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Rikki Rockett's

I'm Not a Rapist Party

6/23/2008 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rikki RockettBeing exonerated on rape charges is as good a reason as any to throw a party.

Poison drummer Rikki Rockett is using just such an occasion to throw the "Rikki Rockett Is Exonerated Party" -- part motorcycle ride, part BBQ, part live concert -- and it's all for a good cause.

Party attendees can expect nothing ... but a good time.


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Love the last line, they can expext "NOTHING BUT A GOOD TIME" Sometimes TMZ can be funny, who knew?

2313 days ago

william richard bradford    

isn't his real name, richard ream,
far more appropriate here ?

2313 days ago


WTF now does this mean OJ is having a "I'm no Killa" thriller in Manila

2313 days ago


Sounds like fun, I'd go.

2312 days ago


I can just hear it....."Not guilty, (couldn't possibly have done it) because he has a tiny pee pee." What a washed up loser he is.

2312 days ago


People, he didn't do it. The bitch lied, he wasn't even in the same city on the night "it" took place. I'd be celebrating too, most of you, when the story 1st broke assumed he was guilty! Go, Rikki! PArty on!

2312 days ago


okay, HATERS, you can stop kicking him, now that he's been cleared; jesus, what a lynch mob mentality some of you have. he's got to be one of the nicest musicians i've ever met, very sweet and accomodating, not lecherous at all, just a really nice guy. i'm glad to see his name cleared.

2312 days ago


Go figure, a sponsor is L'oreal.

2312 days ago


#6, You're totally showing your dumb assness. I have black friends- thank GOD they dont act like you,else they wouldn't be friends of anyone! You're a sad soul, They say white people are racist!Racism is just as bad with the black folk toward white people,too. Get over yourself! Just so you know,I DONT listen to rap music (please!),and what exactly do you mean by 'dress like black people'?Baggy clothes? I like my clothes to fit,thank you very much. As far as your comment 'white people are played out'-I think God disagrees,so you're out of luck there, darling.Deal with it.;)
This story isn't even about race,for crying out loud! On that note,I'm glad Rikki is cleared of all charges-this is going to make me going to see POISON in concert this summer so much more enjoyable!

2312 days ago


#6, 'SUCK ONE'! nothings wrong with white people if you wanna get REAL, im not racist but one of my friends was raped at a collage by a black man and i was attack by a latina , SO SHUT UP! you have know idea if someones a predator it doesnt matter what your skin color is, ohh and to let you know im itialian and choctaw and WHITE! im not a baby rapist and i sure in the hell dont go around raping woman. get over yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2312 days ago


Hmmm, the man wasn't even in the state when the rape occcurred. Now, unless he's got a schlong that'll reach from California (the state where several witnesses and surveillance video placed him) allllllllll the way to Mississippi, I'd say they were right to drop the charges. I'm all for prosecuting someone who actually rapes somebody, but in this case the evidence just isn't there. Personally, if I were him I'd sue the CRAP out of TMZ.

2291 days ago


Where's Bret Michaels?? He's hottttttt....

2291 days ago

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