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Donda West -- The 911 Call

12/17/2007 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the just over eight minute 911 phone call made the day Donda West died. Click to hear the first two minutes of the tape. Warning: the content is graphic.
Click to hear part one of the 911 call
West died last month after undergoing several cosmetic surgery procedures by Dr. Jan Adams. The coroner has performed an autopsy, results are still pending.


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GEE, Rik, #50, you must really get off on randomly insulting people. Your insult was completely uncalled for.

50. #48, that's the dumbest thing i've ever seen. ROFLMAO. Bright????? doubtful. what an idiot.
Posted at 1:30PM on Dec 17th 2007 by Rik

2465 days ago


good lord people HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT THAN WHEN NEWS SHOWS AIR 911 CALLS (which they do ALL the time). this is no different than that. if this call was aired on some news shows you wouldn't complain but b/c its TMZ, its apparently ok to bitch and moan about it. i admit, its a tragedy but this is a celebrity gossip/news site and this is news. and for the record, no i don't work for TMZ. if you don't like it then don't come here or just skip it- simple; that's good advise right there. i skip over many things here

2465 days ago


I have to say that this is very very disturbing..can't beleive that they have posted this private matter online for all to see. I mean you can hear the lady shouting ms.wests name telling her to please wake up. So sad..So so maa'm

2465 days ago


I don't understand why the idiots are posting mean things about this woman. Did you know her or something? Last time I checked she was NOT a celebrity, her son was, and he loved her so much that we all knew who she was. But you have no idea if she was a "rich b$tch", or a "Raciest". Kanye isn't even a racist so I don't know how you could call his deceased mother that. God forbid your mother dies and people start to say that she deserves it.

2465 days ago


I love tmz,but this is completely disrespectful and tasteless of you to post this. Your just as bad as perez super disappointed in you guys.

2465 days ago


So not needed to be posted! Come on TMZ u have way more class than that. The woman died.

2465 days ago


yeah reallly heartless. no base for this. disrespectful and mean. shame shame shame shame

2465 days ago

Ms A    

You are the moron and the 911 operator is even worse. Hope that you are never in that situation. As for the operator, he needs to have some sensitivity training. The lady kept telling the operator that Dr. West was not breathing and he continued to ask her the same question. He sounded like he was irritated and just did not really want to be bothered. When he took the job he knew what it involved, emergencies and panicked people.
I hope and pray that all of this will be removed, this is pathetic and hearing it on the news today sickened me. TMZ you should be gracious and make an apology to the family, this was extremely insensitive.

2465 days ago


Take this crap off the internet. Show some respect, please. This is a new low for TMZ.

2465 days ago

Truly Disgusted    

I just cannot believe how insensitive some of you ppl are. God help this ugly world and the horrible ppl in it. You racist ppl, what did Black ppl do to you for y'all to be so ugly? We should be the racist jerks, but guess what? As much as y'all judge and denigrate our character, we let it roll off our shoulders. I will pray that God will grant you hateful people more compassion and that He grants you access in the heaven. I love all, even those who hate me.

2465 days ago


It sounds like the person who made the call should have been paying attention to the Operator on the line. She repeatedly kept saying huh, huh, like she either did not understand him or hear him or maybe she was too distracted by what was going on around her in the room. Had she been listening to him she could have gotten better information on what to do for the patient and what to tell the other people in the room who were trying to do CPR and listen to her relay instructions. She was too distracted by what was going on in the room to get the needed information the Operator was trying to give her. If I had been the Operator on the line with her I wouldn't have been so nice with another humans life on the line. I would have firmly told her to please listen to what I had to say or put someone on the line who would so the patient could have a chance to live. Who ever was in charge of her care after surgery was incompetent to be caring for her. They obviously had no training for CPR or any life saving training. I was a Medic in the Army and you don't mess around with respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest. CPR must be done correctly or it does not work. EVERY ONE WHO HAS CHILDREN SHOULD KNOW CHILD AND INFANT CPR. If you love your family get training, and If you are ever put in charge of caring for someone who is at risk of cardiac or respiratory arrest you need to know CPR. That is what saved my sons life and many others. Every one in the medical profession are supposed to know CPR, it is a requirement for employment. Why weren't these people trained, and why didn't the person on the phone know how to talk to a 911 Operator. These people, not the Doctor that did the surgery were responsible for her care after surgery. If she was a smoker, that puts her at risk for death after surgery. If her Doctor did not know about smoking or any other drugs she may have been on, or any possible heart condition or lung condition it is the patients responsibility to report this. Most Doctors will not do surgery if any of these are known. Some patients want surgery so bad they do not tell the Doctor. I do not know of any Plastic Surgeon that does a complete physical on his patients before surgery. They rely on the patient to inform them of any condition. Most Plastic Surgeons request their patients get a physical before surgery so any conditions may be be found before hand and a tragedy avoided. I do not know what was involved in this case but the actions of the person calling 911 are one reason she did not receive life saving CPR within the first five minutes that she needed it to avoid brain damage. The original call was 8 minutes long and that is too long to take to give CPR. He asked her at least 5 times if she was breathing and at least 2-3 times if they had started CPR. Why didn't she answer him sooner rather than saying HUH, HUH. A sad, sad, few moments, and yes people need to hear this so the same mistake isn't made in the future. This is how we learn, by mistake sadly. I feel for the family and hope that at lease a few people will go learn CPR so they can make a difference in the lives of others.

2464 days ago


that lady should have had her teeth fixed instead and then this might not have happened! woof!

2464 days ago

Mike Downs    

That was hard to listen to. I feel for Kanye and his family. May God give you peace.

2464 days ago


Do you all have any idea what playing this will do to the people who loved this woman?

Having lost my own child I can only imagine the pain they must be feeling and the disrespect that will come afterwards.

morbid curiousity will cause many people to listen to this but ask yourself this question, '

If it was your mother or father dying would you want this played for strangers or your own family members to hear?

2464 days ago



2464 days ago
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