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Football Horror: Three Charged in Taylor Murder

12/1/2007 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three of the four suspects in Sean Taylor's death were charged with unpremeditated murder early Saturday. Charles Wardlow, Eric Rivera and Venjah Hunte all faced the same charge. Police say the killing of Taylor was unplanned. The fourth suspect was arrested but has not yet been charged.

Miami-Dade Police Department spokeswoman Linda O'Brien identified the men as: Eric Rivera Jr., 17, Venjah K. Hunte, 20, Jason Scott Mitchell, 19 and Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, 18.

Miami-Dade County Police Director Robert Parker said the suspects didn't expect Taylor to be home when they broke into his home Monday morning. The NFL Pro Bowler surprised them and was fatally shot. The suspects -- all of whom have prior arrests -- are expected to make their first appearance in a Fort Myers courtroom sometime today.

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WTF??? They came to rob his house, and they brought guns. That's not premeditated??? Doesn't Florida allow felony murder charges?? Burn their asses.

2517 days ago


RaraAvis - I'm pretty certain that all murder charges are felonies.

Some people take guns to robberies thinking they can just intimidate people out of their belongings (like with woldort). That doesn't mean they planned to kill anyone. I still believe they should have the book thrown at them, but you can't say they planned to hurt anyone. As their law stands, if you didn't go their with the intent to kill, it's not 1st degree. As for them going to an empty home with guns, maybe they just always carry guns?

In this situation I believe they should be charged with 1st degree murder, but that doesn't work out with their laws. As soon as 4 black guys kill a rich white guy I'm sure the laws will change. Be patient.

2517 days ago


Still waiting for someone to step-up to the plate, besides Bill Cosby, and get some things straight in these un-educated poverty stricken neighborhoods.

The blame is only within ourselves.
Keep waiting for Uncle Sams 30-day notice, you will always be poor and continue killing eachother.

How many wake-up calls do you need?

This man did not have to die over what HE worked hard to achieve.

2517 days ago


Anyone else think these men's children (if they have any, and let's be real, the youngest was 17, its almost a gaurantee they do) will grow up and do the same thing? I mean, they sure do look like upstanding citizens, so can you imagine the type of females they got to sleep with them, that are now raising thuglets?
They didn't plan to murder him? Well, correct me if I'm worng, but the phone lines were cut. They certainly weren't going to allow anyone to call for help, or get out alive since they busted down the bedroom door he locked to keep his family safe.

2517 days ago

DMX hater    

Just another move for this country to become a third world country. And these guys were not poor, please get off the poor crap!! Hell, they were looking for anything they could buy drugs with!! I'm poor, and can barely pay my bills, hanging them should be brought back, as it is permanent and there is nothing humane about hanging a person, and that's what these thugs deserve!!

2516 days ago

DMX hater    

Where is Cochran when you really need him??

2516 days ago

DMX hater    

Let's carry a loaded gun, but we won't use it!! ha ha ha!! Sounds like something OJ might say!!

2516 days ago


The 3rd. one from the left look like a RAT...They only wanted money for drugs and some 40 oz..

2516 days ago


Why a trust fund for Taylor's daughter.?.. If he has not brought 10 cars and a bunch of thug bling she should be well taken care of. I bet his girl friend wish she had married him.

2516 days ago


First of all... as of this morning they have CONFESSIONS from two of these boys... for those who are saying "how do they know these boys even did it... blah blah blah" because I'm sure they just randomly snatched the boys up off the street 160 miles away right? (that would be sarcasm) because the police couldn't possibly know more than the media!! Gasp!!!! (so frustrated!!!)

Second of all... you would think that this development would shut up the people who pretend to know Sean Taylor... who pretend to have the knowledge to compare him to a "thug". If you REALLY read up on him, and his character... every article that has been written, you will see that this was a GOOD MAN. Yes, he made his mistakes and had a lil trouble but all the people who actually KNEW him have been quoted as saying that is not how he was... that they were surprised at this (when he got in trouble, etc...). People assume that because he lived where he did, grew up where he did, got into a lil trouble as a young man... maybe, that he's black??? I hate to say that. I really, really do... but the more that I read up on this... the stereotypes and judgements get worse and worse. People make me sick. It really is easier for some of you idiots to believe that he was a bad man isn't it? Well guess what, he wasn't... this is one of the worst kinds of tragedies. He was young, had a promising career, was becoming an amazing MAN, was starting a family and HAD a family and people that loved him. And he's gone... because some idiots broke into his house, looking for whatever they were looking for (allegedly) were surprised by him and fired their gun.... taking his life. They took this 24 year old man's life while he was protecting his family in his own home!!!! I agree with Shawn... a poster on the first page who said that he has lost so much respect and faith in humanity. And I have too. A man dies... tragically... young...talented...with a family and people that loved him..... and everyone is so quick to judge and speculate and insult. So many do not have the heart to just leave it alone and let his family rest! I am so tired of reading these awful comments about Taylor. Even now, when it is finally clear that this had NOTHING to do with Sean personally, you ignorant people (you know who you are) still find a way to sound like a**holes with no hearts. You all are SICK. The media posts about his "trouble" in the past because they don't have much else to say about him if they are going on what they know... other than what they know from people who actually KNEW Taylor. Because Taylor was not all that friendly with the media... he didn't trust them.... WITH GOOD REASON... look what they do... they continue to post about his past, making it seem as if that's all he did... but if you really look at the people who have met him, spoken with him, spent time w/ him... KNEW him... you will know that those things were not a big part of who he was. But that's all the media has... not that ALL media is bad... I have read some great articles by true journalists.... I said I wouldn't come on here anymore and for the most part I haven't... but my need to be updated has me checking all over the internet. If any of you are interested in the real truth... visit www.redskinsinsider.com, or www.foxnews.com or how about the "open mike" blog/article on MSNBC.com for a TRUE look at this man. For those who never actually met him anyway....

Thirdly... yesterday was definitely not the best game for us (Redskins, Redskins fans) but I have to say I continued to be moved by the emotion that was displayed for this teams fallen teammate. I can only imagine how difficult that was to be out there without him... as I know it was difficult to watch. My heart continues to go out to Taylor's family, friends, loved ones, teammates and fans.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves.... the rest of you, it is great to see that there are some hearts left.


RIP Sean Taylor

2516 days ago


Also to "Fight"... i have enjoyed reading your comments, it is always nice to hear from someone intelligent and unfortunately you don't often find that on this site....

As for what Blue said... I'm guessing that they do not "know" Sean well at all (though I'm pretty sure that comment of yours was meant to be sarcastic) considering they referred to his daughter as "his son", among other things. Has anything been released about this situation financially? Because I have been keeping tabs on this story and any news, and have heard nothing. Who's to say that he didn't have money put away for them already.... I mean... who really knows. All this speculation is so terrible... and sad. And is not needed!!!! It's so much easier for idiots to believe that he was a bad man... when that is NOT TRUE. It's terrifying, it's heartbreaking and it's absolutely awful... as a Redskins fan, having watched Taylor play, and heard our other players talk about him, and his loved ones talk about him... I feel as if I knew him in this strange sense... and the way that it has effected me emotionally was in a sense surprising, because I did not know him....and I can't even put my sadness into words. Therefore, I can only imagine what his family is going through.... I read a blog on RedskinsInsider.com that took a view point from fans, family and teammates. And it really did pinpoint my feelings. We watched Taylor grow as a man... we watched his talent time and time again on the field. Saw his smiling face and his "game face" and loved it... and in a sense he represented the future. The future of what life can offer and give you. The person who has heart and works for what they want. A father, a friend, a brother, a son, a loved one with an extremely promising future and all of this was stolen aways.... and of course what this person wrote about the teammates and his loved ones was dead on and heartbreakingly true. I was also at the Memorial at Redskins Park in Ashburn, VA the day that Sean passed away.... it was something that I will never forget... the outpouring of love and appreciation, and the awful sadness of the loss.

These four boys... it makes me sick to look at them... knowing that their burgling led to Sean's needless, tragic death. The sad thing is, that I can' t imagine this even still bringing any solace to the family. It doesn't matter whether they meant to kill him or not.... they did. They will be judged... and not just by our justice system, I can guarantee that. I have a feeling that our Lord will judge them as well. I hope they stick it to them, I really do.

RIP Sean Taylor

2516 days ago


Thank God it was black folk, I am sure Al and Jesse have alot to do this time of year and if it were white folk that would have to start thier racist road show.

2516 days ago


Sara - I've sworn off TMZ numerous times as well. It gives you a very sad perception of people. I think most of the ignorant people on here are agoraphobic middle-americans. I come back time and time again, hoping to get through to someone, but it's hard for people to not be ignorant when they don't even leave their homes.

I know it feels weird to mourn people you don't know, but I say it's much better than feeling nothing at all - like a lot of the people on here. You've got a warm heart. If only everyone did :-(

I'm not going to pretend like I know stuff I don't (like blue, and YES, I was being sarcastic in my response to him). I know very little about Florida's laws. All I can say is that in California, when my boyfriend died, they told me my daughter was his only child and sole heir (even though he had no will). I was later established as his common law wife. We get SSI, but it's not much.

I can't imagine how it would be possible for his daughter to get nothing. Blue was just making judgments based on Taylor's past and skin color, and he was making assumptions based on what he WANTS the outcome to be. He only came on here to be a jerk - to offend; not be constructive or helpful, or even to make sense.

I watched the game yesterday too, and that was awesome. I just wanted to yell "THANK YOU" to the team and fans. Them only starting with 10 defensive players brought a couple tears to my eyes. They've handled this all wonderfully. For all that, I say GO REDSKINS.

Thank you for your posts, Sara. They're from the heart. I just LOVE people who mean well.

2516 days ago


Somebody lamely pointed out the first loser looks part white because he is light skinned - (high-yellow) but isnt that being just as racists as some of these other "off color" comments? Basing more assumptions on skin color. Besides - putting a cherry on a big bowl of crap will never make it vanilla ice cream (again with the sarcasm). These boys are what they are because of what they did, not what color their skin is, light, dark, black, or brown. Actions define us, nothing else.

2516 days ago


Thank you so much Fight! You've made me glad that I came back to this site! You know... mourning Sean Taylor's death is not exactly weird... I guess I was just surprised at how emotional I did get. But yes, I am a compassionate person, so I felt for the future he himself lost, the man that his family, daughter and girlfriend lost, the man that his teammates and friends and fans lost... So as a fan I am grieving as well.... It's terribly sad. And like you, I continue to come back to maybe sway someone's thoughts... sometimes I can not help it. I also can not stand to see Sean Taylor's name and memory tainted by people who believe everything that they hear and then insult someone they don't know... even in death. Which makes it even harder to keep my mouth closed (or stop the keys on the keyboard!). I hope people realize that this is real life...

Fight... I am very sorry to hear that you lost your boyfriend. My condolences to you. Thank you for responding and thank you for speaking your mind as well!!! Luckily, there are many other sites that you can visit where you can get real articles, with facts and with comments and blogs by people who do have hearts. :) Maybe all isn't lost yet!! Though reading some things on this site.... it makes you wonder, but I think you are right about the idea of a lot of them that do troll the site. Thank you again!

Yes, I think that the Redskins organization has handled this extremely well... they've really shown their hearts and loyalty and love even more in this time... they really are a fantastic bunch of people, and my heart continues to go out to them and to all of Sean Taylor's friends, loved ones and family... to his girlfriend Jackie, and to his little girl Jackie.

RIP Sean

2516 days ago
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