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Heidi's Pad

Nothing But

Pussies and Peckers

4/1/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Fleiss moved out of the Nevada home she's been renting, leaving behind damage that makes it look like Jack Hanna had been living there!

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Fleiss packed up three weeks ago, but left behind her two cats and a ton of damage done to the place ... by her parrots. The owner estimates the repairs are around $30k. Maybe Heidi can work it off!

Heidi had been renting the house in Nye County for the past 2 1/2 years, paying $1,000 a month in rent. Things were so bad at the house, the county and several neighbors sent the owner letters telling her to clean up the place.

Calls to Heidi's manager and lawyer were not immediately returned.


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Michelle LL    

How can a human being leave pets behind. Call the animal shelter stupid. And parrots can't do THAT MUCH damage to a house. 30K ? Looks like a lot more. I hope she gets what's coming to. Dirty, selfish lil' ho.

2397 days ago



2397 days ago


Poor cats. I hope someone's rescued them by now.

2397 days ago


Better get some animal activists on her case. How DARE she let her cats live in that filth and then leave them to starve. Someone should leave her in a moldy dungeon somewhere to starve. Bitch!

2397 days ago


What an utterly juvenile and vulgar headline. I didnt think even TMZ would stoop this low, AND you can't even spell correctly. The word should end in "ies", not "ys", which indicates what intelligent writers you have. I can't believe anyone would dare to post this trash and call it celebrity news. The headline, as filthy and suggestive as it is, is also misleading. It's about animals, but TMZ has to once again cheapen things and make something sexual and dirty out of it. Your "writers", and I only use that term loosely, have no sense of decency at all, and certainly no imagination. This is in extremely poor taste, and highly suggestive. This is indicative of where our society is headed; where nothing is off limits and there is no decency left. Guys, you have really crossed the line of decency here.

2397 days ago

Right back at ya    

This is an example of why there are so many unwanted and neglected animals that are abused or abandoned. These cats will surely starve to death, or end-up in a shelter, where they will be put-to-death. People should be held accountable for their mistreatment of animals. Meaning severe sentences, as well as probation.

2397 days ago


Such a vulgar headline and 95% of the posters here don't even notice it. There is very little decency left in this world.

2397 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Left her cats!???? What a disgusting human being!

2397 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

She's such an ugly, a-moral person..How can she stand living with herself..

2397 days ago

Just Wondering    

What a heartless skank stupid whore!!! I would never leave my cats or any pets behind!

Hope she rots in hell!

2397 days ago

He makes me sick    

So where's PETA's statement about this one? Don't they usually make a big stink over something like this? A so-called celebrity abandoning her animals to starve or worse? And isn't this a misdemeanor to abandon an animal? Let's put her in jail and save a few guys from disease.

2397 days ago


Captain Marvel: "Such a vulgar headline and 95% of the posters here don't even notice it. "

And the other 4.9999999999% either think it's funny or don't get their undies in such a bunch that they're compelled to complain about it.

2397 days ago


Wow, well what do you expect, she looks and acts like a skank, is it any surprise she lives like one? I heard she was going with Dennis Hoff the guy that owns the brothel in Reno and Carson City, he sure sets his standards low, doesn't he!

2397 days ago


Um, "Captain", I think we do notice. This is TMZ - are you new to this site? Because the headline and writing of this story is pretty par for the course... You're not really educating TMZ readers or writers. They know exactly what they're doing. If you want tasteful stories and writers, stop coming on TMZ. That's not what it's made of...

2397 days ago


i hate @$$#oles who leave their pets behind when they move! she deserves to get back together with Tom Sizemore. what a nasty slob she is!!

2397 days ago
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