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Trump Flaunts Teen for Vodka Party?

3/18/2008 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump and his vodka line could be in hot water after pics surfaced of a 17-year-old girl -- naked except for body paint -- serving (and quaffing) drinks at a 944 Magazine Super Bowl party for the vodka.
Donald Trump
In photos obtained by Nik Richie over at, Chanell Elaine Hallett is seen working as a hostess -- totally nude except for a little paint. According to the website, her drivers license suggests that her 18th birthday would've fallen about a week and a half after the Super Bowl week event. (And in case you're wondering, it's common for AZ licenses to be good for 50 years.)

For their part 944 Magazine says they "had no part in hiring promotional models for the Trump Vodka lounge. Trump Vodka outsourced the models through an Arizona-based promotional modeling and marketing agency and neither party was aware of the underage hire. All precautions were taken to ensure all service staff was of legal age, and we do intend to investigate the issue further."

Reps for Trump didn't return calls seeking comment.

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I like the way they 'accidently' missed covering her nipple in one of the photos.

2377 days ago


Oh, and I almost forgot, FIRST BITCHES!

2377 days ago


People love to get naked in Arizona. Look at American Idol's David Hernandez... I'm all for nudity as long as people are of age. It's no good that she was only seventeen while being paid to be practically naked and drink / promote alcohol.

2377 days ago


Who hired her? I am sure that she lied about her age to get the job. She is the one that needs to be in HOT water! I am sure that Donald Trump had better things to do than be a part of the hiring process. But, if it is his Vodka and that is what she was serving then I am sure someone will file a suit against Trump! Another ridiculous law suit! Is she the one that came forward and divulged her age? Something is not right about this whole story!!!!!!

2377 days ago


I am sure Donald Trump did not interview her and hire her.

2377 days ago


Trump is a wreck. Sleazeball.

2377 days ago


Of course they had 17 y.o. models. Who else has boobs that perky?

2377 days ago


I heard an interview with Donald Trump recently and he stated that alcohol, coffe and cigarettes have never touched his lips. He claimed it was because his older brother died due to alcoholism. This same guy hosts a Vodka parry with a monor serving alcohol. I know he probably did not the hiring personally, but it's the responsibility of the employer to get proper ID and not assume what they are told is true. Heer drivers license clearly states she was underage. And yes, my 23 year old daughter lives in AZ, and her drivers license expires in 2071 when she is 87 years old!

2377 days ago


The legal drinking age in AZ is 21; so it does not matter if she was 17 or 18 when she served alcohol, she was underage. If you are too young to legally drink alcohol in AZ, you are not legally allowed to serve it. Trump should hire more competent people who verify these things beforehand. If an underaged person served alcohol in a "regular" bar, that establishment would have their liquor license taken away and they would be out of business. I wonder who Trump paid off in order to not pay a fine. Why isn't someone up on delinquency of a minor charge? Big bucks always seems to make their own rules, regardless of the law.

2377 days ago

I wanna go to rehab too    

For Dallas...How could she have lied about her age when her GRADUATED driver's licence says she'll be under the age of 21 untill 2011... I know alot of people can't do math but for GOD's sake even my 8 year old son knows that 17 is less than 21
And where in the world are the girl's parents in all this...and where do they think she go her paycheck from...And if she was hired by an agent of Trump's then he is ultimately RESPONSABLE for her being hired in the first place...regardless if he interviewed her or not....Either way he's in a whole lot a trouble.....

2377 days ago


Big Deal!!

2377 days ago


OMG her license expires in 2055 WTF

2377 days ago

Team Adnan    

This nothing more than a tabloid lie and an attempt to smear Mr. Trump. There is absolutely no substance to this or connection to Mr. Trump.

2377 days ago


Trump is filthy rich. Different laws for the rich. He'll be ok.....just watch.

2377 days ago


#11 lv - Whenever one is hired (in the US), one has to produce a copy of their social security card and drivers license! Did she have a fake drivers license??? Obviously, you did not understand what I was tring to say.....................Yes, she is underage and should not have ben hired but, don't put all the blame on TRUMP!

2377 days ago
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