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Gisele to Bridget: First Your Man, Now Your Baby!

4/16/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Listen carefully -- you can almost hear Bridget Moynahan's head exploding.
The folks over at Flynet snapped this pic of Gisele, Tom Brady and his son John in the Pacific Palisades yesterday.

How can she hold the kid in one hand and Brady's balls in the other?

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Boy you can really tell who the actual adults are from the children posting these ridiculous comments. Why would anyone be angry by this picture? It's healthy that his new girlfriend is involved with the baby! My ex's girlfriend is around my son all the time, if she's a big part of his life she should be a part of the child's life too. Or maybe Tom isn't that comfortable alone around a baby that young yet, that's pretty common too. You gripe if he doesn't see the child and now you gripe because he is seeing her.

Would you rather he just put the baby on the ground to flop around while he tries to load the car up instead of having Gisele hold him? Grow up people.

2299 days ago


Thanks TMZ Short comments and to the point and telling it like it is!
Tramp has Lady Brady's balls. He can carry her shopping bags, take her trash out, walk Vida, Carry Vida to the vet, walk to pick up Tramps mail and boxes (errand boy for sure), wash Tramps soiled rags, Play fetch-it for Tramp; play football... great going Lady Brady. But Lady Brady is derelict in father duties; deficient in taking care of John's needs; is insensitive to even touch John; not interested in holding or carrying John. What an insensitive cad. Void of all fatherly instincts; he is an empty vessel where John is concerned; but 'johnny on the spot' for the Tramp to rush to do her errands and clean up after her.
John doesn't need a pacifier when he is with Bridget but they put one in John's mouth; definitely was not happy to be with Tramp and her Errand Boy. Lady Brady - get counseling and grow up. Papa Brady SR -- leave you little tommy alone - allow him to grow up and start calling him Tom. Papa B is responsible for this insensitive behavior.

2299 days ago


Bridgit and Tom were never Married. He has every right to have his baby and girlfriend too. Get over it already!

2299 days ago


Why does everyone hate on them so...much??? I think it's wonderful that they're in love and participating with the care of the baby.

2299 days ago


i would be so pissed off if i were his mom. what the hell tom think he was doing?

2299 days ago


You're so right Chris, I don't know them. I don't know them just like all the rest of the people on this site that is passing judgement on this guy. So, why not make that comment for everybody that's on here, not just me.

2299 days ago


tom as gotten more ass than a beaten down chevy.....

tara reid, giselle, bridget, pamela anderson.....just to name a few

back to the topic....he seems to be a bad father..how do we know this baby in the pic is even his....

2299 days ago


Oh GOD, here we go again with people who don't even know these celebrities or their situations and are more angry about it than Tom, Bridget, or Gisele ever were or will be. It seems they are all fine with the situation - most of you are the ones with the problem. Lol, what a joke. All these self-serving comments are laughable. I'm sure Bridget is a big girl and has accepted the fact a long time ago that she and Tom are over. And I'm sure she doesn't have a problem with Gisele handling the baby or else she wouldn't be. You people act like Bridget is the only single mom in the world. Lol, again, they seem just fine with the situation, people with no lives of their own seem to have the biggest problem with it.

2299 days ago


I hate disgusting headlines like this one. Everyone who reads your page is not 15 years old!! This kind of language and image is just promoting the coarsening of our society. PLEASE...........I love tom Brady. I love Leonardo. I hate Gisele.

2299 days ago


Bridgette's gonna be pissed!

2299 days ago


Are you people stupid or what. first off Bridget didn't get dumped while she was preggers. The two of them broke up and she didn't tell him she was preggers till two months later. so no he didn't screw her over. Now what makes giselle a whore. i keep seeing that i don't get it. i haven't heard of two many guys she slept with or that she is a homewrecker. nexy why would bridget care if giselle is holding the kid. Now one last point did you guys know that bridgett makes him keep his visits totaly private and that she mwant as least amount of media attention for the kid. So when you say he neglecting the kid he's not. he's doing what all celebrity parents should do, and that keep the kids out of the media.

2299 days ago


I see Pearl knows Tom Brady personally and Baby John to know that he doesn't use a pacifier when with his mother. Give me a break.

It scares me that you people are this ignorant are out and walking the streets

2299 days ago


Hello, people what is the big deal? Tom did not want to be with Bridget anymore.True he should not have had a kid with her.But thats life.Gisele is is in his life now and if thats the case she is going to be some part of the babys life also.Leave them alone.

2299 days ago


The problem with all you numbnut critics(and there many who comment here) of Tom Brandley, you think because you don't see pictures of him with his kid in the media and garbage sites like TMZ. that he doesn't see nor support his kid....wake up and think outside your little mind.

2299 days ago


OH NO THIS BITCH DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2299 days ago
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