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How Low Can

LiLo's Ex Go?

3/20/2008 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So there's a couple o' still pics zooming around the Internet today....purportedly from a sex tape featuring Lindsay Lohan and ex-ex-ex-ex-boyfriend Calum Best. ...aka scumbag.

But no one would be surprised if Best, renowned on more than one continent for douchebaggery, was responsible for hawking a tape. What do you think?

BTW, It's a felony in California to surreptitiously record someone where there's a reasonable expectation of privacy.

UPDATE: A rep for Best tells Us it's not him,

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So he has the orgasm and she gets "what" out of it? Girls are soooooooooooo dumb!

2405 days ago

Lisa Lagz    

Leave her alone! She has sex... just like most other people. She has problems... worse than some other people. She is young and learning... as we all have to. At least she has talent and works for a living! Waste your time criticizing worthless pieces like Paris Hilton...

2405 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

#82 Paris is innocent as the driven snow compared to Lohan..

2405 days ago


who cares if it was lindsay or not. yall act like its wrong to give your boyfriend some oral sex!! shes jus being normal!

2405 days ago


Look at the forehead, they aren't the same.

2405 days ago


It's not Lindsay! Can't everyone tell. It's the one that wants to be just like her sister when she grows up! It's Lindsay's little sister! That's her mother holding the camera! This is a pre-screening before they got that new reality t.v. show! More to c*m!

2405 days ago


Who hasnt done that before? why make a fuss about it. the real sick person is the one who's putting out this video.

2405 days ago


You can't even tell who is even in the picture. The quality is so terrible it can be anybody! but hey! we are celebrity obsessed wankers who'll believe whatever the media tells us is in the picture

2404 days ago


WHO CARE! People have sex...and it's not like all of you haven't either gave or recieved a BJ!

2404 days ago


Some say that she can't act or sing but here she sure knows how to play the flute!

2404 days ago


Is this her? Look at her famous profile.

2404 days ago


Tabz is right. She is slutty and has a new man evey other week. I am not surprised at all she has a sex tape. The girl is a train wreak.

2404 days ago


leslie and Kim Don't kid yourselves. Women rarely, if ever, receive oral sex.

2404 days ago


Wow! So much hostility....

Whether this is true or not, come on, People! What do you expect? It's Hollywood....It's not like this is new.

2403 days ago


this is horrible and its not even true ! that is a manmade blurred picture of god knows who and in know way is it proven to be lindsay. im blonde and im sure if i angle my face in that position, pretend to wrap my mouth around something and then blur the camera i could make a picture just like that ! would you believe me if i posted it up on here and said it was from a trusted source ? get real people. im not spreading your supposed dirty laundry on the internet, and you shouldnt be so interested in other's either. lindsay can live her life however she wants. she wants to live her life and not be judged. so why cant everyone else live there lives without judging people on how they live theres?

2337 days ago
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