Nickelback's Chad Kroeger Serenades Phoenix Suns' Alan Williams Reminds Him He Still Rocks


Chad Kroeger and Phoenix Suns power forward Alan Williams walk into an Arizona bar, and you can guess what happens next ... a one-on-one serenade sesh down memory lane!

The Nickelback frontman and Suns star were spotted hanging together last week at the Bottled Blonde bar and grill in Scottsdale, AZ, where Chad reminded Al of just who he really was by crooning the first few lines of the band's smash hit, "How You Remind Me."

It wasn't long before Alan started singing along, and then lauching into a full-on 2001 teen rock body thrash. He also appeared to be in disbelief that Chad was actually there with him ... nothing says "OMG, Chad Kroeger is singing to me!" like what Alan's doing here. No shame, buddy.

And just for old times' sake ... here it is again. Try to resist jamming out, if you dare.

Nickelback Canadian Cops Busted By Band ... Our Music Is No Joke

Nickelback isn't laughing about Canadian cops joking they'll torture drunk drivers by playing the band's music in patrol cars -- in fact, Nickelback got pissed and shut down the prank.

A spokesperson for Kensington Police tells TMZ a Nickelback rep demanded they take down the Facebook post that went viral this week. The post warned holiday season DUI offenders they'd get hit with fines, criminal charges, driving suspension and "the office's copy of Nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail."

Funny. To everyone but Nickelback. Cops say the rep was polite, but made it clear Chad Kroeger and co. didn't like being the butt of the joke. Apparently, they're not used to it yet.

Kensington cops say they never meant to embarrass the band, they were just looking for an effective way to get the anti-DUI message to the public. Mission accomplished.

Nickelback Sues Lloyd's of London They Gotta Pay for Chad's Cyst

Nickelback is going after one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, claiming the company is making up stories so it doesn't have to pay up millions for the cancellation of the group's tour due to Chad Kroeger's medical condition.

The band cancelled the last 2 legs of its "No Fixed Address Tour" back in June because Chad had developed a cyst on his vocal cord and had surgery to remove it, which put him out for 6 to 9 months.

As we previously reported, the band filed a $13 million claim with Lloyd's to cover the losses for the last half of the tour. The insurance company went to court, asking a judge to declare the policy void, claiming Chad's condition was pre-existing at the time the policy was issued.

Now Nickelback has fired back ... their lawyer Howard Weitzman saying it's absurd to say the condition was pre-existing, because Chad performed nearly 40 shows before the cyst issue surfaced.

Weitzman uses the magic words, "bad faith" in his lawsuit, which opens the door to punitive damages.

Chad Kroeger I Love Being Married to Avril Lavigne


You might hate his music ... you might even hate his goatee ... but you gotta appreciate the way Chad Kroeger gushed about his wife this weekend when we asked about his new marriage to Avril Lavigne.

The Nickelback frontman was leaving Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood last night after a dinner date with his wife -- when we asked about life as a newlywed (Chad and Avril tied the knot on July 1).

"It's an amazing feeling," Chad told us ... adding that he plans to stay in the honeymoon phase with Avril "until the day I die."

All in all, it's a pretty good clip ... and Chad couldn't have been nicer.

Almost makes us want to crank some "How You Remind Me" ... almost.

Avril Lavigne's Ex Gets NICKELBACKED in Halloween Diss-Fest

Deryck Whibley tried to drop a Halloween insult on his ex-wife Avril Lavigne -- but ended up getting verbally slayed by Chad Kroeger ... which is about as humiliating as knowing the lyrics to "Photograph."

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Chad Kroeger RIPS Avril's Ex-Hubby YOU'RE A NOBODY!!

Avril Lavigne's ex-husband ... JUST GOT OWNED BY THE GUY FROM NICKELBACK!!!

Here's what happened -- Deryck Whibley and his hot GF Ari Cooper went to a Halloween party this weekend dressed up as Avril and her new fiance Chad Kroeger.

Deryck was Avril ... Ari was Chad ... it's sorta funny, but kinda weird ... and a photo of the cross-dressing couple made it to Twitter (see above).

Now for the good part -- Chad Kroeger saw the pic and responded on his Twitter page with the following message:

And that is how you get owned by Nickelback.

Tiger Woods -- Why I'm a Nickelback Groupie ...

Tiger Woods just had a press conference moments ago, where he DEFENDED himself for attending a Nickelback concert last week -- unfortunately, he didn't explain how he was able to sit through it.

Tiger just took the mic in North Carolina, where he's preparing for this weekend's Quail Hollow Championship.

... and now we have that damn "Photograph" song stuck in our heads.

Tiger Woods Backstage -- Say Cheeeeese

TMZ has obtained a photo of Tiger Woods backstage at the Nickelback concert in Orlando Monday night -- where he partied away without his wife Elin Nordegren.

Decked out in Nike gear and a backstage pass draped around his neck, Woods cracked a huge smile for this photo with the band's stage manager, Donnie Floyd, in a private room ... a room stocked with red solo cups.

We're told Woods attended the show with another male friend. Tiger is reported to be close with Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger.

Tiger Woods Parties at Nickelback Concert

Tiger Woods partied like a rockstar last night -- leaving his Isleworth compound to hang out backstage at a Nickelback concert in Orlando, according to a source at the show.

We're told Woods was shrouded by security backstage at Amway Arena -- while the band did their thing.

We know Tiger's a big Nickelback fan -- he's even joined them on stage in the past... though last night he kept a much lower profile, for obvious reasons.

No word if Tiger hung around for after parties.

Nickelback Singer Sued over Busted Face

The lead singer of Nickelback is accused of beating the crap out of a furniture sales representative -- but the alleged victim claims it's Chad Kroeger's lack of remorse that hurts the most.

In the lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Noah Morse claims Kroeger "punched [him] forcefully in the mouth" while outside of a Vancouver bar back in 2007.

Morse says the devastating hit to the kisser made him lose consciousness, suffer a concussion and caused extensive damage to his grill -- including "one deadened front tooth... dislodged upper front teeth and permanent discoloration of more front teeth."

Morse -- who says Kroeger "expressed no remorse" over the fight -- is suing for a fistful of reasons, including loss of income and medical expenses.

Nickelback Singer to Cops Blow Me!

Don't ask Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger to blow in your face -- especially if you think he's been drinking!

According to Kroeger's lawyer, when Canadian cops stopped the singer in June of 2006 for speeding in his red Lamborghini Diablo, a cop asked him to blow in his face to see whether or not he had alcohol on his breath.

The lawyer also argued that cops waited too long before taking a breath sample, which the cops blame on Kroeger. They say he was pissed about having to leave his $175,000 ride on the side of the road.

Chad was convicted. He'll be sentenced May 1.

Nickelback Wants TMZ to Be Nice

TMZ caught Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger searching for our cameras outside Villa, where he asked us "to be nice" to him. Sure, we won't even mention his icky hair! Also in La La land, bootylicious bombshell Vida Guerra autographing her assets, "Sopranos" hottie Jamie Lynn Siegler lovin' her Blackberry, and David Arquette.

In New York for Fashion Week: Julianne Moore and Helena Christensen stepped up their style as they posed for photogs, while formerly wrinkled stylist Rachel Zoe was silent -- maybe her new face won't move! And Tommy Hilfiger flashed us the peace sign.

Kroeger Ain't Even Worth a Nickel

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger reminded paparazzi last night that he's a nobody -- telling them he doesn't "sell magazines, so f**k off."

Despite knowing how worthless he is, the striking "rocker" still managed to go home with an SUV full of chicks.

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