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Brady Nails the Record, then Gisele

12/31/2007 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Who cares about making football history -- when off the field you're scoring with Gisele Bundchen?!

Cameras caught Patriots quarterback-turned-New England hero Tom Brady out with his super hot, supermodel girlfriend for a victory dinner in New York last night.

Brady was in the Apple this weekend for the Patriots' final game of the year -- ending the season with a perfect 16-0 record.

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There's no justifying it or blaming other teams - the PATRIOTS got caught cheating. So we'll never know if they could have done it without cheating.

Oh yeah, what about the chick that he knocked up and left? LOSER.

2489 days ago

yo mama    

thats nice of you to say your wife is prettier. A supermodel is known all over the world for their looks. A super model makes millions a year to have their picture taken. Supermodels usually have been on the cover of every magazine out there..including Sports Illustrated..Regular models don't get famous, and dont make over 50K a year. If this chick is ugly...every regular women out there must be dog meat.

2489 days ago


She is tall and thin but she is ugly.

2489 days ago


MMM sure the Pats did some terrific cheating against who.. oh yeah the loser Jets. Sounds like the New York contingent is hard at work knocking the best team ever with their crap about cheating. See yah in Super Bowl!

2489 days ago


She's tall and thin, being the prerequisites for being a supermodel. Her ugly face (as well as body flaws) will get airbrushed and professionally made up to look less trollish. Thank god for photoshop. :P

Britney has also been on the cover of virtually every magazine out there and makes over 50K a year, does that mean she's on her way to being a supermodel?

2489 days ago

just wondering    

Who cares what Tom Brady does when he's not playing football? Michael Jordon and Shaquim O'Neal both just got a divorce, Michael Vick is in prison, etc., etc. They are among the most talented athletes ever. Their personal lives may be a mess, but nobody can deny their athletic ability. The fact that we pay admission to the stadium doesn't give us the right to intrude on their personal lives (unless they're doing something criminal like Vick, then the justic system has the right to step in). Some of us think that because we watch the game on TV or in person, that we should tell them how to run their lives. Tom Brady is a great quarterback and he got the job done. End of story.

2489 days ago


What a bunch of CRY BABIES............................Tom is by far one of the greatest QB's in NFL history.................The stats speak for themselves....................waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh......................Cry you bunch of LOSERS

2489 days ago


Hey I'm not a Jets fan and I don't care one way or the other about the Patriots. But they did cheat. And Brady is a jerk, the way he left that chick he knocked up. Those are facts. They hardly make him a great man.

Oh yeah, Giselle is ugly.

2489 days ago


Supermodel definition

* Able to fit a certain size dress
* Must have unique look - not hot/attractive look; just unique
* Must have a flat as or sleezestack from the land of the lost disposition
* Must do crack and have soggy cornflake personality
* Must lack self confidence
* Must pro-claim to be a super model to feel good about oneself
* Must date famous people because it makes you feel good - but know deep inside you aren't attractive; just unique
* Must get a tattoo and think it means you are unique.. when actually, if you don't have a tattoo - you are the unique one
* Must have a large mouth that is awkwardly annoying
* Must obviously be bad in bed or you wouldn't have gone into the look at me business in the first place

let's face it.. they have a magazine that says the top 100 most beautiful woman.. get it right loser magazine people... it is the top 100 most recognizable woman that you claim to be somewhat famous.. it should not be the 100 most beautiful woman... I just went to the home depot and target today.. why did I see at least 6 woman much hotter than 50 and above..?? hmmm it's because it's the 100 most recognizable woman you claim.... so please, get it right... let's call it what it is. BE HONEST

2489 days ago


Kelli...just FYI, #21 tracey, isn't the same as #13. But as for the Cowboys, they have a chance, just keep Jessica out of the stands!!!

2489 days ago


Thanks for the FYI Tracy. I dont want to talk about Jessica. Feels like a repeat of Carrie Underwood from last year. We be supersticious. lol

2489 days ago


He better soak up all the attention he can. The PATS will lose in the Playoffs. JAGS gonna kick thier butts! GO COLTS!

2489 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

to just wondering@1:54PM - You state: 'Who cares what Tom Brady does when he's not playing football?' I'd say his son does.
You also state: 'Tom Brady is a great quarterback and he got the job done. End of story.' Forget that this is a pic of Brady and his 'supermodel' girlfriend. I forgot that Brady is just a quarterback, and not a man, and that life is just about getting a pigskin full of air past a chalk mark on fake grass.

2489 days ago


The greatest team to ever grace the football field and all you losers want to do is trash Tom.................get a life people, find something else to do besides down grade one of the greatest QB's of the game...................I would say that the record books says it all.....................you can all kiss his superbowl ring..............................see you in the footballs hall of fame Tom

2489 days ago


Aww, look at his gay little shoes.

2489 days ago
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