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Kidman Preggers? Urban Myth!

12/30/2007 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Put away the rattles and teething rings -- Nicole Kidman is denying pregnancy rumors! Kidman's Australian publicist has kiboshed the reports, saying it was a rumor made up over the "silly season." Doesn't she know silly is always in season?!
Nicole and Keith
Nicole's rep tells, "She's in Australia making a film and her family are in Australia. She's happily ensconced away somewhere having a few days break. It's the silly season. As far as we're concerned, it's another rumour out of London."

A Daily Mail report claiming Kidman was expecting had widely circulated. Apparently, the only thing she should be expecting is a retraction!


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Everything always turns out to be a rumor! I mean I dont expect CNN truth (not that there is such a thing as truthful news) in these blogs but its getting as bad as the national enquire already! Pretty soon TMZ will be reporting that they have found the roswell alien in Micheal Jacksons home!

2397 days ago


I agree with another poster.
Tom seems to want those kids away from nicole,not the other way around.
he allows them to call katie mom.
pretty whacked out to me.
if my ex did that to me,something would be done about it.

2397 days ago

Sleeping with Boyfriend?    

she used to be attractive.

Yuck - that straight blonde hair (I actually think its gray and colored), and.........what the hell is with those eyebrows she looks like the witch from wizard of oz....and those teeth, come on lady, fix yourself. my god ur filthy rich

2397 days ago

Animal Lover    

I feel bad for Nicole, her own adopted kids call her Nicole since Katie stepped in (they call her mom now). T Cruise took those kids away from Nicole for who knows what reason. I don't think for a moment Suri is TC's biological child, she looks exactly like Katie (ick) I was happy when I heard Nicole was pregnant, hopefully she and Keith will conceive if not hope they adopt a child that loves her not like those 2 ingrates Isabella & Connor!

2397 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Maybe her problem is all the little midgets she hangs with. I'm 6' 3" and my swimmers are as strong as the old U.S.S.R. athletes! Once I hit it the E.P.T. would be a DISTINCT positive! Call me, Sheila! We'll do it outback! LOL!

2397 days ago


Can a wax figurine really give birth????

2397 days ago


How do you know it's just Tom keeping Nicole from the kids? Nicole is the one flying all over the world making movies. Is Tom forcing her to do that? She doesn't even own a home in LA. Why is that? Don't blame it on being in Nashville. She hasn't been there either, except for about 5 days this entire year. This woman has been filming in Australia for 9 months and what is she doing next? Heading to Germany in January to film ANOTHER movie! For possibly up to 2 months. So much for wanting to spend more time with her husband or kids. And considering that a majority of Nicole's role will be filming sex scenes with a 17 year old actor playing a 15 year old boy, I some how don't think the kids will be visiting "mummy" on the set too much. Will roles like this, maybe the kids are just plain embarrassed of her.

2397 days ago


She said she had a hard time getting pregnant. Tom is trying to keep the kids from her because of his beliefs and trying to make Katie their "mom". Nick wants to raise the kids catholic and she does when they are with her so they are getting tuned in to both religions. They are working it out looks like to me.
Keith is NOT on drugs. She and tom split the time with the kids. They are with her when he is making a movie and her when he is.
It is such a joke when people get on these blogs and have the nerve to say they hope someone does not have children and that the marriage is shaky and they don't know jack crap about these people. Who are they to wish this on a person?
Nick has always been thin, I am thin and rarely gain weight and I eat anything I want. It is called genitics I beleive. Some people do not have to worry about their butts getting big.

2397 days ago

Lisa in Dallas    

First of all, I think she and Tom were celibate while married. That's why he divorced her when she got pregnant last time. It was proof that she was unfaithful. As for TomKat, she has a fab prenup agreement. Marry Tom, produce an heir through IVF or something like that, and make millions of dollars. Katie married him to advance her career and make some money. Don't you remember his first wife, Mimi Rogers? Didn't she say that he refused to have sex with her for some wierd reason?

As for her eating, dang! I wonder if she eats at all! She's a walking skeleton. Seen in real life with no makeup, she looks like an old anorexic.

Just my opinion.

2397 days ago


yeah right,embarresed of her,
he is an embarresement,idiot couch jumper.

2397 days ago

Animal Lover    

#20 know you're right, she doesn't seem to have roots anywhere and I forgot about that movie she's making having sex with a young boy. I guess her adopted kids are pretty sick of her never being there for them. I'm sorry I called them ingrates I feel really bad for that. I'm glad you said those things Emily because my opinion of Kidman has changed. No wonder those kids won't call her mom or mummy !!!

2397 days ago


any man who allows his kids to call their Step mom ,mom, is wrong.
i don't know of 1 woman that would allow that in their family.
i don't care how much she hops around the globe,katie is his wife,not their mom.

2397 days ago


In the film The Invasion she also has see-through undies on, while playing in a scene opposite a child actor. This isn't part of the story, there's no need for it.

She definitely has some WEIRD fetishes. Rappers, short drug addicts, homosexuals and little boys. Nice! Too bad people don't believe in witches anymore, like I say, because she definitely is one. Kubrick knew it when he made Eyes Wide Shut. The "sailor" she wants to sleep with is a reference to the man from the sea in the Bible, that is, the devil. Most redheads are witches, everyone knew that in the Middle Ages.

2397 days ago

She looks like hell    

#10 Jamie, LMAO, I don't know. Sixteenth! YEAH! It's stupid and childish I guess. I've been first on many a TMZ thread and I've never said first. It's DUMB. However, I'm older so I guess it's a kid thing.

I will never believe that a celebrity/anyone on earth is pregnant until I hear it from their own lips. If someone eats a large dinner they are on "bump watch". The bump thing is stupid by the way. The product of all these vacuous and pointless Hollywood marriages mostly wind up as part of a divorce settlement. I won't bother citing examples, there are so many. Sure, some of these freakish matches survive but not many. We have NO idea what these people think, feel, do, talk about, plan, dream of etc. Why? Because they don't TELL US. All we have left is speculation and almost always, they are wrong. I think these publications should be sued, and often. If someone claimed I was pregnant and I wasn't? I'd sue. It's slander and libel (I know they are different but there are often printed stories and accompanying video).

2397 days ago


lots of actresses in hollywood play sexual people,should all their kids be snatched away from them too?

2397 days ago
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