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Dr. Adams -- Donda OD? I Dunno Yet

11/20/2007 3:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. AdamsWhen she left his office, Dr. Jan Adams says that Donda West was suffering "no problems whatsoever" -- but he does have his theories about what might have caused her death.

Adams told the L.A. Times that he prescribed Vicodin to Dr. West for pain, and that she probably had "a rough night" post-surgery. When asked if he thought she could have taken too many painkillers, Adams said, "That's one speculation on my part, yes." Adams also told the paper, "I believe I know exactly what happened to her, but I will not comment on it until I see the final report."

In an odd twist, hours after his interview with the Times ended, he called the paper to say that he had not been talking about West's case in particular -- but rather about a hypothetical patient facing similar problems.

TMZ was the first to speak to Dr. Adams after Donda West died. He told us that her death -- which followed a breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction -- was unforeseen and could have been caused by a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting.

The Los Angeles County Coroner completed a preliminary autopsy report, but hasn't mentioned drugs as having played a role in Donda's death -- the initial review found that West died "as a result of surgery or anesthesia.: They have opened an investigation.


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Why didn't he keep her overnight for observation and does he have priveleges at a reputable local hospital?

2425 days ago


I wonder who will play Dr. Adams when this plays out on the big screen in a year or two from now?

2425 days ago


He is arrogant so he will not be able to keep his mouth shut. It is very disrespectful to attempt to place blame on the patient without any findings.

He was on a collision course to eventually killing someone and he did. It is ridiculous that she went home after a grueling nine hour surgery that should have taken half the time. Any competent doctor would have kept her in the hospital for observation at least one night.

2425 days ago

Dawn Day    

That was an accident just waiting to happen and unfortunately it DID! With Donda's fame, it has come under scrutiny quicker and this Dr. Slaughter will be taken down!

2425 days ago


I can't believe he did both surgeries at the same time! I had breast reduction surgery in 2005 and was in the hospital for 3 days. It is NOT an outpatient surgery. And only vicodin for pain? I was a morphine drip for 2 days because it is so painful. The pain alone probably killed her!

2425 days ago

two cents    

He's going to be on Larry King Live tonight. What bull is he going to come up with??

We've all seen the pics of his former patients on this site. What a loser.

2425 days ago

just sayin    

I have personally had a tummy tuck & breast reduction done at the same time... everything went exeptionally well and it was my Doc's protocal to have me stay overnight at the hospital for observation! I asked if I could just go straight home and he said no way, everyone stays at least 24 hours for observations. The nurses would come in to make me breath through some weird tube sort of like a breathalizer to make sure my lung functioning was good. I was also made to wear these very tight fitting leg garrments in case I were to get a blood clot - it would prevent it from going to my heart. I was 23 at the time this was done and in perfect health. It was painful, but I recovered quick.

And for those of you who wonder why... I had horrible stretch marks from gaining 75 pounds with my daughter, so the Tummy Tuck fixed things that a million crunches would not.. also I have a history of breast cancer in my family and at an early age started having back problems. My insurance covered the reduction.

2425 days ago


TMZ, please tell me how you are screening comments for inappropriate comments and Hmmm, comment #2, can write what he/she did? How is allowing that racist comment any different than any other racist video/story you seem to report on and denounce on your site? Are you now going to address this issue on your comment section? Put that on your site for others to see and your response?

2425 days ago

death on a cracker    

BTW, anyone seen my half eaten Quizno's sub???

i thought i left it on the tabl....e.... oops!

2425 days ago


Thank you for removing the comment.

2425 days ago

Insert comical name here    

It would be so ironic if he is actually found not to be a fault here after all the mud tmz slung at him. I have no opinion either way, I just think it would be a good lesson for sensationalist journalists.

2425 days ago

Dr. James    

Got questions for Dr Jan Adams? Or any info on Dr Adams or this case. You can e-mail Larry King show at:

Larry King E-mail Form:

The show is asking viewers for their questions in advance. All you have to give is your first name and e-mail address.

I hope Larry asks the hard question of Dr Adams and follow-ups on dodging answers -- and not just throw him softball questions.

2425 days ago


I can not wait to see what excuse Dr Adams comes up with tonight on Larry King Live to to blame his patient for her own death.
It would probably be a textbook example of narcissism at its best!
However, I'm going to definitely watch for pure morbid curiousity.

2425 days ago


#5, and 7 I too had the breast reduction surgery, and stayed onver night in the hospital, on a morphine drip. These are not boob-jobs, breast reduction involves cutting away the nipple part, and basically reconstructing. I had no sticthes or tubes, all surgical glue.

I cant imagine having both that and a tummy tuck done, and being sent home with a bottle of Vicodin.

This doc is a quack!!!

2425 days ago

Logo Designers    

this guy is shady

2425 days ago
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