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Lindsay Lohan

Checks in

and Out of Jail!

11/15/2007 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan checked in -- and out -- of the Lynwood Jail. According to the Sheriff's website, the actress was arrested at 10:30 AM and checked out at 11:54 AM.

Lohan booking photo
That's just 84 minutes, two more minutes than Nicole Richie!

The time served was related to her wild DUI escapades this past July, when she commandeered a car in Santa Monica and took three young men on a wild high-speed chase.

Lindsay subsequently enjoyed an extended stay at a rehab in Utah. She recently returned to Los Angeles with her new rehaboyfriend, Riley Giles. She's been serving her community service time at a local Red Cross.


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OMG!! I was hoping that she was finally making the right choices, but I do have to's all show. She thinks she's fooling everyone and sadly, she is only fooling herself.

By the way, what's up with the trout pout? She looks just like she's had her lips pumped up. Trying to emulate Britney perhaps? UGH.

2543 days ago

La La    

Her orange face would have matched her orange jumpsuit. Maybe she didn't have to wear an orange jumpsuit because she is probably orange from head to toe with that cheap ass wannabe tan she has.

2543 days ago

La La    

Who did she have to suck off to get a 2 hour sentence.

2543 days ago


This is really a mockery of our system. My friend got stopped during a license check. Got second DUI and served 10 days in jail, and she also got community service. The jail time for Nicole Richey and Lindsay Lohan is a joke. It goes to show you ,if you are rich and famous they have different guide lines. I guess if they kill someone then they might have to do real jail time.

2543 days ago

My Opinion    

It's just a matter of time before Lay Low Lindsay will be at it again. She does her doo doo, lays low in a rehab, then slinks back into town again for yet another embarrassing escapade. Danny Bonaduce said it so right when he called Lindsay, Brit, Paris and Nichole the "Four Horses of the Apocalypse." Lindsay and Brit are the darkest horses of the pack. They're very slow to learn. The male stars in Hollywood behave better than these females. Guys don't want to be around them because they get drunk, pass out, throw up, get tickets, go to court and generally make fools of themselves. Oh!....Nichole is at least trying to do better for her baby's sake.

2543 days ago


Sperm Burping Gutter Slut

2543 days ago

Miss Behave    

Lindsay's upper lip looks like she she has buck teeth underneath. And it looks like she's really been developing the muscle between the nose and the top of the upper lip. That area's all puffed out like a monkey's. It's as if she's been "working out " that part of her face or something. Whatever's going on, it's not good.

2543 days ago


I just pray that if I ever doing anything wrong (drive drunk, high on drugs, chase another vehicle in Californa) I will get the same "special" treatment like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. Oh, I'm sorry, my parents raised me to follow the law and not do drugs. Shame on LAPD and the courts in Cal.

2543 days ago


Ya know, I owe an apology to Paris Hilton. At the time she was in the clink I thought her sentence seemed fair. Looking back at it and comparing it to the sentence Lindsay got and the seriousness of each of their offenses I can now say without hesitation that Paris was completely and thoroughly screwed.

The criminal justice system is all out of whack. This is not to say that I wish Lindsay was serving more time. I just hope she knows how lucky she was and more importantly I hope she's learned her lesson.

2543 days ago

She Never Learns    

Hollywood casting directors and producers are well-aware of Lindsay's problems. Her days of getting $7.5 Million for bombs like "Just My Luck" are long over.

She appears to think that being photographed by TMZ and X-17 every singel day is good for a movie career. Well, 2007 is over and Lindsay's biggest payday is from gossip magazine interviews. That is laughable.

The public is not dumb, and she has a terrible public image. Why cant she just exit LA and disappear for a year?

2543 days ago


I guess lil' Miss 'The black guy did it' was right! She can do whatever the hell she wants! Paris has to serve weeks, but Hohan serves hours???? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

2543 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Now, that's just effed up.

2543 days ago


There are certainly a plethora of mean comments on here tonight re: Lindsey. Personally, I hope she finds her own way to a peaceful life. Unfortunately, her choice of a companion, someone with whom she shared rehab, may not be in her best interest right now. Anyway, for the little bit I pay attention to movies and gossip, I do wish this talented young woman well. Why do I have a sinking feeling that all will end badly for her and Riley?

2543 days ago

Your Mom    

She needs to learn how to do her make-up. Jesus, she looks awful in that picture. She looked better in her coked-out, drugged up mugshot where she had little to nothing on her face.

2543 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Yet another ego-maniacal piece of celeb trash, thinking they can do whatever they want -- to include driving recklessly, & putting others in danger. The criminal *justice* system certainly encourages such an attitude, with their slap on the wrist -- no make that gentle touch -- that teaches these spoiled gutter rats NOTHING.

Hopefully the young men in the vehicle, & the woman she chased down & terrorized, will all file big fat civil suits against Lohan.

2543 days ago
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