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Crash Victim to Hogans: You're Responsible

3/24/2008 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family of John Graziano, the man injured in Nick Hogan's August 2007 street racing crash, has filed suit against Hulk, Linda and Nick Hogan alleging they were negligent and are directly liable for the wreck that seriously injured the former Marine.
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According to court papers filed today in Pinellas County, Fla. Circuit Court by Graziano's court-appointed guardian Peter Musante, Hulk and Linda (whose real names are Terry and Linda Bollea) should be held legally responsible for their son's accident.

In the suit, Musante alleges that Nick negligently operated his Toyota Supra by racing another man in a Dodge Viper, a car also owned by Hulk. The suit claims the Bolleas were aware of Nick's need for speed and knew that he had souped-up his vehicle for the purpose of racing.

Launch photosIn the suit, Musante also says Hulk purchased alcohol the day of the accident -- August 26 -- and that Hulk "knew or should have known" Nick was driving under the influence of the crash and he failed to take appropriate action.

The lawsuit also names Daniel Jacobs, who was driving the Viper that night, as a co-defendant. He pleaded no contest to reckless driving last month.


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We've come so far Nina    

1st biznatchez

2315 days ago


I am very suprised that they waited until now to file suit.

2315 days ago


of course they should be held responsible...nick has no money.

2315 days ago


Good for them - glad to see they did it!! (TMZ you need to proof - some of it doesn't make any sense).

2315 days ago


Bout damn time!!!!! Maybe they'll pull his ass outta da clubs and start making him realize that there's a LIFE on the line....all because of his dumb actions!!!! Send 'em all to jail for being stupid and heartless!!!!!!!!

2315 days ago


It's about time.These people need to be taught the most severe lesson and I hope the victims family take every scent Hulk has earned in the past 10 years..Maybe then they'll move back to the trailer park where they belong.

2315 days ago


Oh give me a break. So this John didn't know when he was getting into the car that Nick had "souped-up his vehicle for the purpose of racing"? He obviously did so why get in the car? Either way the Hogans should have expected this to happen.

2315 days ago


Well I guess Hulk better call Vince McMahon for his old job back, Linda better go back to waitressing and Nick better get a job at Burger King.

2315 days ago


it's not a good sign they are filing suit, I hope this does not mean they have made a decision about this poor man John Graziano. Either something has gone downhill in the relationship, or the family has realized that this process is irreversable. So sad...

2315 days ago

G spot    

Is nobody personally responsible anymore. Why did Graziano get in the car with Nick in the first place?

2315 days ago


So I guess in court they will prove that Nick forced John into the car with him and then forcibly kept him from wearing a seat belt as required by law?

Don't get me wrong - Nick is an idiot, but the family needs to get over it, isn't John like 22 or 23? He's responsible for his actions which include getting in a car with someone that everyone in the free world knows can't drive and then he decided not to wear his seatbelt - maybe they should sue Toyota for making the Supra! Or Greddy, or whoever, for making the Turbo's that were on the car tha made it faster? Oh wait! What about the tire manufacturer because the car lost grip?


2315 days ago


It would be the same for any one of us. Why should Linda and hulk be different ? No wonder Dad didn't want his 6 girls to drive ! Wait, we were pretty good drivers and we did NOT drink. But, we waved at friends, etc. OK, Dad.

2315 days ago


This person should have known to put his seatbelt on before Nick drove the car. But he did not, so really partly his fault that he is in the condition that he is in. Not to sound insensitive or to side with the Hogans, but everyone must take responsibility for their actions.

2315 days ago


They deserve to get sued. Hulk and Linda raised a moron with a complete disregard for others. Just because you're "famous" (and I use that term very loosely), does not make you invincible. Nick deserves everything that's coming to him. What an idiot.

2315 days ago


G spot - I agree. However, Nick was a minor at the time of the accident, otherwise, the suit would be brought against him as an individual (and the father for purchasing the alcohol anyway) But b/c he wasn't, it would go against the parents. Although John made the collective decision to get in the car with his friend, Nick is still the driver and still responsbile for his passenger. I think when any one of us get into a car with someone else driving, it's under the assumption that they have your safety at best interest. Again, I hope this doesn't mean they have made a "decision" regarding this man, hopefully they are just filing to settle this. Pay up, Hulk....

2315 days ago
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