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Frankie Muniz:

Real Estate Mogul or Muck-Up?

12/16/2007 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil' Frankie Muniz has made some big real estate deals in the past. Since he was a teen he's been buying and selling property, but TMZ is told that Muniz may not be a real estate prodigy in terms of making a profit. Life's unfair!

Frankie Muniz
The "Malcolm in the Middle" star has just listed his 1,972 square foot, five bedroom and four bathroom Hollywood Hills home for sale -- and according to the LA Times it's going for a little under $3.9 million dollars. But property records indicate Muniz purchased the house in January of 2006 for almost $3.5 mil. According to TMZ's sources, Muniz did "extensive upgrades" on the home. Unless he was in the Home Depot do-it-yourself section, the gain from this property may not be as much as Frankie's pockets would like.

And by the way, he will still have to pay a real estate commission -- which could amount to several thousand dollars. Well, there's always that race car driving hobby -- that's more realistic!


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I am stunned.....

2505 days ago


1st !!! FIrst baby SUE... I so RULE ..........ENJOY sue........................................ later chumps.

2505 days ago


poor bastard,,,everything he does got to be mocked? specially by tmz...

2505 days ago

Johnnie C    

Actually, he might be quite the real estate mogul. With CA Real Estate prices crashing, if he can get out of this property with a small profit, or just breaking even, it would be a miracle!

2505 days ago

X Brittany Fan !    

Think He'll need Boxes?

2505 days ago


Anyone who bought in the past two years hasn't and won't make a profit until and if the market changes. Sellling now .. you'll take a loss. If you bought in the past 4 to 5 years, you will make a profit but a better profit if you can hang on a couple more years.

That house above, is not worth that kind of cash for the Hollywood Hills. Much better deals up there than Frankie's house.

2505 days ago

two cents    

#2 nitwig-you're an idiot. Seriously. How lame

And can't believe how small his house it! 1972 SF? That's it! Shocking.
Good luck Frankie!! You're one of the very few child actors that grew up without all the drama of today's Hollywood kids. You must have been raised by great parents who kept your head on straight. Congratulations.

And good luck on selling your home.

2505 days ago


Oh and unless he put a buttload of money down, which I doubt, his payments are about 40 grand a month.

2505 days ago


not an attractive house at all.
all those protusions make it look like there last minutes thoughts and add ons

2505 days ago


Taking a $500K loss now vs being completely illiquid in six months, when the REAL R/E market crash occurs is just good business sense;

The smart ones always get out towards the top- making up this loss shouldn't be tough to do in the long run.

Smart move, Frankie- cash is king on the way down.

2505 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

3.9 mill is hardly chump change, anyway, and neither is Hollywood Hills. It's relative to the market; if It's his primary residence, he can move to an upgrade property without putting out much as the better properties have dropped as well.

2505 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

That is one UGLY house!!

2505 days ago


If he's making such a small profit, then wouldn't it be smarter if he held on to the property til he can guarantee a bigger profit? Sheesh! It's not brain surgery!

2505 days ago


J - I disagree. If Frankie can afford the payments, he's better off holding on a year or two when the market will rise again. Besides he won't get anywhere near his asking price in the first place. He could rent it and keep it for a year or two which is what all the real estate moguls advise people to do right now. If you can't afford the payments, rent and hang on to yoour properties.

2505 days ago


You must be hurting for minutiae. What's the significance and purpose of this information? You are just trying to discredit him and why? How does that benefit TMZ?

This is not's garbage!

2505 days ago
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