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Tim McGraw Lays Country Smackdown on Fan

6/25/2008 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don't mess around at a Tim McGraw concert -- or he'll pull your ass out of the crowd and have you tossed out!

At his concert last night, Tim spotted a over-sized, rowdy fan in the front row -- and proceeded to grab a hold of him, pull him on stage and threaten to punch him with a cocked-back country fist!

UPDATE: Tim's rep tells us "While Tim was performing at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington last night, he watched a man rush to the front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities."


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I LOVE that he started singing again after it was all over. It's like he never missed a beat! Good Job Tim!

2277 days ago


I think he did the right thing - if you've ever been to one of Tim or Faith's concerts would know that both of them always are a class act. They are human and I'm sure, get sick of the morons they deal with. I have been to MANY Tim and Faith concerts and they always make time for fans and especially children. Good job Tim for keeping his fans safe!

2277 days ago


I'll bet if it were your mother or sister being attacked by a big fat slob you'd be glad Tim acted immediately and appropriately rather than waiting, for who knows how long for security, to figure out someone needed help and taking the time to get there. Who knows what could have happened to the lady if Tim hadn't rescued her when he did. It appears most of these comments must be from friends of the fat coward who man-handles women.

2277 days ago


So let me get this straight, Tim sees that a female fan in the front row is being attacked by a male fan and decides to help her out and he is a moron and doesn't know how to sing! Obviously, Tim and Faith know how to sing and perform that is why they are getting paid the millions and well you are not!!! I bet if Tim was helping your sister or your mother from an out of control person, your comments would be slightly different! Have a nice day!

2277 days ago


That was Awesome.. The guys is just way too HOT!! I think I just creamed in my pnats.....

2277 days ago


...and he kicks butt.
that was HOT!

2277 days ago


I'm suprised by how many people are ragging on Tim for this! I thought what he did was great! That guy was twice the size of Tim, and Tim ended up getting him on the stage all by himself. He must've been PISSED! All I could think of was that he was really gonna hurt his back by yanking that fatso up. No way he would risk hurting himself to "put on a show". I personally don't think it was staged, I think he did what he thought he should do. Good for him. And to the person who said that it was all staged and he returned to the mic "on cue": the band kept playing while this was going on, and because they are professional musicians, they were able to follow HIS lead and watch for when he would return to sing. He also had some private words with the guy before pulling on him. If he wanted to put on a show, I think he would've made sure the whole place could hear what he was saying to him. Way to go Tim!

2277 days ago


Gotta love that Tim!!!! He is one of the rare men that will take care of a woman.
I congratulate Tim for stepping in when he witnessed a man being stupid.
THANKS Tim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2277 days ago

c'mon now    

LOVE IT!!!!!!

2277 days ago


Looks like some people don't care about saftey and respect. Get a life and stop complaining that someone else if more successfull than you. Really look, even if you don't like him he sure has figured out a way to make more money than you. If you are unhappy about it, get off your ass and do something about it, or stop bitching.

2277 days ago


IT WAS FAKE. I believe that the big guy works for Tim. Did anyone notice what he was singing right after he pulled him up the stage and there was a play fight. "I ain't looking for trouble" He has got to try and keep his fans. I love country music and I love Tim McGraw. He is hot. I just thik this it was fishy.

2277 days ago


You negative people are really looking like the horse's butts that you are calling Tim MacGraw! he saw a fan manhandle a female fan and called for security. He took action. I applaud him. You people are the type that would just watch someone getting attacked on the streets and just watch. Hey better yet even tape it on your cell phones and post it on Youtube. You people are the low lifes.

2277 days ago


Say what you want about Country music, but Tim McGraw is a down-to-Earth guy who would do this whether he was onstage or not. He saw something worng and tried to right it. I was impressed by his ability to go right back to the mic and carry on with the song. You don't hear him saying "Did you see what I just did?" No, he just went back to singing. I'm so surprised that these comments are so negative. Is it because he's Country?

2277 days ago


If Tim had seen that guy hitting that woman and done nothing, waiting for security, and the guy had seriously injured or killed that woman, then everyone would be “Oooo Tim McGraw is too “special” to help a fan or they would say “What a wimp! Can’t even defend a woman’s honor who’s getting beat up!” You all are jerks! The poor guy can’t win!

2277 days ago


Good !!!! I hate fans at concerts who think they can push , stomp, shove and bully their way to the very front.

2277 days ago
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