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Gisele to Bridget: First Your Man, Now Your Baby!

4/16/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Listen carefully -- you can almost hear Bridget Moynahan's head exploding.
The folks over at Flynet snapped this pic of Gisele, Tom Brady and his son John in the Pacific Palisades yesterday.

How can she hold the kid in one hand and Brady's balls in the other?

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Just call me trailer trash....    

where's leonardo, you know she's going to dump this puss as soon as leo comes sniffing around

2344 days ago


OOPS! It's the team Brady & Gisele.

2344 days ago


Could it be Bridget is happy that Tom is in the baby's life? Gisele is part of his life too, so it's obvious she would be around his child. They are all adults. There is no reason they can't all get along for the sake of the child.

2344 days ago


Paisley, how do you know she's a slut? Grow up. They are in an adult relationship. At least she is woman enough to have something to do with his child. A lot of dumbass women would not have anything to do with someone else's child. Grow up you dumb whore.

2344 days ago


I'm from the Bay Area and I'm a big fan (he's from San Mateo, CA)

I don't quite understand why TMZ has so much negativity , he's a great quarterback his personal life is none of your businness!

2344 days ago


For your info. Jerold, i'm not obsessed with neither Tom or Gisele. I don't really watch football and I don't buy expensive Victoria Secrets. I just hate when people bash others for living their lives, especially when they don't even know them. People judge tom brady all the time about dumb crap and i just wanted to defend him just in case he doesn't read this crap on these trash sites.

2344 days ago


Have never seen John with a pacifier in his mouth before. Wonder if he was upset & missing his mom.
One assumes as Bridget has a car seat & these 2 don't that that using Bridgets car is the only way they can transfer him from place to place unless bridget sends all his equipment with him.
Don't believe this was an overnighter as why would you let a couple John hardly knows keep you overnight?

2344 days ago

What an ahole    

She has to hold the baby, Toms balls and her own balls at once!

2344 days ago


You are so right on autumn!!!!

2344 days ago

Obama girl    

I can't stand that horse face!!! bridget needs to kick her ass

2344 days ago


I think it was an overnighter because they both look like hell...

Unless they are doing something else that makes them look that way....

2344 days ago


Team Brady & Gisele,

It's obsession when you try to defend someone YOU don't even know. So you're the great defender???? How Cute.

2344 days ago


Tom Brady...wake up...that's YOUR baby, not Gisele's. Why is she carrying him around for you? So pathetic.

2344 days ago

Insert comical name here    

I could care less about this love triangel but why does TMZ always have to harp on the fact they they think this guy is p whipped??? Where I come from men open car doors etc because it is the polite thing to do . Perhaps the TMZers are so lacking in manners themselves they feel the need to emasculate any man who displays some common courtesy. I agree he was a s**t heel to leave his pregnant girlfriend for another woman, concentrate on that instead of trying to fault him for being a nice guy, thereby indicating you think its stupid or weak for a man to be nice to a woman.

2344 days ago


JK why are you assuming that the kid doesn't know his father? Do you live with them, do you know them personally? And how do you know how often the baby sucks on a pacifier? You sound real dumb right now, your just trying to find ways to make tom out to be the bad guy. And why would you think thats not his car? How do you know that he doesn't have a car seat? You must be a stalker or just like to make up stories like the tabloids and gossip site does.

2344 days ago
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