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Shows His Big Tip

4/3/2008 3:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed lied about his income and charged up ridiculous expenses, including insane tips, according to new court documents.

Britney Spears' newest lawyer, Stacy Phillips, filed documents challenging the legal fees that Brit was ordered to pay for Fed-ex. Phillips claims K-Daddy "understated his income by at least $200,000." She also says Federline buried all sorts of personal expenses and pretended to have $800,000 worth of business expenses. PopoZão!

According to the legal papers, Federline grossed $544,074.73 from his production company, "Gooseneck Productions" in 2007, and his expenses totaled $841,128.67. Phillips says Federline's so-called business expenses included "extraordinarily high tips for food and beverage services [e.g., $1,100.76 tip on $2,782 bill; $200 tip on $371.29 bill; and $2,000 tip on $365 bill].

What's not to love??


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You would not be calling him a loser, if he was tipping you. LIke she Unfitney gives a crap about 1000.00 bucks.

2396 days ago


#10 said it all!

2396 days ago


we all knew he was a loser when he and britney started dating........he was fueling the press to make britney look as bad as possible and he in turn came out looking like a knight......but know that not all knights are good.....he was out with britney at all the same parties as britney....getting high and intoxicated.....but because he was a nobody piece of trash douchebag and britney was a pop star....the press went after her........I hope she gets her life back together and gets her kids back.......still love ya britney.............kevin

2396 days ago


#17....A 1000.00 bucks 100 times is A LOT OF $$$$$$$$!!!! Even Brit Brit would notice that!

2396 days ago



2396 days ago


So giving tips is a bad thing? He's being generous. They don't need all that money. Which is more than can be said for a lot of celebs out there who just live the high life and give miserly tips.

2396 days ago


Wish it was my dime he was spending, because it would certainly be put to an END!

The money that he receives from Brit for the care of the children should be put in a seperate account just for them and 2 signatures need to be on the account! This would make him be accountable for every penny he "says" he is spending on them!

What a bottomfeeder!

2396 days ago


Kevin Did Nothing.

KAPLAN field that CRAP!

2396 days ago


I couldn't agree more #14. You speak the truth. I, too, have been unsuccessfully trying to make these britards see the truth which is slutney pursued kevin, she went after him, she didn't care he was with shar, she took him. I say slutney deserves whatever she gets. She is a spoiled brat.

2396 days ago


Hey #14 " Settling with a citizen whose vehicle was smashed into" We all saw the pictures of that car and the damage...SMASHED INTO???? Grow up!

2396 days ago


Think about it & wilma. I'm no 'Britard' by any means, but i don't care if she took her coochie and threw it in his face. HE knew he was with Shar too, but HE LEFT HER for Brit. Did she put a gun to his head?? Did he put one to hers?? They're both hoes and now those poor kids have dumb and dumber for parents.

There is no reason for him to spend so much of the kids money on booze...I don't give a damn what you think...that's unacceptable. I agree with the person who said the kids money should be in a separate account, but I can do you one better. He shouldn't have access to that money at ALL. He should have to prove that what he purchased was for the kids. Keep the receipts and if it doesn't jibe, he should have to pay that back. PERIOD. Hell someone from the courts should probably go shopping with him! ( I know that's going a little far, but something needs to be done.)

Brits no angel, but dammit, you don't give $1000 dollar tips to people when it's not your money. If he really wants to be the good guy he should get A DAMN JOB! The Nationwide commercial was funny, he should do that. He needs to get off his ass and be a damn parent and stop whoring around and spending BRITNEY'S MONEY! At least she's doing TV shows.

They are both dumb as bricks, and my thoughts are for the kids. Hopefully they won't end up on the top of a building as snipers yelling "Britney Spears is my Mom and Kevin Federline is my dad, how would YOU FEEL????!!!!"

2396 days ago


Go Stacey!

2396 days ago

You guys are a bunch of tools    

26. I couldn't agree more #14. You speak the truth. I, too, have been unsuccessfully trying to make these britards see the truth which is slutney pursued kevin, she went after him, she didn't care he was with shar, she took him. I say slutney deserves whatever she gets. She is a spoiled brat.

Posted at 3:29PM on Apr 3rd 2008 by Wilma

HE was the one who was supposed to be in a commited relationship with Shar. Britney was NOT. Britney was not friends with her and there for is not beholden to her(Shar) for anything. He was the one who WILLINGLY went with Britney. It should not matter that she pursued him, he could have said no! But HE chose not to. I am not saying that Britney was right to go after a man in a relationship but again HE was in the relationship. If anything the fact that he could be enticed away from Shar is more proof of his low moral standars.

2396 days ago


How do you make half a million bucks from a production company when your album sells double-plastic???? Especially in these rough times for the industry. They didn't just stumble upon the idea of using him in that burger joint commercial. I don't buy it. I think every penny of his income is from Brit and these are lame excuses to duck the IRS.

2396 days ago


I want the IRS to investigate his tax returns. We all have to pay taxes so he should too. Deductions like paying for his ex girlfirend to go shopping in Beverly Hills is NOT a business expense. He has been claiming all his personal expenses as his business expenses. He should be charged with fraud and pay a big fine.

2396 days ago
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