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Marky Mark's Long Lost Cousin?

12/14/2007 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wow. What an idiot! Some guy in a white tank top flashed his rings, bragged about having $100,000 and did everything he could to get his butt kicked in front of Republic restaurant last night. And that's not even the funny part: he claims to be Marky Mark's cousin. Now that's a funky bunch!

We're not exactly sure who Crazy Dude is -- or if he is in fact an extended member of the Wahlberg clan -- but when he asked an off-duty cab driver to "hit me as hard as you can," someone probably should have stepped up. For the love of Jerry Springer!

We reached out to Wahlberg's rep to confirm Crazy Dude's lineage; we haven't heard back as of yet.

UPDATE: Wahlberg's reps would not comment, but sources tell TMZ that Crazy Dude is NOT Mark's cousin -- shocker! -- just someone he used to run with many years ago.


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Logo Designers    

i love wahlberg

2502 days ago

Logo Designers    

that IS his cousin

2498 days ago


Wheres the video can't see it anymore. Plus he said he had 100 thousand in guns. Those guys where Russian mob dudes

2485 days ago

Logo Designers    

he was great in Boogie Nights

2434 days ago

Logo Designers    

Marky Mark used to be trouble when he was a kid

2434 days ago

Logo Designers    

some fat dude trying to get famous - no relation

2434 days ago


i see the family moves i n him.

2512 days ago


dude get a life!!!

2512 days ago


2512 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sooner or later this short Fat Assed PUNK will run his mouth around the
wrong person and get his fat ass stomped hard!! He should go to a a
boxing match, or full contact fight somewhere and randomly talk like
that to other people in the crowd! Crap like that are quickly stepped
on and then scrubbed off on a mat somewhere.

2512 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

cab drivers are evil sick pigs! too many wierdos in cars late at night- creepy!

2512 days ago


stupid could NEVER "run" these streets...your too dumd!!!

2511 days ago


I meant to spell it that way!!!!

2511 days ago


Thats Johnny Gallo. Hes my good friend. A Good guy. Turtle's character on ENTOURAGE is based on him (& is produced by Mark Whalberg). Just a little info. He also has a phat CD out that features Snoop. Rap Name: Johnny Chronic*

2511 days ago


Oh PLEEZE! Oh MY GOD! Hey! this guy who managed to just walk away is a bigger guy than me, cause compassion for stupidity or not I would have PUNCHED THIS GUY IN THE FACE SO FAST, he wouldn't have known what hit him! Maybe he'd have bounced right back (I doubt it) and kicked my ass (I double doubt it) But then again; I probably would have helped him up after he woke up, and although I've been there (to a point), I've been drunk but still never ran my mouth or gotten in some ones face or bragged a tale of being rich or "connected" to anyone, nor would I hit the strip sporting a pair of 'wife-beaters...Maybe he was just a street bumb? They are left-overs from Ronald Reagons day when he released them all from the institutions don't you know (YOU DON'T?) Wow! Where are guys like this when I'm having a bad night and just wish I had a punching bag? Just venting...Thank you...

2510 days ago

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