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Pharmacy to McMahon: These Drugs Ain't Free!

7/2/2008 7:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Knock knock -- that's not American Family Publishers at your door Ed. It's the bill collector. Pay your bills fool!

TMZ has obtained yet another lawsuit filed against Ed McMahon and his big spender of a wife Pamela, this time it's filed by Mickey Fine Pharmacy of Beverly Hills. In the lawsuit, filed last Friday in L.A. County Superior Court, the Pharmacy says the mortgagely-challenged duo owes them roughly $8200.

If Mickey Fine sounds familiar, it is. You may 'memba Fine also sued Michael Jackson, claiming Jacko owed more than $100k for prescriptions.


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I dont feel 1 ounce of sorrow for him, all these really old men for some reason want these younger women who just spend all of their hard earned money and who only want them for their money and they are too stupid to see that and end up dead broke. *sigh* Oh well.

2272 days ago


Oh MICKEY you're so FINE you're so fine you blow my mind Hey Mickey *clap clap* *clap* Hey Mickey *clap clap* *clap*

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, his wife values Prada over Prescriptions......Moschino or Meds. Poor Ed!

2272 days ago

To #26    

This is the result of a lifetime of living beyond one's means.

2272 days ago


Wow, he even owes thousands to a pharmacy?

How sad and pathetic for a man over 80.

2272 days ago


He could sell his Johnny Carson memorabilia and pay his bills. He's a dottering old fool and his wife is driving the fool train for him. She's more of an idiot than he is for thinking people really believe he is broke. I hope she gets tossed in jail.

2272 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Karma will be.... Ed dies and she is stuck with all their debts.... She deserves it.

2272 days ago


People, get a grip. He's an old man. Why the hatin'?

Anyway, what kind of pharmacy allows credit lines up to $100k? That's their freakin' fault.

As for me, I have to pay my pharmacy when I pick up my prescription. When these business bow to the "elite", they deserve to get burned. They surely don't do it for the ordinary person.

2272 days ago


I tired to dig up any ounce of sympathy but nada. It's a bit hard to sympathize with someone who made millions and threw it all away and then tries to claim he knows what the rest of the country is going through. Really? Not many of us will ever have a $6.5 million dollar home to complain about. Many others are having to give up their beloved family pets just to be able to feed their children. Many others are having to leave their modest 2 bedroom family home to live out of their car.

Nope, not seeing how he understands nor having any sympathy. What I find amazing is he, at his age and of his generation, never thought of investing????

2272 days ago


Why is everyone being so mean about him? Because he once had money? He comes across as a pretty good person who has made mistakes like everyone else (scaled up a bit). A lot of Americans have the same financial mentality that probably put him exactly in the position he is in. Not everyone....but a lot of people. Make more a bigger house and / or a nicer car. Get a bonus check, an IRS refund, or even a big lump sum of money......spend it w/o any real "responsible regard," because you can. I've definitely been there.....hope to high heavens I don't make the same mistakes again. :-)

2272 days ago


Time for Ed's kids to step in and invoke some sort of control over his estate.

2272 days ago


I agree with numero 6! Amazing how "clout" can't be used as discrimination in this America so beautiful!

2272 days ago


I'm with you Beachy. It's not that I begrudge celebrities their millions, they generally worked for it, but why do they need to have a line of freaking credit at a pharmacy? I have to pay for my prescriptions when I pick them up too. Oh and why am I not surprised that TMZ has decided to attack Ed's wife as a big spender who put him in the poorhouse? Sexist much?

2272 days ago


Hey Ed. Lie down. You're already dead!!!!

2272 days ago


Hey, Leela, it is what it is hon!

She spends his money like like a heavy weight boxer makes babies. It aint sexist, it's the way it is.

2272 days ago


What kinda pharmacy lets you leave with a prescription and bills you later? That shiz wouldn't fly up here in Canada. Either pay up, or you ain't gettin' jack!

It's the pharmacy's own fault -- what are they running, a bar tab? Stupid!

2272 days ago
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