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Football Horror: Three Charged in Taylor Murder

12/1/2007 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Three of the four suspects in Sean Taylor's death were charged with unpremeditated murder early Saturday. Charles Wardlow, Eric Rivera and Venjah Hunte all faced the same charge. Police say the killing of Taylor was unplanned. The fourth suspect was arrested but has not yet been charged.

Miami-Dade Police Department spokeswoman Linda O'Brien identified the men as: Eric Rivera Jr., 17, Venjah K. Hunte, 20, Jason Scott Mitchell, 19 and Charles Kendrick Lee Wardlow, 18.

Miami-Dade County Police Director Robert Parker said the suspects didn't expect Taylor to be home when they broke into his home Monday morning. The NFL Pro Bowler surprised them and was fatally shot. The suspects -- all of whom have prior arrests -- are expected to make their first appearance in a Fort Myers courtroom sometime today.

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Lets not all jump to conclusions yet.First,what makes you think these boys did it?.I have alot of education,and a very good judge of character.Just looking into the eyes of these boys,I can see there innocent.Please dont pre -judge..I really do hope the police find the true killers of the football player.But please,dont put these innocent boys on trial yet.Just take the time to really look deep into their eyes.and you will see the truth like I do..Please Police.....Catch the right killer or killers.and let these boys go...Thank-you

2518 days ago


NFL Sucks - you're an ignorant racist. Most people with money flaunt it - white or black.

Sean Taylor worked hard for the money he had. He had a new wife, and a new baby. Who wouldn't go all out spending in that situation? You insinuating that Mr. Taylor brought on his own death is despicable. BESIDES, it wasn't even Taylor out bragging about what he owned - it was someone else.

You're disturbed. Seek help - immediately.

2518 days ago


I hope they burn in hell.

2518 days ago


Ha, these kids are going to rot in hell...These people were arrested in my home town...they just threw their life away. Stupid stupid boys.

2518 days ago


most white people dont flaunt their money like the black folks,just lok at ricky hatton and floyd mayweather (boxers),if you dont know who or what im talking about just look at hbo 24/7,and you will see who really flaunts,its real obvious the black folks.....

2518 days ago

two cents    

#38 LMAO!!

You have "alot of education"?! That has to be the funniest thing I've read all day considering how your post is full of typos and grammatical errors. Good one. =)

We should make an example out of these losers. Public/televised executions. Oh hell yeah.

2518 days ago


I think that instaed of everyone making all of thesebsilly comments right now we should focus on the important factor that Sean is gone!!! I mean no one can bring him back and no it doesn't men you bought death on yourself because of your life style when you legally make money to support yourself. If my bank account is millions deep then I'm not going to look like an ignorant low class by over spending but my income would be a reflction of my life style so for anyone to make a comment that someone should feel bad for living a life that they have worked hard to live is purely just talking to hear themsleves speak and yes he had a very nice house but it wasn't even a Oprah status home or fifty cent for that matter and we haven't heard about anybody breaking in and killing them or almost killing them so the point I am making is that it isn't the person making the money that's the problem it's the ones that won't get out and make it happen but instead would rather take the easy route and take what someone else has earned!! It isn't a black thing it's actually an ignorant thing. They have just as many white people out here robbing and killing as they do blacks. You just don't see them in the headlines as much because the media publicizes on black on black crime. You can agree to disagree that would be fine with me but at the end of the day what will our difference in opinon solve. We whould all come up with away to make our opinions count in a positive way..

2518 days ago

MJ RIP    

I didn't think you could release the names of minors.

Is TMZ now changing the law????


2518 days ago

kim suck    

please forgive me but i'm an old man but are these guys "home boys"?

2518 days ago


And to Van Halen Rocks. My comment to you is that you should educate yourself on culture before you make rascist remarks. It isn't that white people don't flaunt what they have but simple that they've always been able to obtain material things qiucker then blacks so when you accustomed to having things why would you. Blacks have been kept down for decades first with education then with credit and employment so when they accuire the same goods as a white person they feel compelled to try and measure up. It's as simple as a parent who's kept a child from something for periods of time. Once that child gets a taste of what they've been kept from they sometimes go crazy and that is exactly what's going on now. I mean who would have thought you would see the day T.i someone who's a convicted felon could live in a house as big as just say Idon't know but a Bill Clinton. I mean anyone with common sense may be disgusted with some of the things going on but at the end of the day it points back to the one who'c kept a race of people from excelling at every point possible ( which would be the white man) and now they are like animals being let out of a cage. You can't tame them. I mean african americans make up 70% or more in football, basketball and then we even got Tigger Woods in golf now who's one of the best in the sport so let this be your lesson that instead of making an ignorant comment about what white people don't do make comments about what they have did and all of the profiling and everything else they have contributed to making the world as messed up as it is today.

2518 days ago


"Please don't hate and judge me and my children without first knowing us" isn't working, so you can all rot. I think moral cleansing is in order. Passivity's for pansies.

I think it's time that we get every racist (of every color) and deny them the rights to vote, learn, and walk where they want. Then, we should drag them around behind our trucks, right before we hang them from trees while their families watch.


2518 days ago

Mary T.    

Bet Sharpton and Jackson won't march over this one........................Why do they waste taspayer $$$$ with this kind of thing...............Pure TRASH

2518 days ago


#45 You're giving Van Halen a bad name.

2518 days ago

Mary T.    

Gosh those pictures can give a person the CREEPS............WOW------EEE

2518 days ago


FIGHT - there aren't enough decent people left in the world to overpower the ignorant pollution that's out there, particularly in America. Your school system has been gutted and pissed on by republicans ... so that your children, especially those of colour, will grow up stupid enough to vote republican, or to not vote at all.

Good luck your moral cleansing, though. Get the upperhand, and I'll be there.

2518 days ago
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