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Mom Hogan Teaches Nick How to Drive a Bargain

11/23/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A grim looking Nick and mom Linda Hogan went on a shopping spree Beverly Hills -- far from Nick's legal troubles in Florida. Race you to the register!

The Hogans bagged a ton of new stuff, while Papa Hulk prepares for his stint as host of American Gladiators.

TMZ ran video a few days ago of Linda Hogan talking about what a rush it was to street race and evade cops. The video was shot a few years back. Nick is facing criminal charges after crashing his Supra in what cops say was a street race. The passenger remains in a vegetative state.


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I am poster 58    

1. The Hogan's are over.
2. No one wants to see them now.
3. Nick blames the passenger for not having a seatbelt on. For one, YOU are the driver, idiot. It is STILL YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to tell your passenger that you are not going until he puts on a seat belt, idiot
4. Linda, buy while you still can. The money will be scarce very soon.

2523 days ago


I have NO respect for him or his family! This is another spoiled celebrity kid getting OFF easy! He should be in JAIL!!!!!!

2523 days ago

I am poster 58    

I went to your fox Tampa site and there is NOTHING there about Linda wanting a divorce from the Hulk. Please re-post. I also googled them and NOTHING. I am sure that their careers are over after this error. A divorce was inevitable. I just don't see where you are getting your information. I have to see it myself to believe it.

2523 days ago


HOly Crap!!!
50 Year Old Strippper has clothes on.
I didn't know she owned anything that normal.

2523 days ago


How F*n wonderful! They have time to go shopping while his friend is paying the ultimate price. What goes around, comes around. They should be ashamed! Or atleast ACT like they are. F them! That whole family is ridiculous!

2523 days ago

I know    


I would have STRIPPED away everything pleasurable to him.

What are they doing?


That shopping spree IS FUNDED BY US.

2523 days ago


Linda Hogan is the worst example of a mother i have ever seen! I'm sure John Graziano's mom wishes she could take her son on a shopping spree!. They aren't exactly buying essentials (look at the bags). Nick is such a momma's boy, its ridiculous. How can she even think about shopping in the finest stores. She should have her head in the sand until she owns up to her numberous parenting mistakes.

2523 days ago


Nick says "I get up in the morning, I eat, I go to the hospital". Now we see he does more than sit at the hospital all day. TRY GETTING A JOB - how about volunteering in the VA hospital where your friend is? What a spoiled brat.

2523 days ago


it's true, linda filed for divorce two days before thanksgiving. check it out on they have the link to the official court docs.

2523 days ago


Hope she got the boy some astrolube.

2523 days ago


The guy in the coma was a grown man. Nick is a child who made a horrible mistake, because he was misguided by ignorant parents. Our Marines shouldn't be out in cars, without their seatbelts, with minors who have been drinking - they should be role models. Really, who do you think bought him the booze?

Be mad at his parents all you want, but leave the boy alone. He'll be punished by the law, and that should be enough. How many of you pose as Christians? Forgiveness, jerks.

2523 days ago


How can u forgive such obnoxious, stupid, low-life comments like some of "this poor boy's" comments.

"He just bumped his head" he's recovering

"My car is a PUSS* Magnet" and "chicks drop their panties when they see my car"

2523 days ago



Quote- "87 Nick is a child who made a horrible mistake"

NICK DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE,he drove a 800 HP Race Car as a street car. He drove it everyday for a year. By that count...HE MADE 365 mistakes, every time he took that race car on the road.... the crash with John was terrible result of all those mistakes.

4 speeding tickets over 100mph
Racing on video tape from many local sources
Driving fast in the RAIN !
Giving interviews to magazines and press about his speeding over 100 mph
Drinking and driving

Now how many mistakes is that?

PS john was part of his racing team. They spent all day rebuilding the engine in that supra to get 800hp

2523 days ago


Good going Hogans, while John is back here in a coma your out have a good time and living it up as if nothing ever happen. Really hope our Florida Judicial system nails your as for what you have done to John. Oh, and everyone knows that a car would crumble up like that at 30 mph. Really hope you do time for your stupidity.

2523 days ago


carrry those bags, Mama's Boy.

2523 days ago
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