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Lauer Abs-olutely Needs a New Swimsuit

6/30/2008 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Where in the world is Matt Lauer's new swimsuit?!

While in the Bahamas this weekend, the 50-year-old proved he's still got abs -- and two-year-old board shorts.

Although he still looks pretty good, it's clear Matt hasn't been hitting the gym -- or the mall -- as much as he should.


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uh, do you have a mirror - take a look at yourself

2303 days ago


I must be missing something because he's SO DO (ABLE) still. I think it's time he takes those board shorts OFF.

2303 days ago


That wasn't very nice!!! If you take a closer look, they are NOT the same as two years ago, he just happens to like the same pattern!!! And he still looks HOT!!! You Go Matt!!!

2303 days ago


I think this makes him a normal MAN, next story...

2303 days ago


there "clearly" the same shorts

2303 days ago

m dennings    

Are you kidding me? Who cares? I have many suits in my closet that I wear maybe once in a while and that runs over from year to year. Guess we should all run to the shops so as to avoid the 'so last season' syndrome. Matt is a regular guy who doesn't need approval from the fashion police or TMZ, and recognizes that since there's nothing wrong with his shorts, why replace them. Maybe folks would have a little more in their savings account if they didn't spend it on clothes simply because the media tells them to.

2303 days ago


There is nothing wrong with what he wears. That's why the country is in the shape its in now. Buying unnecessary!!!!!!! Good for him on wearing the same shorts but he could hit the gym. I have no room to complain (I need to go with him). That's it

2303 days ago


OMG He's suh a train wreck for wearing 2 year old board shorts!!

2303 days ago


So what if he is wearing the same trunks!!! It's obviously not a big deal to him that he never be seen in the same clothing twice. Makes me like him more and you at TMZ a whole lot less!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2303 days ago


Just because he's not consumer crazy - there was a time when men pulled out their trunks (aka swimming trunks/swim suit) and they only owned one until it fell apart, then they got a new one. Not that he can't afford it, but, I applaud him if he's actually using the same one for two years. Good for you Matt!

2303 days ago


Why exactly? I've had the same swimsuit for 5 years or more. It is in perfectly good shape fits me just fine. I don't see why Matt Lauer needs a new one after just two years. He is a journalist (you guys at TMZ should watch him sometime to see what a real one does for a living), not a fashion model. He doesn't need to be trendy.

2303 days ago


Who cares if its the same shorts. They're shorts for goodness sake. Its not like he's wearing the same draws 2 days in a row.
Even if he could afford to buy a thousand shorts, I think it's great that he doesn't.

He's still hot...

2303 days ago


Are you kidding me? He looks absolutely fantastic! When I finally find a swimsuit I like, I buy at least two. Go pick on somebody worth picking on.

2303 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

It's only 2 years old - since when does that make it an old suit? I see no reason for him to buy new swim trunks when those work perfectly well.

2303 days ago

law girl    

Are you kidding me TMZ!!!!!!!! Big Effin deal!!!!!!!!! You're all a bunch of loosers, including your "I need a hair transplant" boss Harvey Levin for reporting on this!!!!!!!!

2303 days ago
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