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Joel & Lindsay

Get Hot and Hornitos?

5/6/2008 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While the cat's home nursing her celebuspawn, the mouse will play with his baby mama's frenemy!

Joel Madden and Lindsay Lohan got cozy at the Hornitos' Cinco de Mayo party last night. Interestingly, Joel's girlfriend Nicole Richie -- who is of Mexican descent (her birth name is Nicole Escovedo) -- was not at the event.

Someone better run for the border.


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Why do the Madden brothers dress like retards?

2300 days ago


You know after looking at that photo again, it looks like he may be backing his head back away from her.

2300 days ago


Looks to ME like they are just sitting there TALKING. So what. Don't make this into something it's not. Nicole, don't get sucked into this.

Unless you have more pictures of them doing something other than TALKING.... which you don't (this must be the worst you have), because otherwise you would have posted them. For all we know, she sat down and he immediately got up and left.

2300 days ago


Another assinine young (drunk or drugged) father.... Lindsay Lohan is proving herself to be a lowlife in the young Hollywood circuit.

2300 days ago


Looks like Lindsey is saying “Can you believe my mom has been voted “Top Mom” by a Long Island charity?” (true! read it today in the NY Post online.) And he is saying, “No F.. ing Way!” Ha Ha.

2300 days ago


I agree with what others have said, it looks like she's just trying to hear what he is saying. Plus, it seems pretty obvious that her and Sam Ronson are together, but who cares? I think what Lindsay really needs is some time away from Hollywood and the paparazzi.

2300 days ago

Just my opinion    

The identity of Nicole's biological father is the subject of much speculation. In a November 15, 2005 CNN interview with Ryan Seacrest, Richie stated that her birth father (whom she declined to identify) was not a member of Lionel's band.[6] Richie also denied rumors that her biological father is musician Pete Escovedo (brother of musician Sheila E.),[7] in a November 2005 Jane magazine interview.[8]

2300 days ago


haha Lindsey Lohan is such a slutt
if she hasnt embarrased herself enough already (alcoholic, coc head, and whore who does whory things in rehab bathroom stales) now she adds home wrecker to her tarnished reputation. haha who owns her!!! o right !!

2300 days ago


Back up Lohan! Damn, get your own man for once, you dysfunctional bitch!

2300 days ago


"Nicole is black" "Nicole is Mexican" Nicole is White, with that flat booty!

2300 days ago


Well, Paris went for one b/c the Maddens are in. Guess Lindsay had to do it too. They all follow suit. Good year for the Maddens. Hope all the girls go after the Jonas bros nest. That would be funny.

2300 days ago



So what does Mexican look like exactly? Last time I saw my family in Mexico, they looked Germany -- all Blond and Blue-eyed. What century do you live in?

2300 days ago


ha ha ha busted, I knew it would not take long for this to happen as Nicole was out of Joel's life and then suddenly she is "with child". I pity the poor little baby that will suffer because of these spoiled people. Nicole is a drug addict with a record, a person does not change, Lord only knows what she is up to...more dancing on table tops???? Oh yeah she did that a few months

2300 days ago


Couldn't agree more with #7

2300 days ago


This is very sad. I thought Nicole and Joel were happy together and doing all kinds of great things for others, while loving their baby.

Don't underestimate the wrath of a mother. I think with enough motivation Nicole can beat Lilo's ass.

It's bad enough that Lilo only goes after other women's men, but she should at least stay away from the daddies. Oh yeah, look at her daddy, maybe she is trying to find a better one for herself.

Or maybe she is just like her mother, a fame whore, who will do anything for the publicity.

Did you see her that time when she arrived somewhere and there was only one camera there. She looked around in bewilderment and asked where the others were.

2300 days ago
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