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Hogan Pal Graziano

Moved to Vets Hospital

11/9/2007 2:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Graziano, the former Marine who has been in a coma since being critically injured in the Aug. 26 crash of Nick Hogan's Supra, is being moved from his current hospital -- and his lawyer says his condition is improving.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Graziano has been moved to the James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, after spending more than two months at Bayfront Medical Center. George Tragos, John's mother's lawyer, tells the Times that he was moved "at the request" of the Veterans Administration for cost reasons. Tragos also adds that Graziano is "improving or else they wouldn't have moved him."

Two days ago, his pal Nick got arrested and charged with felony reckless driving and underage drinking -- and suggested in a statement that John should've been wearing a seatbelt.


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Ro - "Hopefully he will be safer next time????" This guy may never be able to ride in a car again and/or buckle his own seatbelt. Get a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes let's blame him while he lays unconscious with a permanent brain injury. That'll teach him. Ugh.

2549 days ago



Ugh, his words and his actions show that he has no remorse. Anyone with more than two brain cells can see that, so I guess you only have one or maybe two.

2549 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Bikermamma, Usually military members who seperate before accruing full benefits (ie twnety years of service) do not get lifetime benefits after they are no longer active duty. The difference in this case is this boy was a combat vet. As soon as a military member serves in a combat zone they are elligible for VA benefits. However, since his injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else, that someone else is legally liable to pay for the injuries. Or at least should be. He is probably very lucky to have been in combat, considering how things worked out. The Hogans are sleezes for not owning up here. Hopefully the govt. will go after them for reimbursement, I betcha they will. Here is hoping anyway.

2549 days ago


This is pathetic! I agree with Bobby William. Let the Hogans foot the bill for this. If they had kicked their son in the a** when he got the first speeding ticket maybe this would never have happened. How sad that the Hogans couldnt keep their promises to the family of the injuried party. I guess they now have to pay those huge lawyer bills that will be coming in shortly and cant afford to pay for the care of his son's friend. Sad. Keep buy your son out of trouble Hogan!

2549 days ago


Wow Hulkster- this is pretty classless, given that you made a big deal about how you were going to take care of John..... Shipping him off to a VA?

Be a man and pay your debt- honor your word.

Here's a thought: With the very best care, John's body may live 20 yrs; But with VA care, not so long.

Seems an easy way to put off Little Nicky's inevitable charge of Vehicular Manslaughter.

Then again, you're getting Little Nicky tried as an adult- which probably releases you from a certain portion of culpability in the civil suit- well played.

(Oh ya- watch how fast John's mom changes her tune about the Hogans once she sees the inside of this VA- the lawsuit is coming)

Looks to me like you're already washing your hands of Little Nicky, Hulkster;

Smartest move you've made in awhile.

2549 days ago


Boycott Hogan's show!!! I will never watch that show ever again.. VH1 , take that show off the air!!! And for you people who say " oh, he should of wore his seatbelt, he deserved this.." are heartless, holier then thou narcasistic people.. rememeber in drivers ed... the instructor tells us to make sure all PASSENGERS fasten their seatbelts before you take off?? The driver is responcible for the passenger . Hogan, being a race car driver knew this , he negected to even tell his passenger he planned on traveling recklessly therefore to wear your does Hogan feel now about his "pu**y magnet " car now. By the way it looks , he feels just fine. Spoiled rotten little no-good waste of human flesh, I hope they throw the book at your punk lame ass !!!!! His parents didn't raise him well at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2549 days ago

ny chic    

Say What??? thanks for clarifying that for me....i was on the right page, i think....but when i spoke to my son-in-law the other he said that he won't receive any benefits after leaving the Marines, however, i know that he and my son can both use the VA hospital if they do not secure a civilian job with benefits. but, unfortunately most of the VA hospitals and i do visit Viet Nam Vets at the VA hospital near my home aren't exactly the best....and my Marine is not making a career out of the military, but my USAF may very well...thanks for the heads up......

2549 days ago


Say what???- the military doesn't just automatically get repaid for the care rendered if the injuries are caused by someone else. It has to go into litigation. If the mother sues the Hogan's one of the plaintiffs against the Hogan's will be U.S. Government. You can bet they will be there. Heck, even if she doesn't sue , you can bet the US Govt. will. But OMG, what was all that stuff about the Hogan's footing the bill, blah ,blah blah? Was that pure BS from the Hogan's lawyer?

2549 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Meowch, I know the govt doesn't get atomatically repaid, but I also know that they go after insurance companies for repayment, I assume the Hogan's insurance reached its policy limits and thats why the current situation. Will the govt go after private individuals? I hope they will go after these ones, they have (apparently) deep pockets and the expense involved with litigation will likely be repaid.

2549 days ago

ny chic    

does anyone know if the injured Marine was still active and if so what was his rank? i thought i read that he completed his tour and service of 4 years...just wondering.........i am waiting for you Say what, you seem very well informed...thanks a bunch....

2549 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Every report I've seen says he is a 'ex-marine' by which I think they mean former marine. After only four years of service under usual conditions, unless he was medically retired, I would assume he would not be entitled to any government benefits. Like I say, the VA benefit is due to his combat exposure. I wonder what would be happening to him now if the VA wasn't willing to take him? Makes you shudder to think. And yes, the VA is taxed to the max right now due to the high number of war casualties. His care is likely to be not so good there. Several years ago the VA hospital system was excellent, now, they are overtaxed and underfunded. Not to mention that most military doctors are in the military because they can't make it in the civilian world (usually, so I understand, because they cannot get malpractice insurance). Very sad situation.

2549 days ago

Sick of It All    

He was not moved because he was getting better: He was moved because there was nothing else the hospital could do for him. It is called Maximum Medical Improvement and he has reached it: the coma is permanente' no matter how the Bollea family spins it.

2549 days ago

just my input    

I HATE to see him go to a VA hospital....I hope and pray his condition improves......I agree.....the "hogan" family should pay ANY med costs!! They at LEAST owe him that~!

2549 days ago


He would get better care at a run-of-the-mill nursing home than he is going to get at the VA...... now if he had received injuries in Iraq and lost a limb or other trauma?- his care would be five-star.

Nick Hogan, in my opinion, is a talentless douche living on the "stardom" of his dad.
I have tried to watch that show, before and after the accident, and I don't ever see him doing anything but laying around like a lump.
Did he even graduate or anything?

Waste of sperm......Waste of an egg.......>bleh>

2549 days ago


To #67 JJ, you are so right. It is a sad commentary that once again the Hogan/Bollea family is caught in another bald faced lie. They were going to pay for the very best of medical care for as long as it took. Yeah right. Now it is John's fault because he didn't wear his seat belt...not htat Nick had been drinking, driving recklessly, drag racing on a public street. Yes it is John's fault. Now this. The vetern's Hospital...Good help him. My father was due to be sent to either the veterens hospital or a nursing home and the night before his transfer he passed away, thank God. I have boycotted VH 1 since this disaster and have e-mailed Polaroid, who has sponsored Nick as a driver, am boycotting any and all companys that sponsor any Hogan?Bollea family member. This should never have happened but the blame goes on 3 people....Nick Bollea, terry Bollea and Linda Bollea. They let him drive...he drove like an idiot and now the Graziano family are the ones who pay with the loss of their loved one.

2549 days ago
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