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Does Jury Duty,

Acts Rambo-esque

4/14/2008 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sly StalloneSly Stallone showed up at an L.A. courthouse today for jury duty ... and almost immediately got pissed off at the candy machine -- throw the book at that contraption!

Rambo was escorted into the jury room by six -- count them, six -- deputies and an assistant, who filled out all of Sly's paperwork.

Stallone then retreated to the vending machine, apparently in search of a particular type of candy. When it wasn't there, Sly said, "Oh s**t," and then went to another machine and got Skittles.

He was pacing up and down in the jury assembly room. One prospective juror says Sly was "disruptive," speaking loudly as he paced back and forth. At one point, Sly screamed, "Oh f**k." The prospective juror says it looked as if Sly got a Skittle stuck in his teeth.


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nosy mom    

I think Sly would be great on a jury. And I think it great that he showed up and waited like everyone else, not like Mo or Brangelina who walked in and out without doing much but having the paps take their piciture. Hey TMZ, where are the pictures of Sly with his 6 escorts, TMZ your slipping..

2350 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

To may Growth Hormones. If I was a celeb and had a lot of money I doubt that I would ever loose my temper!

2350 days ago


Hey Lon - Got issues, huh? The story was about Sly Stone -- hellllooooo.... what's up with the hate monging?

2350 days ago

Gunny Roc    

Ge it would have been alot easier to just ask for your money back, If a buck in a candy machine makes ya that mad, maybe candy isn't what you need.
Oh and if you want off of jury duty do what I do just say, " Well they wouldn't have gotten arrested if they didn't do it. and give them that Britney Spears look, you know pie eyed, and lost, True me they will help you leave the court house.
I know I've used it myself already.
I'm just waiting for some group of people to start getting attention for doing good things, Hey TMZ why not send some guys over to the Vetrans hospital, and let the people see what real heros look like instead of rich kids who need thier asses handed to them.

2350 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Wow Lon... take your prozac.

2350 days ago


These celebrities are just so full of themselves and think the world revolves around them. Back in the 70's I went to see a live show called OBA OBA a Brazilian review in Los Angeles. My husband and I were seated fifth row, center orchestra. About 3 minutes before the curtain went up who should come walking down the aisle but Sly Stallone with two body guards. He sat directly in front of us leaving the seat to his left and right empty and the body guards sitting each next to an empty seat. About 5 minutes before intermission they got up and left. He made his entrance, created attention to himself and rudely left before the show was over. He is very short in person, had really nice hair as I remember but was just so full of himself and unapproachable. They really think they are superior because of their wealth. They have no class despite all the money they are paid for mediocre acting!

2350 days ago


God, he so wanted to be sent home. He thought it was so above him.

2350 days ago


This story is inaccurate. I was in that jury pool Monday and he moved around a lot, but he was not loud nor was he rude.

The only way he called any attention to himself was when he answered the roll call by saying: Yo!

Everybody chuckled.

And yeah, he's a little ole' bitty thing. And he needs to stop having work done. He's a bit of a fright to look at now.

2348 days ago
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