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Nicole Richie

Smoking ... Mad!

10/30/2007 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A report surfaced yesterday saying a pregnant Nicole Richie was recently seen smoking outside of two NYC restaurants, but that seems highly unlikely... as she's been out of the country and hasn't been in the Big Apple in months!

As seen in these pics, exclusively obtained by TMZ, Nicole spent the last couple of weeks in Australia and Thailand with her baby daddy, Joel Madden. The couple returned to L.A. directly from Asia on Oct. 26.

TMZ tried to smoke-out NY Post columnist Cindy Adams, who published the inflammatory item, but we were not able to nail down the exact date when Nicole was allegedly spotted lighting up. Cindy's spies are clearly a little slow with the tips, as Nicole hasn't been in NYC since September 5 for Fashion Week -- and that was nearly two months ago!

While Nicole, who is due in January, denies the accusation, her rep told TMZ, "It's frustrating when journalists don't check the facts."


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why the fuss about smoking cigarettes? why dont you people ban drugs & alcohol, stupid people who do drugs & drink alcohol are the people you need to watch out for, they might get in a car & kill someone! but dont worry, if you're a celbrity-you'll go free

2475 days ago


What TMZ is trying to be fair now? You have been posting shiet about celeb, and now you act like you care? TMZ, you are full of it.

2518 days ago


The fact that Cindy Adams wont comment is BS ,if she would have checked her sources she'd of found out that its clearly a still shot from "Simple Life" ,where Nicole pretended to be pregnant .She even went to a bar and ordered a drink ...for the shock value .Look on x17 you can tell its a prop baby bump ...

2518 days ago


Nicole is trying, I think she will be a good Mom. She putting on weight, and look great.

2518 days ago


Was it a slow news day in New York or what? Worse yet the story doesn't even give enough of a timeline to prove if its her or not. I'm not saying that she didn't do it, but lets hope for the baby's sake that the story isn't true. Nicole hasn't been the most responsible person on this planet, but you would think that when she told Barbara Walters that she has done a lot of growing up and is taking responsibility for her actions that she would carry through at least for the duration of her pregnancy. Hope the story isn't true. Good Luck Nicole, don't end up like Brit!

2518 days ago


Even if she did have 1 cigarette, it is not going to kill the baby. Woman smoked and drank through pregnancies pre-80's. our generation turned out ok.

2518 days ago


5. It's frustrating to see a white guy with a black girl.

Posted at 1:55PM on Oct 30th 2007 by Janice
Janice -does it affect you directly or indirectly ?Who cares ?Fact of the matter is "Stupid breeds Stupidity" ,hope you have'nt breed yet .

2518 days ago

Vintage '51    

So....this explains why Nicole hasn't been hounded lately. Perhaps Britney should take a cue from her and leave the United States for awhile.

2518 days ago


To janice, you are an idiot. Nicole Richie isn't Lionel Richie's biological daughter. She was adopted. Her real name is Nicole Camille Escovedo and she is 1/2 caucasian 1/4 black 1/4 mexican. How many people in this freakin country have black ancestors, THE MAJORITY, and they don't all consider themselves black. get over yourself!!!!! Would you rather him date a little girl, like when he was dating HILARY DUFF!!!!! I bet, you pedophile.

2518 days ago


To janice, ur a freakin idiot. her real name is Nicole Camille Escovedo n she's adopted by Lionel Richie. ur such a racist!!!! she's 1/2 caucasian 1/4 black 1/4 mexican. SO WHAT??!!! do u know how many people in this country have black or mixed races in their family, THE MAJORITY, N THEY DON'T CONSIDER THEMSELVES BLACK. GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!! MAYB THAT'S WHY YOU ARE AS LONELY AS YOU ARE NOW!!!!

2518 days ago


Well, I did see a pic (I believe it was on X17) - where she is clearly pregnant and clearly holding a cigarette in her hand. Personally, I couldn't give a rat's ass if she smokes or not, but it doesn't set a very good example, does it?

2518 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Billions of tax dollars absorbed somewhere in Iraq, but the Nicole cigarette police are on
the ball. That helps me sleep at night.

2518 days ago


She still smokes, idiots.

2518 days ago


And to Janice - are you mentally challenged? Thanks for letting us know that there are still ignorant twits out there. I hear your trailer park calling you....

2518 days ago


....Cindy Adams is one old bird...she probably has overworked and underpaid underlings writing her column so much for getting someone on $5 hr to fact check. Only in New York kids....yeah right, maybe back in the 70's!

2518 days ago
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