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Kat Von D -- Next Mel Gibson?

2/8/2008 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Upon being fired from "Miami Ink" last year, tattoo artist Kat Von D allegedly signed a photograph addressed to her former boss, Ami James, and drew a swastika and a flaming Star of David on it. Subtle, no?

Kat Von D
TMZ has obtained the photograph in question, a headshot of Kat that reads, "Burn in hell Jewbag." No one witnessed Kat write the message, but Chris Garver, another tattoo artist on "Miami Ink," tells TMZ Kat personally handed him the photo.

When Ami, who is Jewish, received the photo, sources tell us he went to TLC and was rebuffed. We're told after Ami had a lawyer intervene, TLC went to a handwriting analyst who concluded "there is a 99% probability that Kat Von D" wrote the message. In early July 2007, Avi's lawyer went to TLC with the analysis. They simply sent him a letter back that acknowledged receiving the results and said, "We trust that this information will be kept strictly confidential."

Kat's spinoff show, "LA Ink," premiered a month later.

When contacted about the photo, Ami told TMZ he wasn't as offended by the photo as he was by the indifference toward it, saying, "What is more devastating to me, and much more shameful is when people ignore something like this for the sake of the money or self-interest. That is the real 'punch in the gut.'"

TLC gave TMZ this statement: "A publicity photo was brought to the network's attention eight months ago that contained extraordinarily offensive language. A full investigation was immediately conducted to determine whether anyone associated with the network was involved. Kat vehemently denied authoring the text and after completing the investigation, it was determined that insufficient evidence existed to conclude that she had. Therefore, no disciplinary action was taken. The network always takes these matters seriously and follows what we believe to be an appropriate course of action as dictated by the circumstances and available information."

Kat's personal publicist issued this statement: "The recent accusation of a publicity photo of me with offensive and anti-semitic comments and graphics allegedly written by me is completely false and unfounded, and clearly a forgery. This was already proven many months ago to be 100 percent untrue. I always have been, and will continue to be an advocate for tolerance of all races, religions and ways of life."

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i'm just a girl    

I agree with #62, #66, #71. #90, and #105. Bring back Dog. There is nothing like sellouts trying to get back at someone for there misfortunes and mistakes. I really think that Kat is innocent and we should leave this stupidity alone. TMZ could report on better things than that. We are all biggots in some shape or form to other races and even to our own. Even more so to our own I've seen it first hand. So we all should just try to get over it. As long as there is people there will always be hatred in some shape or form.

2413 days ago


kat never got fired..... AMI had his tong in a knot knowing that she made him look like a dumb ass, SHE QUIT and took her success back home to california... Best move she ever made because MIAMI SUCKS....... Oh, and BTW my trip to miami and checking out your shop, let me tell you about NASTY and customer service, omg i can get better service in a gas station, your bar, WHAT A JOKE..... take a hyke dude.....

2409 days ago


This is fake - I have met Kat several times, and have her signature, and I have read something else that she has wrote for somebody, i can say, this IS NOT her handwriting, and NOT her signature. - sorry people, don't believe everything you read - this is a fraud and whoever did this did it for this reason only - to give her a bad name. People are just jealous of her.

2405 days ago

I call Shotgun    

Pot meet kettle.

2452 days ago


Who cares...timely announcement of the picture. Miami Ink ratings not to snuff?

2452 days ago

who fuggin cares    

And they wonder why it's against Talmudic law for Jews to get tattoos?

2452 days ago


I have no idea who this is, but I don't think this will help her.

2452 days ago


She's very pretty!

2452 days ago


Fourth, bitches!

2452 days ago


WTF Is Wrong With Her???

2452 days ago


deny it if you want to work in this town again..dummy!

2452 days ago


You can tell that someone continued the line from the signature to make the swastika. It was not part of the original autograph. And with her talent as a tatoo artist, that handwriting does not even look like it would be hers, but from a guy. The dude probably did it himself.

2452 days ago


The swastika is BACKWARDS.

2452 days ago


Kat's just mad she got fired.

2452 days ago

J Byrd    

She looks scary! And sleezy too, like the kind of girl who can scare kids just by her mere presence. Yikes!

2452 days ago
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