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Mark Henry -- Color Him WWE Champ

6/30/2008 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When does being hit with racial slurs improve your career? For WWE wrestler Mark Henry, it may have happened last night on PPV.

In April, the WWE suspended writer Michael Hayes for 60 days for telling Henry, "I'm more n***** than you are." Last night -- and one week after Hayes was reinstated -- the twelve-year WWE vet and former Olympian finally got his big moment by winning the company's ECW world title.

That's where the controversy starts.

There's buzz around wrestling blogs that the 400 lb. wrestler that calls himself "The World's Strongest Man" would never have been in line for a title if the racial controversy didn't exist.

The company has only had three other African-American world champions in its entire history. Anyone 'memba The Rock?

WWE hasn't returned our call for comment.
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Mark Henry has been in and out of the main event title scene for the past few years getting shots at the World Heavyweight title on several occasions. winning the ECW title really isn't all that huge. The title really isn't even considered a "world title" most of the time it's more treated as secondary title like the Intercontinental(which Henry has won in the past) or US Championship. So I really don't think race was a factor

2269 days ago


IDK I will always have some fondness for wrestling. Nowadays though I think teh TNA wrestling organization is actually leading the pack. I think if WWE and teh ECW kind of worked out a more congurent story adn maybe better characters and character matchups it would be better idk. That Ron Simmons kicked a$$ though. So did Junkyard Dog.

2269 days ago


well, yes and no. yes because they want to keep him happy. He's what you call in the business a "Jobber". he gets paid to lose matches and make people like HHH and John Cena look good. If you have your jobbers angry or quit on you, you'll only have HHH John Cenas to fight.

no, because he's on the ECW roster and Kane is one the RAW roster, so that only left Big SHow and Mark Henry. Show has already been champion and he just lost to Maywether at Wrestlemania, so having Show win would have diminished the belt.

2269 days ago


Sadly ECW title is a joke title it totally C team. If holding a title was part of the deal I can believe it.

2269 days ago


I don't know if these comments are actually read because there are so many of them, but I think it's quite ridiculous to assume that just because a black guy won the championship, that it must be because of his race, not because he's the most dominant wrestler in ECW right now...yeah that couldn't be it *rolling eyes*

2269 days ago


I don't know if its race but it was a little odd for Mark Henry to win. Mark Henry had a huge push in 2006, got injured and really hasn't done a lot since. Meanwhile, Big Show has been working mid-top card. Show was praised for putting Mayweather over at Wreslemania, selling Great Kahli's spots and getting busted open at One Night Stand. Just an odd match with no real build up for triple threat match between three guys that are only getting older, heavier and slower.

2269 days ago


Just because a black guy won a championship that automatically means it has to be because of his race? It couldn't just be because he's the most dominant wrestler on ECW? Yeah, that couldn't be it *rolling eyes*

2269 days ago


You stupid marks. The ECW strap means s***. In fact it lower than s***.

2269 days ago


Mark Henry was due a title run when he signed his contract a while back, that was before the racist comments.

2269 days ago


Honestly from someone who watches sparingly and reads the highlights from time to time I can say 1. the ECW title is a joke and is not a 'World title" 2. they should bring back the hardcore title to give ecw something interesting ad a second title 3. race was not a factor rating if anything was the cause. Mark Henry has to be one of the most under utilized talents they have. Since HHH married stephanie there has only been a few months that he has not been injured, the champion or headed the PPV. i have not done the research but just flipping through it it seems that way. Henry has been with the company more than 10 years being paid somewhere like $1million a year to just clown around when he was a legit Olympic weightlifter. had to say it but had he been white he might have been a champion rather than poking may young. Kurt Angle became the greatest thing since sliced bread on being an Olympian. Now their name brand developed talent is getting old and they haven't properly brought up younger talent so they have problems with ratings and need to do anything to fix them. Most of the young talent went to tna. those who stayed got thrust nto the limelight quickly, Randy orton and John Cena and people hate them. I stopped watching after Stone cold and the rock and guys like that went away and the HHH era started. truth be told WWE is racist you hardly see a black wrestler get a push. They get crap roles like a pimp, kofi kingston who is supposed to be from Jamaica even though he is from Africa, or maybe Crime time the street thugs/ criminals. If that's not racism I don't know what is.

2269 days ago


If Henry would hae gotten the worlds championship or the wwe title, id agree The Ecw championsip means as much as my dogs turd. If anything this is a slap in the face to a wrestlers career.

2269 days ago


I dont think race had much to do with it but more of the WWE wanting to get something out of the 1 Million they pay him a year. Hopefully he wont be champ much longer as there are more talented deserving stars who could use a rub from the title like Evan Bourne or Matt Hardy

2269 days ago


First off the Rock is African American. Not Canadian at all. Secondly Mark Henry sucks in the ring so he shouldn't have gotten the belt. third, who cares.

2269 days ago

hoochie mama    


2269 days ago


who said the rock is not African American.....

wow...first of all the rock is African American....his father was half african american....that makes him african american,,,,it doesnt matter how much is in you..

2..this is sad but this is the buisness. there in...i woudl have choked michael hayes

2269 days ago
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