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Rapper Juvenile's Daughter Murdered

2/29/2008 8:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops in Georgia arrested a 17-year-old boy on Friday and charged him with killing his mother, who was a local sheriff's deputy, and his two small sisters. One of those little girls was the daughter of rapper Juvenile.

Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr. allegedly gunned down his mother, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Deputy Joy Deleston, 39, and her two daughters, Micaiah, 11, and Jelani, 4.

Jelani was Juvenile's daughter. In 2003, the rapper, whose real name is Terius Gray, was arrested for abandonment of a dependent child after a DNA test determined he was the father.

Terrell, a sophomore at Central Gwinnett High School, has been charged with three counts of murder and three counts of aggravated assault. He is currently being held in the DeKalb County Jail.

UPDATE: A statement was released to TMZ saying, "Juvenile was extremely saddened to hear the reports. As a private matter he has no further comment."


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i dont know what is wrong with ppl these days, the ignorant things that are displayed on here is apalling. Why must ppl always blame Rap for every thing ,but i must admit that it is out of control but in this case its irrelevent. you want to know the real problem its AMERICA, yeah i said it this country was built on slavery,murder, theivery, and hatred and racism, this country is the most racist country in the world. and u white ppl didnt no one say anything about heavy metal yall worship demons at concert drink and eat feces and urine biting off rats heads and drinking it blood , i must say we learn from the best. white america is the most devist and hateful ppl on the planet of the earth. u came to Africa and let me tell what history dont want u to know Africans didnt jus sell our ancestors to white ppl. white ppl came to Africa, wanted to sell and trade goods with the Africans and they wasn't hearing it so they gave them weapons alot of different tribes caused wars bwt them and then they sold their prisoners of war to the white slave trader and they captured many. u see they befriended them tricked and decieved them. and if that wasn't enough wiilie lynch taught them how to tame them make the men strong physically and mentally they are weak. we lived in a land where it was okay to rape a black woman it was okay to hang and skin alive a black they could tie him up to two horses going seperate ways and set the man on fire and watch the horese pull this man apart a live. AND U WANT TO BLAME RAP MUSIC hell naw. and if that wasnt enough the white ppl damn near wiped out the Indian community be friended them as well but then spread diseases among them forced most off their own land and made some slaves. so i am not buying it.

2412 days ago


I know my post may be late, but I just want to say that this is truly a shame. May God keep the families of the victims. Whatever problems that young man may have had, he had no right to take his anger out on his mother and little sisters. He especially had no right to take his anger out on a four-year-old baby. For those who say that she is better off dead, you should be ashamed of yourself. May God have mercy on your soul. For the person who said "Why should Juvenile care?" I say this to you, HE IS THE CHILD'S FATHER. He has every damn right to care. That was his BABY that was gunned down by the hands of her older brother. If you had a child that was gunned down by someone, wouldn't you care? So don't presume to know what the situation was or how Juvenile may have felt about it.

2406 days ago

Lizette Greene    

whether you listen to his music or not's not about himit's about 2 babies and thier mother being shot to death by their brother and son. If you think that this does not bother him your sadly mistaken.

2395 days ago

Lizette Greene    

that's sad

2395 days ago


thats just sad why would he do something lke that ,thats what i wanna know, them poor babys didn.t even get a chance 2 live life he ought to be put under the jail and juve my prayers are wit that familt for real every dody has there ups and down in the end that was that mans daughter and now he will never be able to hold or see her again and same goes for the other little girls father what a tragic story

2378 days ago

9's MAMA    


First I read about the shooting on cnn, now its connected to Juvenile
Is it me or are there just too many shooting going on these dayz

stay up Juve, may they all RIP

2426 days ago


How sad. 17 and only a sophmore? there were some issues there

Ron Paul 2008!

2426 days ago


Well, my question is.. if Juvenile abandoned the girl as his own, what does he really care? I'm sure he'll be upset, but nobody can sit here and say OH POOR JUVENILE!! because he's the one that left her. Unless he was involved in her life, he has no reason to milk this thing at all.

2426 days ago


So many crimes commited with these firearms... Columbine High School, that Success Tech shooting, and now something like this? Where the hell has the world gone to?

2426 days ago


Very sad, but sounds like she is better off....sounds like she has a bunch of loosers for family members.

2426 days ago


How very sad.

2426 days ago

Dracs Spago    

What a horrible tragedy! Only a truly evil soul could commit such a horrible act. My deepest sympathies for all involved. God bless.

2426 days ago


sherricheu. She is better off dead? You posted this to just get a response from some dummy that fell for it right? oh...

2426 days ago

Grandmother Lohan    

how sad?
1 in 9 african american males 20-34 are in jail! That's sad!

2426 days ago

yonkers new york    


2426 days ago
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