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Look Out, Folks -- Here Comes Heidi's Single

1/17/2008 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't say we didn't warn you.

TMZ has learned that Heidi Montag's attempted aural assault first single, called "Higher," is on its way in just a few short weeks, with a digital-only release on February 5 -- the same time that the video, produced by the Spencer Pratt, comes out. If you thought you'd heard quite enough on Ryan Seacrest's show ('memba that?), that wasn't really the single. Yes, that means there's more.

If anything, the single should be a fascinating tableaux of musical styles, as Heidi, in a release, cites such musical influences as Jesus, Theron Feemster (no, we didn't, either) and Britney Spears.

There's some joke to be made here about "The Hills" being alive with the sound of Heidi's music, but we're not going to make it.


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Who cares about this dumb (lucky she knew a girl on Laguna Beach) broad! She is just trying to get a whole bunch of hype about her stupid song! Hey Heidi NO ONE cares about your stupid song or ur ugly reality tv boyfriend!!!

2441 days ago

Why do people care?    

This is stupid. The only reason why that bitch is getting her own single is because she's famous. Why? Because she and that stupid Lauren brat are on shows like The Hills. This is not right--there are tons of people out in this world today who are trying to get that kind of fame WITH ACTUAL TALENT, whereas Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag and Kristen Cavelarri--or however you spell her last name--lack any Hollywood talent, and are only famous becase of their stupid reality show. Why does America care about them? The only reason they got famous was because they were born as rich bitches on the coastal side of Orange County who cause all this supposed "drama". Besides, shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills are HALF-scripted, not FULLY SCRIPTED, showing that, yes, the show is not completely real drama.

2441 days ago


She fully believes this single will be out and she will be a star. Is she thinking "Paris Hilton has been" is going to take her under her wing? We all know what happens when she does that - lives start to unravel. Besides no one cares what Paris does anymore. No one likes Heidi she is fugly, fake and she cannot sing. Her disco tunes sound like something from a comedy mock up and that monkey man is always hanging around flapping his arms like a comic baboon. I'll bet he's in her video sing hoo hoo hoo in the background!

2441 days ago


first of all Heidi seems like she could have an okay voice, maybe it could be played at the club I mean the song that wasn't suppose to be heard a few months ago wasn't too bad but she shouldn't of had spencer rap in the song because it made the song sound tacky but I don't think we should judge heidi's music based on her personal life like her relationship with spencer or her past friendship with Lauren because she could really have a talent and we're only judging her based on things we see on T.V give it a chance ...hey, you never know?!?

2441 days ago


savannah even in the first season heidi wasn't really a good friend to Lauren I mean she was the one who got Lauren in trouble on her first assignment for Teen Vouge but there was a sure difference in their friendship before because Heidi valued their friendship more before Spencer came in the picture, but since Spencer Heidi kind of lost herself a bit though she might of felt Lauren was being to controlling or, to bossy trying to tell her she shouldn't be with Spencer, I'm sure Lauren was only doing that to be a good friend she)Heidi) probably got sick of Lauren doing that so that's why she moved out and lived with Spencer because she knew with Lauren her and Spencer would have broken up and I guess her relationship with Spencer was more important to her then her friendship with Lauren since she probably thought they could be friends until Spencer spread the rumor about the sex tape which i think Spencer only did that so Lauren would hate Heidi so they could never be friends again so Spencer really isn't a good guy to do that to their friendship, I really don't like Spencer but I do like Heidi sometimes boys that you love no matter what you're gonna love them even when they do bad things it's weird but I do like her but I def like Lauren too and understand and agree with her reasons to not be friends with Heidi because you're suppose to trust your best friend and if she's gonna let Spencer spread this rumor than she's just as guility..spencer's to blame and she shouldn't marry him she should move on to save herself from anything else he could do I just don't trust him at all.

2441 days ago



2441 days ago

I am poster 58    

Heidi is really dreaming. No one likes her or her weirdo boyfriend....PUBLICITY and ATTN seekers that's all they are.

2441 days ago


Okay, you really shouldn't judge. Just because everyone hates her on TV (which I think they shouldn't, since Lauren Conrad seems meaner) doesn't mean she can't sing. And if she can't sing, she can't sing! Don't listen to the song and keep your nose out of innocent people's business. All the rumors are not necessarily true about her. Has anyone confirmed them? No!

2441 days ago


really. she lists jesus as one of her musical influences. anybody? really?

2440 days ago
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