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Can't Have Sex in Rob's Bed and Get Away With It!

4/8/2008 10:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screwing over Rob Lowe in Rob Lowe's bed will get you sued. Now two more former employees of the former teen heartthrob are facing major lawsuits, and one allegedly did the nasty in Rob's own bed!

In complaints filed yesterday, Rob and wife Sheryl claim their former chef liked to get freaky on the Lowes' bed "with third parties" when the family wasn't home. The Lowes also allege he broke security cameras and pilfered prescriptions from their medicine cabinet and gave the drugs to others. In the ultimate insult, the Lowes say the chef gossiped about Sheryl, saying she was heartless, cold and "unclean." The nerve!

In addition to these suits, the Lowes filed suit against former nanny Laura Boyce, accusing her of spreading "malicious lies." Rob wrote an item yesterday on Huffington Post about another former employee -- a nanny -- who he says is demanding $1.5 million in hush money.


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Hey...I wouldn't mind having sex in Rob's long as Rob was there of

2387 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Open moth, insert foot!

2387 days ago



2387 days ago


Rob Lowe is full of it! I said it yesterday and I'll say it again...........something smells bad with this story. If someone besides myself had SEX in my bed, I would not be so silent about it. Why is he now saying something about it and filing suit? A little to defensive?!

2387 days ago


I'm not ripping on his wife, but we all know that this guy has a HUGE ego....for reals. My point is, she's probably been trying to keep him around in her bed for years, so all these employees, etc, so yes, something fishy is going down here. We will soon find out.........

by the way, he's so SEXY

2387 days ago


There is a lot more to this story than reported here. To early to know what is really going on. I've always liked him since he was a teenager dating Melissa Gilbert. His role on "Brothers and Sisters" is SEXY! I'll wait to see what happens before making judgement.

2387 days ago


I think there are many people who try to milk celb.s out of money. I'm glad to see someone fight back. Go Rob ! ! ! I know he was a little wild in his younger days, but he seems to be keeping his nose clean now.

2387 days ago


Rob Lowe is another in the long line of famous people who are targeted by people to try to get money. I trust he is successful in fighting this because it may have an effect on other scuzballs why try to blackmail.

2387 days ago


It is an election year, and that has people on edge; maybe the woman wasn't cut out to handle the pressure cooker that famous people must deal with, who are in the political limelight. Yes, Virginia there is an election going on.... Yet, why should she be penalized financially, when she is just working her chosen profession; she can't control what the Networks feature in their sitcoms etc. A lot of it is controversial in the context of an election year. Just look at Barack's old minister, even he is getting flack. Why should his church go out of business because of the election fallout.?

2387 days ago


I agree with the others. Something weird is going on. They have now added two more people to their lawsuit?! In my humble opinion, I think...possibly... the Lowe's are suing first & trying to make the others look shady because they knew that some horrible things were going to be said about them in the future.

Everyone has SOME skeletons in their closet, but most of us don't have third parties (like live-in maids, assistants, chefs, etc) living in our house being exposed to our not-so-pleasant side. Rob Lowe's past isn't squeeky clean, so I can only imagine how many skeletons are in his closet. This seems like a pro-active damage control job to me.

2387 days ago


Hmmmmmmm, either the Lowe's are very hard people to work for, and/or get along with OR they need to find someone else to be incharge of hiring their staff.......cause someone sucks at their around there! Oh, to be in Rob's bed........with him there but not his wife.

2387 days ago



2387 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

This is why I love Rob Lowe..and hate the worthless tramps he screws. These ho's just want money..typical.

2387 days ago


rod rob low is a sleezie slimie midget..he looks evil and how he got where he is seems a mystery to me..oh being in the right place at the right time..he s a lucky whatever..he has a sex past and is probly a very shady, un trustworthy husband..i do not like his look..sorry swonning women and men..he is creppy and meaningless, no real substance or missing somethhing..VACANT

2387 days ago

She looks great    

If the nanny was so profane and salacious, why didn't the Lowes fire her? His story is baloney, and this heavyhanded lawsuit is clearly designed to intimidate the employee into silence by "burying them with legal fees." Which means Rob Lowe is no better than what he's accusing the employee of doing.

2387 days ago
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