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Nickelback Singer to Cops

Blow Me!

4/2/2008 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad KroegerDon't ask Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger to blow in your face -- especially if you think he's been drinking!

According to Kroeger's lawyer, when Canadian cops stopped the singer in June of 2006 for speeding in his red Lamborghini Diablo, a cop asked him to blow in his face to see whether or not he had alcohol on his breath.

The lawyer also argued that cops waited too long before taking a breath sample, which the cops blame on Kroeger. They say he was pissed about having to leave his $175,000 ride on the side of the road.

Chad was convicted. He'll be sentenced May 1.


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His music has NOTHING to do with this. He drove drunk - period. He needs to take responsibility and not act like a victim. When a drunk driver is on the road, I don't care what he does for a living....I want his selfish, reckless sorry a** pulled over and taken away.

2374 days ago


He's damn lucky he got away with what he did. A fine and loss of driving priviledges for a year is a small price to pay for his irresponsibility. Don't pummel me here but I do like Nickelback (yes I'm Canadian) but regardless I think they should have dropped his ass in jail for the six months. He complains that his rights were violated because the cop asked him to blow his alcohol laced breath in his face. I guess Chad doesn't think he violated anyone elses rights on the road that night he chose to drive drunk. He is above thinking of anyone else but himself and feels that others lives are dispensible. Well Chad tell that to every mother who has cried when they found out their child was killed by a drunk driver. Every other parent, sibling, grandparent, friend etc who has had a loved one die as a result of a selfish act of drunk driving as you did that night. Screw the lambourgini, what about human life? Another thing that ticks me off is the fact that he was not man enough to go stand in that court room and face what he did. That just shows that he doesn't take the incident seriously. Where is he? I hear he's in Europe partying it up with his buddies. I read the playboy article too and I'd like to see how long his relationship will last with Marianne. No sane woman would stay with a guy who would put a band before her UNLESS she's in it for the money. She doesn't love you dumbass. She loves your money. For every bad thing you have ever done in your life, it will come back tenfold and your Karmic debts name is Marianne, she's gonna take you to the cleaners and you will deserve it because thats the only way a pompous jerk like you will be humbled. Remember Karma buddy. Karma.

2374 days ago

i hate hollywood    

all you generic tards that like nickelcraps music, you seriously need to turn off the radio, and go find some QUALITY music to listen to. THIS GUY SUX....oh and as far a celebs getting dui's, BIG DEAL, they get community service and pay off the hours. Any normal citiczen would spend tons of money in fines and fees, and would loose their license and have a criminal record. Superstars just get a pass and a smack on the wrist, Chads LIMP WRIST! And to the EX girlfriend poster, STFU!, your an ex for a reason. How could you date that ugly scraggly hired mess, Im sure you did it for love too, and not just money...

2374 days ago


#16 what type of music do you listen to?

2374 days ago


Drunks can be a dangerous pain in the arss. Nothing worse than being sober and having to deal with a drunk. Evidently when this guy gets drunk, his ego gets bigger than his ride.

2374 days ago


this is punishment for making some of the worst music on the earth. seriously this guy's music is useless and has no value or substance and requires a minimum of intelligence to listen to.

2374 days ago


#16- I was with him before the money, honey.

2374 days ago


I love drinking and driving ! still go booze crusin with the boys...Really I think I can drive a little bit better when I've had a few. Just sayin

2374 days ago

Amber from NOntario    

I agree with the comment from the very first poster and a few of the others - the impaired driving laws are there for a reason - one drinks - one gradually losses (or quickly - depending on how they are drinking) their ability to make proper decisions (physically and mentally) so they need to get their butt in a cab - no matter who they are and if they do drink and drive they should suffer the consequences like anyone else. What is funny is that Nickleback's new song was playing on the radio as I was reading these posts. It was kind of funny. I like their music. So sue me.

2374 days ago


#17- I agree with you completely. Alcohol has been a problem for him for years. Marianne has to be a strong woman to stay with him. It's pretty hard to be with a man who's ego inflates with every sip of beer, believe me, I know. She is stronger than I was.

2374 days ago


Don't agree with him driving and drinking. But, I love Nickleback. He seems so laid bad. They have great music.
He's not a bad guy. This happend in 2006! I am sure he is wiser today. Kudos to his ex for saying nice things.
Most would have ripped him apart. Yeah I wanna be a rock star! But, someone will drive me around if I drink.

That goes for everyone in Hollywood and elsewhere. Rock on Nickleback!

2374 days ago

Peter Sutherland    

lame band, lame brain; what a loser

2374 days ago


Chad's ex so sorry you went through a lot. But, most of us don't know a whole lot about Nicleback. I see through his
songs especially Photograph some of the things he went through. I know it was not easy. Maybe with some help
he can get his problem together. I appreciate his talent. Thought he play well with Santana.

But, the drinking he is going to have to work on that! Learn something new everyday. I wish the best for you.

2374 days ago


wack jobs nothing cool comes from Canada? Thats the stupidest thing to say. Alot of actors, musicians ect are from Canada: Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Chong from Cheech and Chong, Evangeline Lilly, as well as alot of singers, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion ect.

2374 days ago


Chads ex.
I don't believe for a second that Marianne is a strong woman, she is a pampered woman. No woman in their right mind would tolerate that type of behaviour from her man. She is there and puts up with it because with his money she wants for nothing. When she marries him, if she hasn't already, all she has to do is just wait until he drinks himself to death and she can sit in her big fancy house and roll in his money. I dont believe for a minute she would stay with him if he didn't have the cash.

2374 days ago
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