your comment about this young lady's name shows that you are not a person of culture and respect. I can just imagine you poor and pathetic upbringing. How dear you poked joke at a person’s name, are your racism by any must be one of those people who are a just too dump to make sensible contribution to civilized discussions…see I CAN SPELL and I went all the way in school, I suggest you go back and learn cultural sensitivity

2524 days ago


“MONKEY” you must be another one dropped one time too many by your mother, your comment about this young lady's name shows that you are not a person of culture and respect. I can just imagine your poor and pathetic upbringing. How dear you poked a joke at a person’s name, are you racist by any must be one of those people who are just too dump to make sensible contributions to civilized discussions…see I CAN SPELL and I went all the way in school, I suggest you go back and learn cultural sensitivity.

2524 days ago

pissed off    

First of all, she was a sales associate which means she worked during normal business hours and not at night. Get the facts before you write the bull-ish. Secondly, she has a great education, went to prep school and a prestigious university so she's definitely not some dumb bimbo. Once again, get the facts before you write the bull-ish. Thirdly, I am sure she KNOWS she can get another job but that's NOT the point. If you would just think...for a change...before writing the bull-ish...or maybe even put yourself in that person's place... you would be able to understand that nobody deserves to be treated like that. The funny thing is that you have no clue whether she's married or single...whether she's 20 or whether she's 30!! Everyone came to exist as a direct result of a woman's pregnancy. Imagine if this were your mother or sister! Imagine if you worked your tail off and someone arbitrarily decided that you were no longer fit to work for them. Imagine if you had bills and a child on the way and someone decided that you didn't deserve to be able to support yourself or your child!! Then ask yourself if it really matters whether Jay-Z is the owner or do you just want justice for yourself and the unborn child. Really and truly think before you judge. As a matter of fact, don't judge...that's God's job!

2524 days ago


I'm surprised he doesn't trip over his lips while he walks

2524 days ago


Ever get on the case of Black and Latino comics and actors who constantly use slander against White people? I doubt it... Funny how it's okay for these types to use anti-white slurs over and over again but that never seems to be a problem. How many Rap albums do you own that preaches this kind of hate towards "white culture"?

2524 days ago


WOW! 34 - "Dear IO" what are you talking about, are you even referring to any parts of this conversation???

2524 days ago


33 "pissed off" well put I hope you are who I think you are, thank you for your post, hopefully the ignorant ones who have decided to vindicate Jazz/40/40 without knowing the facts or know on what level the young lady was employed in the company would learn a thing or two from your posting.
I just was flabbergasted at suggestions and assumptions that Folake must have been a low life and employed as a waiter...Even if she was a waiter, waiters are not allowed to procreate without loosing their job??

2524 days ago


To Larry (a man who gives all men a bad rep) - what are talking about? "Allowing herself to get knocked up?" That is one of the most misogynistic , discriminatory and plainly idiotic comments I have ever heard. If 40/40 doesn't want their sales associates being "knocked up," then they should hire all male employees (oh yeah, that's against the law). Firing someone b/c they became pregnant -- oh yeah, that's AGAINST THE LAW too! If she couldn't do her job that's one thing, but what if she was one of the top sales associates there? I mean, why would someone go through all this --ish if they just stopped going to work -- that would be just dumb.

2521 days ago

Trailblazer Lawyer    

Why is everyone riding Jay-Z? Yes, he owns the club (more than likely with other investors), but he doesn't handle day-to-day management of the club, so he probably has no idea what this is all about. All this is going to be handled by Ron B (his PR person, who will say anything that will keep his client's happy and behinds clean) and his lawyer. The club is established as a corporation, so if this lady wins, the money is going to come out of the club's purse, not Jay-Z's so to speak.

2521 days ago


regardless of what you people think of your favorite rap star it is wrong to fire people for no cause (or making up reasons) and especially if someone becomes pregnant. she was not pregnant when she was hired. she became pregnant. it is also wrong for a company not to pay wags owed to the employees. these are the law people. not stories made up by people who are trying to get over. Its not just Jay- z its the people who he trusted to run his club for him. he is responsible because he hired these FRIENDS to run his buisness in his name and yes he does have a say so in the running of the club. You should be looking at the person and their scandalous buisness sense before you declare your undenying support to him. The things that they are doing are wrong and against the law. If it happened to you ignorant comment bloggers I bet you would feel the same way. People work hard and they should be respected not prosecuted for fighting for what's their's. I commend her. as if it isn't hard enough being a woman.

2518 days ago
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